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    I'm sure that there is a better venue for this particular complaint, but I'm just not technologically savvy enough to know that route. So, if somebody who knows more about Forums than I do could help out: If I click "Mark Channels Read", then I should expect to be delivered to the previous (header/containing) folder...having no need to reside in the folder that I've just marked as "read".

    I'm sure this comes across as nit-picky, so, apologies. I'm just thinking about a better and better experience for the product.

    (Example: If I'm in TEC>ECA and I click "Mark Channels Read", wouldn't it make sense that all TEC>ECA channels would be marked "Read", and that I would be returned to mother folder TEC?")

    Sorry if I'm an idjit, here. Obviously, not a big deal, but.... Doesn't this just make sense? I really wouldn't have suggested it except that some of you people post a lot! And if I only visit the forums every couple of weeks, shit gets crazy!
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    Considering the forums are going to disappear soon with split. I donít think itís a concern for now, but a good suggestion for the next forum build. When that happens letís hope the search function is upgraded as well.