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Character Traits Update - Feedback Requested

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    Originally posted by Ariden View Post
    If the option ends up being stats canít go over 200 with the fix you are looking to do with traits, you must allow traits reroll. I donít necessarily have s problem with this concept as Ghuan pointed out that the system wasnít designed for 200+ stats.

    the problem ends up being anyone serious about combat has picked certain traits like nimble feet and steady hands. This gets them over 200 and if you nerf that then these characters have the negative traits without the positive.

    If this change is forced on all characters then do is the favor of calling it a pwipe, because thatís what it is.
    QFT - Pretty much nails it.


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      The way I'm looking at it right now, it seems that the most straightforward fixes would be the following (not necessarily in this order):

      1. Rollback the maximum stats to 200. Change stat-affecting traits to either only effect your initial roll and not your max, or roll them back so that negative and positive traits both have an effect (so you may have a stat capped at 185 but have another stat that can go to 210).

      2. Keep maximum stats at 240 (or wherever it is now). Every character can reach the max using RPs or SPs, regardless of traits. Positive and negative traits both have an effect (so negative trait stats will be capped below the max, and positively traited stats can go slightly above. Say 10 points above for positive traits to keep the bonus significant but not crazy. 10 or 15 points below the max for negative traits.

      3. Let all characters re-select their stats based on the new system.
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        I am with an all out cap on stats to 200 regardless of traits. I would prefer the traits to act more like a utility option, things like night vision, scanning range and so forth.


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          While I think the best option is to a) ensure all players are effected equally by all traits for their maxes and b) allow all players a one time chance to ADD traits only (no removing), I wouldn't be opposed to the above. Some examples:

          Nimble Feet - PVP Chance to rise increased from 25% to 35%
          Steady Hands - Chance to Fumble reduce by 50% Chance to be disarmed reduced by 50%. 25% Rank bonus to all healing rolls.
          Ox's Grace - Calculation for Encumbrance limits increased by 20%. Chance to Disarm when attacks are blocked doubled. PVP chance to rise decreased from 25% to 15%
          Iron Will - Chance to be stunned reduced by 25%. Stun time reduced by 25%


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            Yeah I like this direction and could get behind this


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              Fishers grace : Bonus to hit people with flying fish, 20 percent chance to miss frogs
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                Fish dont need an attack bonus. They already do unreasonable damage. Everyone will be master baiters if that trait becomes availanle.


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                  O ya and leave the traits as they are. The frustration lessened by creating a fix is out weighed by the frustration of nothing new because coding time was used elsewhere.