Downtimes: June 24 - July 2nd

We've got another batch of shutdowns coming in late June and early July, so that the machines can be repaired for the newest bug, the ZombieLoad CPU bug.

In general, the Genesis games (Grendel, TEC, TEC-Test) all have reboots scheduled for the absolute middle of the night, so I'll be taking each down the previous evening at midnight and bringing them back up the next morning at 9am.

The SkotOS games have always been more robust about reboots, so we'll let them reboot on their own, though there's some chance for an ~2 hour data loss. In any case, I'll be checking them after the 2-hour window when I can, though Marrach has a middle-of-the-night reboot, so that'll be the next morning.

The UserDB and Web reboots will cause some downtime for the entire site, but again they will hopefully come up cleanly.


- Shutdown Grendel (late Sunday 6/23)

- Startup Grendel (early Monday 6/24)

- Shutdown TEC (late Monday 6/24)

- Startup TEC (early Tuesday 6/25)

- Check TEC Client (9pm Tuesday 6/25)

- Shutdown TEC-Test (late Thursday 6/27)

- Startup TEC-Test (Friday 6/28)


- Marrach (Monday early morning 6/24)

- Ironclaw (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Lovecraft, Lazarus (Monday 8pm-10pm 7/2)


- UserDB (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Web (Sunday 9pm-11pm 6/30)
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Specific Trait Discussion

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  • Specific Trait Discussion

    Yes, I know that the other thread is being used for feedback, but since the discussion in that other one centered more around the actual system rather than the specific traits, I decided to create a new thread where we can discuss the actual traits and give some feedback on them to the GMs for discussion. Please post your opinions!

    Here is the list:

    Night Vision 2 Character receives reduced darkness penalties and is able to see in all but pitch darkness. Mutually exclusive with 'Fear of the Dark'.
    Iron Will 4 Bonus to willpower. Character can stand damage down to -20 HP before falling unconscious. Mutually exclusive with 'Frail Sensibility'.
    Nimble Feet 3 Bonus to speed and agility.
    Mule's Back 2 Strength is increased when calculating the load a character can carry. Does not affect encumbrance penalties.
    Steady Hands 3 Significant bonus to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with 'Shaky Hands'.
    Educated 4 Major bonus to reasoning and judgment.
    Athletic 3 Reduced fatigue drain.
    Presence of Mind 2 Halves the time a character is stunned for any reason.
    Natural Understanding 4 Significant bonus to charm and empathy. Character has improved control over pets and trained animals.
    Hunter's Eye 2 Doubles the range of 'scan'. Allows scanning in darkness when combined with 'Night Vision'. Mutually exclusive with 'Near-Sighted'.
    Dursc Constitution 4 Increases HP recovery rate. Mutually exclusive with 'Weak Constitution'.
    Mountain Lungs 4 Increases Fatigue recovery rate.
    Pack Rat 2 Character can fit more volume into a given sack or container.
    Innate Charm 3 Bonus to appearance and charm. Mutually exclusive with 'Introverted'.
    Merchant's Eye 1 Character can tell the approximate value of an item with the 'inspect' command.
    Iron Gut 2 Character has increased resistance against poison and disease and improved recovery time.
    Trader's Tongue 4 Bonus to the price of items a character sells to NPC merchants, as well as better prices when buying from NPC shops.
    Focus 4 Significant bonus to Willpower. Character has improved magical resistance.
    Worldly Knowledge 4 Significant bonus to Perception. Character begins with two extra languages of his choosing.
    Vitality 2 Character has a higher threshold of damage before death/comatose state occurs.
    Adrenaline Rush 2 Character has a bonus to combat when his health runs low.
    Natural Climber 1 Character has improved climbing ability, as well as reduced damage when falling from a climb.
    Absolute Time Sense 1 The character has the innate ability to tell time. Looking at the sky yields more accurate time estimates and the character can guess at the time regardless of whether he or she can see the sky.
    Weather Prediction 2 The character has an innate sense of what kind of weather will show up in the near future. Looking at the sky will give rudimentary weather predictions.
    Enhanced Hearing 2 The character has a bonus to perception when detecting whispers, voices, and discreet sounds. Can hear distant sounds from a longer distance.
    Lucky 1 This trait can be used in place of a luck point in reviving a comatose character. Usable only once.
    Self-Taught 3 Self-training costs 1.5x the normal skill points instead of the usual 2x the normal skill points.
    Luminescent 2 Character has increased magical potential.

