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Character Traits System Proposal

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    I love the idea of Profession traits instead of Nationality traits Ghuan. Frankly it makes more sense that if you grew up as a (fill in the blank) that you would be more inclined to have additional skill in that department. For instance if you were a son/daughter of a blacksmith it would make sense to have metal affinity.


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      So, I dunno about all this technical mumbo jumbo everybody's spouting and..quite frankly... don't care. Who cares if you min-max your character? The game's about RP, or is supposed to be. So as long as I'm not forced to re-roll my characters.. I say go for it. I actually have no problem whatsoever with my characters' stats and what I chose despite not knowing what I was doing at the time. Not sure why so many people care so much about it, to be perfectly honest. I mean... It's just a game. It's supposed to be fun, not about stats. Yeah, you probably disagree with me. We each have our opinions. This one's mine.


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        This is what I had in mind when I was speaking about professions taking over National Traits potentially:

        -Disciplined Mind: Slight bonus to hit.
        -Unpredictability: Slight bonus to dodging.
        -Showmanship: General bonus to all combat actions when fighting in the arena.

        -Natural : Bonus to shelter-building and crafting actions in general.
        -Metal Affinity: Bonus to crafting and mining skills related to metal and metal ores.
        -Meticulous: Slight bonus to quality of crafted goods.

        -Smooth Tongue: Bonus to charm and appearance when dealing with NPCs.
        -Mentor: Monetary reduction of training costs by 15% when learning from NPCs.
        -Crafty: Slight increase of crafted goods value when selling to NPCs.

        -Heat Tolerance: No fatigue loss increase upon overheating due to clothing worn.
        -Burner: Character suffers 30% less damage from burns.
        -Early Bird: Character recovers fatigue at an increased rate while asleep.

        -Anonymity: Bonus to hiding and crowd-blending actions.
        -Swift Runner: Law enforcement NPCs will more quickly abandon pursuit.
        -Deft Hands: General Bonus to Pickpocketing actions. Better results upon successful actions.

        -Heightened Resistance: Immunity to nausea and general disease resistance.
        -Bloodthirst: Bonus to your next combat action when you cause your opponent to bleed.
        -Gory Hands: General bonus to skinning quality.

        -Keen Eye: Upon tending a patient, you will automatically be warned of any bleeders or broken bones.
        -Caretaker: Bonus to wound recovery time when tending a patient's wounds.
        -Loveable: Character receives a large bonus when purchasing items of less than 250 denars worth from NPC shops. Reputation increases quicker with the Temple.

        -Blade Mastery: Higher rate of critical hits with bladed weapons.
        -Bludgeon Mastery: Higher rate of critical hits with blunt weapons.
        -Toughened: Slight increase in HP recovery when you have a bleeding wound.

        As you can see, the National Traits have been tied to a profession (except Citizenship). As per Siddhe's original post, they seemed interested in giving 1 or more traits for us to be given by the National Traits. You could be given the choice of taking two traits out of a list like the above from different professions or even work on them and create a package of some sort that a character would start with, but I feel like the more choices we have, the more we can customize our characters the way we see fit both for Role-Play and mechanical benefits. I had other potential professions and traits I was working on, but this should suffice for now just to have an example. Take one trait from Soldier and take another from Butcher. Or take one from Trader and another one from Medic. You would have a max of 2 you could choose.

        Think of it this way:

        "What profession does your character aspire to become, or what would prove of interest to your character? What profession is he most suited for? What innate abilities does your character have?"

        This would still be in-line with "innate abilities" just like that National Traits, but they wouldn't be locked directly to the Nation you pick. It would allow for better role-play options since you wouldn't be stuck to a single Nation being perceived as the "best" at something and having to choose that one.


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          Is there a plan to let us re-pick nationality when we reset traits? Doesn't seem like a stretch to me considering the situation and history of only letting a choice few get around bad traits. It's always been something "too fundamental to a character to change" so if we're letting that go, why not let us swap nationality?

          And I'm a huge fan of doing away with nation bonus in favor of a profession system or just stripping the whole national bonus system entirely, throwing those into traits anyone can pick and allowing 4 traits instead of 3. This would negate the desire to swap nationality.


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            That is awesome Ghuan!


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              I love Ghuan and El's ideas. I just wanted to voice my support. The profession traits would make the game world so much more vibrant, versatile and diverse. Essentially getting rid of 'free' traits lets you play whomever you want. This is great stuff and I cannot wait to see where it goes.
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                Warden of the woods - increased chance to find those hidden while outdoors
                Guardian - increased chance to hit while outdoors /decreased chance to hit things underground
                Huntsmaster - increased chance to capture things in snares/or chance to save items when dismantling snares (both are great ideas)
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