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  • Welcoming to new players?

    Over the years, I have introduced several new players to the game. Some have taken to it, others... not so much. But over those years, it has become more difficult. Logging into the game has become nearly impossible. Over the last week, i've had to walk people through just getting to the game. Java client? rarely installed. ActiveX? What is that? oh, doesn't work. Zealotry isn't even an option. Why is it there? Flash,best option for likely working, but it's at the bottom! Who would get that far?

    We wonder why new player count has dropped. It's hardly even a question anymore, I like the flash client, and Orchil is real nice but really, the game style is out of date, but the ability to play it shouldn't be.
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    Orchil is in beta, but it's also new, meaning your concerns are being addressed, and once Orchil is finished being in beta, it will have been addressed.


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      I have have only 1 issue with Orchil, and that has been with extended play sessions after a game backup. Sometimes it slows down on input so a quick refresh when possible takes care of that issue
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