    Shaky Hands -2 Significant penalty to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with 'Steady Hands'.
    Bleeder -1 Increased HP loss from bleeding wounds.
    Lack of Concentration -2 Increased stun time. Character is more vulnerable to magic.
    Near-Sighted -3 Reduced scanning range. Penalty to perception. Mutually exclusive with 'Hunters Eye'.
    Provincial Attitude -3 Major penalty to empathy. Significant penalty to charm. Penalty to reasoning. Mutually exclusive with 'Worldly Knowledge' and 'Natural Understanding'.
    Jinxed -2 Enemies have an increased chance of scoring critical hits.
    All Thumbs -2 Increased frequency of fumbling and critical failures.
    Frail Build -2 Penalty to endurance and strength.
    Aversion to Pain -3 Increased HP loss due to wounds.
    Aversion to Violence -3 Character suffers a general combat penalty.
    Uncontrollable Anxiety -1 Character has a chance of fainting when HP goes below 40. Character has a chance of passing out when HP goes below 20.
    Fear of the Dark -2 Increased darkness penalties and cannot move from his or her location if unable to see. Mutually exclusive with Night Vision and Night Owl.
    Superstitious Fears -3 Character has a major vulnerability to magic. Character cannot use any items with magical properties, including cadaes.
    Phobia-Arachnids -1 Characters suffers a general combat penalty when fighting spiders and other arachnids. You may only pick one creature phobia.
    Phobia-Snakes -1 Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting snakes and serpent-like creatures. You may only pick one creature phobia.
    Phobia-Insects -1 Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting insects of any variety. You may only pick one creature phobia.
    Phobia-Bat -1 Character suffers a general combat penalty when fighting bats or creatures resembling bats. You may only pick one creature phobia.
    Stutterer -2 Major penalty to charm. Character's speech pattern is affected.
    Gullible -2 Greatly reduces bartering ability with NPC merchants. Mutually exclusive with 'Traders Tongue'.
    Illiterate -3 Character cannot read or write. Mutually exclusive with 'Educated'.
    Frail Sensibility -3 Major penalty to willpower. Mutually exclusive with 'Iron Will'.
    Weak Constitution -3 Reduced HP recovery. Penalty to Endurance. Mutually exclusive with 'Dursc Constitution'.
    Frail Lungs -3 Reduced fatigue recovery and increased fatigue drain. Mutually exclusive with 'Mountain Lungs'.
    Introverted -2 Major penalty to charm. Mutually exclusive with 'Innate Charm'.
    Squeamish -1 Chance to faint at the sight of bleeding wounds.
    Weak Stomach -1 Character more susceptible to poison and nausea. Mutually exclusive with 'Iron Gut'.
    Sickly -1 Character more susceptible to disease. Disease symptoms may be amplified, to the point that non-fatal diseases can become deadly.
    Intense Nightmares -3 Character recovers fatigue at a reduced rate when asleep. Penalty to willpower. Character more susceptible to magic.

    Hand of Fate Both you and your opponents have an additional chance of scoring critical hits.
    Light Sleeper Reduced roundtime for standing up. Reduced fatigue recovery benefits for sitting or laying down.
    Night Owl Increased perception and general bonus during night hours. Reduced perception and general penalty during day hours. Mutually exclusive with 'Fear of the Dark'.
    Ox's Grace Significant bonus to strength. Penalty to dexterity and speed.
    Finesse Significant bonus to dexterity. Improved critical hits. Significant penalty to strength.
    Berserker Damage done to the character is increased by 10%. Damage done by the character is increased by 20%. Character cannot willingly assume defensive, wary or normal combat postures.
    Peaceful Spirit Reduced SP gain for combat skills. Increased SP gain for non-combat skills.
    Increased Metabolism Food demand doubled. Increased HP and fatigue recovery when full. No HP or fatigue recovery when even slightly hungry.
    I decided to leave out the National Bonuses for now so we can discuss the above traits, their values and their worth as an overall pick. Sorry to the GMs. My other thread triggered the spam bot and I made this one instead. Please delete the other one! Thanks.

