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  • Corb
    From what I saw, the event took place from about 12am-3am EST on Saturday. I was online the whole time and got about 50rps. I heard some of the awards were a lvl 4 VC, lvl 7 VC, and lvl 10 VC, as well as luck points on some of the parchments. Congrats to the winners!

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  • mikeand
    Sounds fun. Wish there were events like this for people that play in AM. Maybe I'm the only player like this. I'm lucky if I get a OOC warning. 6am-6pm events ever
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  • Rupert
    started a topic OOC parchment event

    OOC parchment event

    Due to a number of people conveying they had pretty frustrating experiences on the night this took place, I thought it would be healthy to start a thread for everyone to SHARE the experience they had, and why it was good or bad. Please, feel free to take part whether or not you feel like you won the lottery, or tearing your eyes out. Consider this an OPEN FEEDBACK thread.

    For myself, I had a fairly frustrating experience that balanced out by the end of the night. For starters, I don't use Facebook or Twitter, so the only mention I received of this was from a few people on the TEC Discord. There was no mention of this in the WA forums, these forums, or any kind of blurb made in the gameworld that this event was going down or had started. What further made this confusing, was there was a mini-event that happened earlier in the day that didn't ever really seem like it closed up, so I was under the impression what was happening that day had already ocurred, or was related to that.

    Then, people started talking about getting RP awards just sitting around and off of critters. This wasn't happening for me at all, and by the time the second RP rewards for the same people were being awarded I started to feel a little slighted. When people started saying they were getting 250 RP parchments and lvl4 VC's and I hadn't received anything, I started to feel really frustrated. At one point, I watched someone doing the exact same thing I was doing in the baths, get 3 tickets in the span of 10 minutes right in front of me.

    I asked people what they were doing to receive them. Some said they were just sitting around, others said RP'ing, then others said they were finding them on NPC's. I went to a critter hunting ground, and did two full bars there and didn't find a single parchment, or have any random dings for just standing around. It was around this time someone mentioned they had just gotten a lvl 10 VC.

    Eventually I headed to human hunting grounds, and I found 2 parchments worth 250 and 50 RP's. When this happened, I felt far less irritated and actually really fortunate. I headed to another hunting ground to try my luck with better spawns and got a 10 RP ticket on the way randomly walking. Then when I got to the next ground, the first NPC I encountered had another ticket on him for 50 RP's.

    I encountered 3 more tickets in that night while hunting with a group, but I don't know what their values were worth.

    Overall, my experience turned out pretty good. I got 360 free RP's for basically playing a little more adventurous than I normally might have. But I feel like I might be the exception here with some of the stories I've heard shared. Some people have even mentioned it's a sour enough taste that they're taking breaks. I feel like this needs to be discussed openly so that we can correct this in the future.

    What would have made a world of difference for me personally, is if this event had been publicized better. This needed to be posted in the WA forums, these forums, facebook, twitter, and needed to be detailed that it was an OOC parchment event where tens of thousands of RP's were going to be given away, along with the conditions in which you would receive tickets.

    Please try to keep this discussion healthy, and GM's please keep an open mind on what may be discussed here.