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    Trait tweaks
    • Mountain lungs seems effectively the same or worse than Athletic, but costs 1 point more. Needs looked into and possible adjustment. (See below.)**
    • Educated needs to be adjusted from +4 to +3 or even +2.
    • Natural Understanding needs to be adjusted from +4 to +3 or even +2.
    • Pack rat needs to be adjusted from a +2 to +1 cost. It sucks.
    • Weather sense needs to be adjusted from a +2 to +1 cost.
    • Lucky should be removed from traits. Luck no longer functions the way it used to. I reported that Luck! did not apply to my attempts to hide in the forest - Sceadu replied that use of luck! should only affect a combat roll, and he then changed the description of luck. However, Sceadu's explanation seems incorrect as I seem to recall Luck! worked on locksmithing. Needs looked into. Trait worthless now. Alternatively, Lucky trait could give a 1-5 bonus in one out of every 30 (or 50, or 100) rolls.
    • Squeamish (currently -1) should be a -2 trait, or even -3 trait.
    • Worldly Knowledge needs to be adjusted from +4 to +3, now that languages can be picked up at the library.
    • Bleeder needs to be adjusted from -1 to -2.
    • Superstitious Fears needs to be adjusted from -3 to -4.
    • Add: Phobia: Bears | Lizards | Wolves | Alligators | Boars | Rats
    • Stutterer needs to be adjusted from -2 to -3.
    • Berserker needs to be adjusted to drop the "damage received" penalty entirely.
    • Light Sleeper is pretty crappy, given the prevalence of Brise (it's only one second faster than a manual brise, with only a few ranks in it.) Give it a bonus against being swept at all. That will make it an interesting choice against stavers, because the reduced fatigue recovery is a deterrent to powertrainers.
    • Peaceful Spirit needs to include PP/Setups/SS already.
    • Branded: Characters that are branded have a 30% penalty to prices at NPC merchants.

    New Trait Suggestions
    • Tender Heart +0: Includes Aversion to Violence, and an over-the-cap boost to Empathy and Reasoning.
    • Great Outdoors +3: A significant bonus to Reasoning and Endurance while character is outside.
    • Naturalist +3: A significant bonus to Hunting and Outdoor SP gain.
    • Specialist +3: Choose one non-combatant skill set to specialize in, reducing SP cost by 25%.
    • Artful Dodger +3: A significant bonus to Street Smarts, Setups and Pick Pocketing SP gain.
    • Silent Shadow +3: Bonus to hiding and crowd-blending actions. [Rename Anonymity to Silent Shadow, and make it available to anyone to choose as a trait. Or don't rename Anonymity.]
    • Impatient -2: Due to inability to focus for lengthy amounts of time, tasks that take more than (7?) seconds have an additional 25% penalty to roundtime.
    • Well Composed + 2: Due to an ability to focus for lengthy amounts of time, your character can perform tasks that take more than (7?) seconds of roundtime 25% faster.
    • Hunter of Men +3: A 5% bonus to hit against human opponents.
    • Hunter of Beasts +3: A 5% bonus to hit against animal opponents.
    • Rise with the Sun: Increased perception and general bonus during day hours. Reduced perception and general penalty during night hours. Mutually exclusive with 'Night Owl," and cannot be combined with "Night Vision." Neutral trait. (A fun option for Erealites, I think.)
    • Wild Heart +2: Animals in the forests spawn in a passive, non-aggressive state if character is alone and not wielding weapons.
    • Bane of Beasts -2: Wild animals spawn in an aggressive state around character, and dogs have an increased distrust.

    --- Footnote ---

    ** Athletic, Mountain Lungs, Frail Lungs, Intense Nightmares, Light Sleeper, all affect fatigue regen, but do not seem calibrated to each other correctly.mountain lungs:

    mountain lungs: "increases fatigue recovery rate." +4 trait.
    athletic: "reduced fatigue drain." +3 trait.
    increased metabolism: "increased HP/fatigue recovery when full. No recovery when hungry." +0 trait.
    base (no traits):
    light sleeper: "reduced fatigue recovery benefits for sitting or laying down." +0 trait
    frail lungs: "reduced fatigue recovery and increased fatigue drain." -3 trait
    intense nightmares: "reduced fatigue recovery when asleep."-3 trait

    Laying in a non-resting area with a tester character with 100 HP:
    mountain lungs: ~ 38m
    athletic: ~49m [raises fatigue cap rather than raising recovery time?]
    increased metabolism: ~36m
    base (no traits): ~44m
    light sleeper: 81m
    frail lungs: ~60m

    - Light sleeper, as a +-0 trait, should not have a slower regen time than frail lungs.
    - Mountain lungs seems effectively the same or worse than Athletic, but costs 1 point more. Needs looked into and possible adjustment.


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      Traits that require some work:

      Iron will: +4, bonus to willpower. Falls unconscious at -20.
      -- The bonus to willpower should be higher for a +4. Falling unconscious at -20 does not make up for it.

      Educated: +4, major bonus to reasoning and judgment.
      -- Reasoning mainly seems to play a role in learning new languages as well as SP gain, but you can also start out with 5 skill slots with high reasoning. Judgment is one of those stats where very little is actually known about it. It doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. If judgment played a bigger role, it would definitely be worth it, but for reasoning alone it isn't with the current SP gain mechanics.

      Pack Rat: +2. Character can fit more volume into a given sack or container.
      -- While useful, we have no limits as to how many sacks/containers we can wear/have in our person/room, so all this trait does is make things a little tidier, but it doesn't serve enough purpose to warrant +2.

      Merchant's Eye: +1. Can tell approximate value of an item with the 'inspect' command.
      -- The last time I tried out this trait it either didn't work on some items or offered a value that was way off. Purchasing an iron gladius for 8 talents and being told it's worth 10 times less was not very useful. I just don't see any actual use for it.

      Iron Gut: +2. Resistance against poison + disease. Improved recovery time.
      -- I don't know whether recovery time gives a boost to fatigue/HP regen, or if it simply helps recover from poison/disease quicker. If it doesn't, this trait could enhance all wounds recovery time by a certain % at creation of wounds.

      Trader's Tongue: +4. Bonus to prices NPCs pay goods, lower purchase price from shops.
      -- With the changes to the trait and making stats play a more prominent role in the actual selling of items, I feel that this trait no longer deserves the +4 status.

      Focus: +4. Significant bonus to willpower. Improved magical resistance.
      -- A +4 trait should give a Major bonus and not a significant one especially when the added effect is "improved magical resistance" which, to my knowledge, isn't really being used anywhere.

      Vitality: +2. Character has a higher threshold of damage before death/comatose state occurs.
      -- Endurance/Willpower already raise the comatose threshold pretty high and let's face it, if you end up in a coma you would have likely reached that state with or without having this trait. This trait should have an added effect: "Coma recovery time is lessened." It could even become a +3 and have a minor bonus to endurance.

      Natural Climber: +1. Improved climbing agility + reduced damage from falling.
      -- I don't know what else could be added, but perhaps it could be changed to "Outdoors Specialist" and become a +2 while giving a minor bonus to all outdoors actions as well.

      Absolute Time Sense: +1. Can tell time more precisely and can know it without seeing the sky.
      -- A total waste of a trait slot, in my opinion. Its perks just aren't worth it. Night/day doesn't change enough unless you have the Fear of the Dark trait.

      Weather Prediction: +2. Can predict weather.
      -- Weather does pretty much nothing at all, so what use is predicting it? There is absolutely no reason to have this trait.

      Enhanced Hearing: +2. Bonus to perception for whispers, voices, discreet sounds. Can hear sounds from farther away.
      -- This one could offer a small bonus to all Pickpocketing actions. You hear the surrounding sounds better and make a stealthier approach and attempt at stealing from your target.

      Lucky: +1. Use trait to get one free luck! point. One time use.
      -- Absolutely worthless with the current coma mechanics. It is a one-time only use that is worth 125 RPs. Perhaps giving the character free luck! points for life would be a good option.

      Luminescent: +2. Increased magical potential.
      -- Given the current magic system and how unavailable magic generally is, it just isn't worth it. Someone with the trait who has access to magic might beg to differ.


      Shaky Hands: -2. Significant penalty to dexterity.
      -- The equivalent positive trait is a +3 and this one should effectively be a -3 as well.

      Bleeder: -1. Increased HP loss from bleeding wounds.
      -- I don't know what kind of increase it is and I don't think anyone really uses this trait. It just doesn't seem worth the trade off and slot for -1 especially if you engage in hectic combat. Can still be used as a filler for non-coms.

      Lack of Concentration: -2. Increased stun time. More vulnerable to magic.
      -- The increase in stun time is significant and you are completely defenseless. For a -2 trait, it's a no brainer. If you get involved in combat you won't ever pick this trait. And even if you are a non-com, you'd better stay away from it in case you get jumped.

      Provincial Attitude: -3. Major Penalty to Empathy. Significant Penalty to charm. Penalty to reasoning.
      -- Empathy nows play a role in combat since 2008 and this trait is something that -all- combatants will steer away from. Even for a non-com, the overall penalties are way too severe for someone to ever choose this trait. Especially at -3.

      Jinxed: -2. Enemies have increased critical hit chance.
      -- Once again I don't know what kind of % crit chance this trait offers, but even if it's a 3-5% chance, it is -massive- for a -2 trait. Again, something that combatants will never pick. Could be useful for non-coms at -2.

      All thumbs: -2. Increased frequency of fumbling and critical failures.
      -- This one, all combatants will steer away from, but as a -2 trait it can be useful for non-com related roles.

      Frail Build: -2. Penalty to endurance and strength.
      -- Nimble feet does something similar where it gives two bonuses but it is a +3 trait. This one should also be a -3 trait for balance purposes.

      Uncontrollable Anxiety: -1. Can faint when below 40 HP. Can pass out when below 20 HP.
      -- Another trait that caters to non-combatants. Since most non-coms will generally end up with ~90-110 HP, this is a pretty severe trait at -1 and should likely be bumped to -2.

      Stutterer: -2. Major Penalty to charm. Speech pattern impediment.
      -- Should likely be a +3 since you receive a major stat penalty AND you are also stuck with one of the most annoying traits. It's identical to Introverted, but with a speech impediment on top of it.

      Frail Lungs: -3. Reduced Fatigue Recovery and Increased Fatigue Drain.
      -- This trait is -horrible- for a combatant to have. Its effects are simply crippling. It should be a -4 trait. Even non-coms will see its draining effects.


      Light Sleeper: Reduced Roundtime for Standing Up. Reduced Fatigue Recovery Benefits for Laying or Sitting.
      -- The reduced fatigue recovery is -really- high for the bonus that it gives. I feel like this trait should be reworked. Make it so that you don't regain any fatigue at all while your character is sleeping instead.

      Berserker: Damage done to the character is increased by 10%. Damage done by the character is increased by 20%. Character cannot willingly assume defensive, wary or normal combat postures.
      -- I feel like this trait is overly negative. Damage done to the character should be lessened from 10% to 5%. Any high-end combat characters in aggressive or berserk will lose to another in wary-defensive because of the way defense layering works. In 3vs1 the 10% becomes 30% versus your 20% increase. The stance restrictions are already pretty severe.


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        Even more new trait suggestions:
        • Wild Heart +2: Animals in the forests spawn in a passive, non-aggressive state if character is alone and not wielding weapons.e
        • Bane of Beasts -2: Wild animals spawn in an aggressive state around character, and dogs have an increased distrust.
        • Amplified Range +2: Cadae range increased by 25%.
        • Diminished Range -2: Cadae range decreased by 25%.
        • Draft Horse: Strength is increased when calculating the load a character can drag or pull. Does not affect encumbrance penalties.
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          Well I wanted to add something to show my support for these ideas but I think they are excellent.

          I want to make a Berserker but the trait is not worth it. It needs to drop the 10% damage received like Ghuan suggested

          Fleet of Foot +3: grants a +10 bonus to defense if lightly encumbered
          Hardy Stock +4: Reduces damage received by 10%
          Deft Striker +2: Increased chance of a Critical hit +5%
          Savage Attacker +2: Increased severity of Critical hit +5%
          Armor Bearer +3: Decreases weight of armor worn by 10% against your encumbrance max (for instance 90 lbs of kit, reduced by 10%=81 pounds against encumbrance level)


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            Agnostic : Similar to superstitious fears but you cannot use a cadae (no one will probably pick this)
            Aversion to magic: Similar to superstitious fears but you can use cadaes, but cannot use tears and such.
            Holy Magic Zealot : Has such a staunch belief in Ereal only 'holy' magic will work. Cannot use tears, but is unaffected by barbarians magic as well.

            Essentially split the superstitious fears into different traits.

            Tracker : Can see what types of animals 'spawn' in a square by inspecting the tracks.

            Angler: Can look into the water and see what type of fish are found in an area, and if you can see them now.

            Lucky: Has a small chance to 'crit' on a non-com action (unjam, stitch, fishing etc). Even if there is a 95% success.

            Steadfast: You gain fatigue faster on your feet or kneeling than most people. Still doesn't compare to resting in a bath. Can be combined/stacked with mountain lungs/athletic.

            Rest anywhere - Your abode is anywhere you lay your head. You gain stamina back anywhere as long as you lay down. Except the baths. You cannot recover fatigue while sleeping either. The gain is not comparable to the baths.

            I have more but I'll post this as I chew on them.

            Also something I'd like to see is maybe certain traits locked or unable to be swapped so often. Or you could prorate the cost of the swap of a certain skill. Certain traits could be swapped for 2000 rp's. But if you want to swap illiterate <looks at Elowynn> it would cost you a great deal more.

            You could also do it where it costs you 250rps to send up an @request, have a GM review it and then talk about how much it would cost. This way each change would be vetted and would minimize abuse. The 250 could be added back to the price of the swap. Total RP's, total RP's gained ever and RP gain/hr should be taken into account as well. The only concern I would have with this is the possibility for administrative abuse.
            Originally posted by Arconn9
            First time I used Sabinus today, since my old main got Cuttongued. So was the IC event for his change; was it him getting hit in the head repeatedly by someone? Because I think he's a retard now.


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              We need to get rid of some aspects of traits that eliminate roleplay options and impose hard limitations on certain aspects of the game.

              Fear of magic: Should have negative modifiers for certain actions, but remove the inability to do anything related to magical items. Cadae's should be useable at an increased rate of fatigue drain, consider upping the "cadae sickness" time, and items like tears should be .75 as effective or something along those lines. Ultimately, removing these elements makes for a lack-of roleplay as opposed to allowing someone to RP it out with some different ends.

              Squeamish should be scaled to depend on the severity of the wound.
              Oozes blood is a 2% chance to faint
              Trickles blood is a 15%
              Bleeds freely is a 30%
              Gushing is an 80%-100%

              Berserker should be a trait that gives bonuses to Berserk and penalties otherwise, but it's more usable and less-horrible if you are given the choice to utilize it rather than just being mandated to.

              All of this I mentioned in a different thread but here it is as consolidation. I am also ending the post here and will add more at a later time. but it has taken me 2 days to find the time to post even this much and before I accidentally close this browser window with this all typed... You get the picture.


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                I know this my not be the right spot to put this but I was thinking about safelanders and how they have aversion to violence as a mandatory trait. How about giving another option like natural weapon use . Gets negative using anything made of metal as a weapon allows you to use to use craft able weapon a normally, and gives you bonus to making them.


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                  There should be a complimentary trait to Adrenaline Rush that allows you to reduce the fatigue loss when you are injured.

                  HP Penalty
                  100% None
                  75% -10 offense
                  50% -20 offense + 400% fatigue loss
                  25% -30 offense + 600% fatigue loss
                  Adrenaline Rush gives +10, +20 and +30 bonus instead of the -10, -20 and -30 penalties.

                  The new trait, "Indefatigable" could go +150% and +200% fatigue loss at 50% and 25% HP respectively.
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                    At the very top end athletic does seem to slow a bunch of the stamina loss associated with character damage. It changed from a flat "attacks per stamina point" to something resembling a percentage offset when speed was nerfed by Japes. This is now negated because nobody who would number crunch to the point of that mattering would have room for the trait. Adrenaline rush is already a highly powerful trait and doesn't really need help, especially when there are characters walking around with 240 dexterity. I'd be all for it sucking stamina faster to offset the massive bonus near unconsciousness.


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                      Thanks for that post, Lantraste. I'll have to do the testing when I get the chance to re-roll a new character. Athletic + Mountain Lungs could very well be OP with the proposed trait above, I hadn't thought they would play that big a deal.