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The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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Chat with Staff (28th August 2019) Log

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  • Chat with Staff (28th August 2019) Log

    Siddhe says, "Hello, folks. Glad you all were able to make it."

    A man in a troll costume asks Siddhe, "What have you done with Scolve. Is he gone? coming back? AWOL?"
    Siddhe smiles to a man in a troll costume, "Scolve is current inactive."

    Siddhe says, "Just a quick rundown. We'll probably always run the convos out here this way. Raise a hand if you have a question, I'll answer them in order. Just a little easier for me to make sure I get to everyone."

    Siddhe says, "These will also start going on the calendar monthly, now that kiddo is back in school and my schedule has normalized a bit more."
    Siddhe says, "Also, if I miss you and you raised your hand, let me know. There's one of me, and a lot of you, and I am old and not nearly caffeinated enough."

    Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "Senses isn't able to make it tonight, though they wanted to."

    Siddhe says, "Okay. So..."
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "You were next."
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "Compound question... but it's all related! Okay."
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "When TEC transitions and Skotos lets go of the reins, so to speak, you mentioned TEC would be free to develop some of it's own things -"
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "That is my hope, yes."
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "How useful/welcome would player efforts be to mock up stuff like a new website, a more interactive and modern client, art, newbie guide, and so on? Crowd funding? Where would be the best way to show you guys that kind of effort? (Forums?)"
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "Being very transparent, there are still not a lot of details from Skotos about how and when the details of this transfer are going to go. So, until I know exactly what they're going to be providing, and exactly how things will host/run from our end, it's hard to say exactly what we will need, in terms of website/etc. Additionally -"
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "I've heard rumors of folks working on a new client. While we do have multiple people on staff capable of client builds, they are interested in seeing what y'all have been working on and how we might be able to integrate it going forward. SO. For anyone that is working on the client (and has not already done so) please feel free to submit an @request - question so that we can connect those wanting to work on a client with the coding team for some collaboration."
    TheDarknightX asks Siddhe, "Would efforts to mock up stuff be welcome, even if ultimately not used? Or should we wait until we know what's what before spending our time?"
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "Anything people want to send over is welcome. I just, at this moment, will not be able to say if we can or cannot use it."
    Siddhe says, "Newbie guide sounds useful, if people are working on that."
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "Awesome. Hearing that those efforts are interesting to you is VERY motivating."
    Siddhe says, "Art is always appreciated. We can share that stuff on FB, etc."
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "In the past, that stuff has been ignored."
    Tale says, "Yeah, that player-made map of Iridine is gorgeous. That stuff gets me stoked."
    Siddhe points straight ahead and says, "We're moving in this direction. No need to look back."

    Siddhe asks a man in a superhero mask and cape, "Give me one of yours from the crowd?"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "Just a quick status update from last time. Traits, how goes the progress and the retire, can we get a quick update on both please?"
    Siddhe says, "Traits are getting closer to another milestone. It was summer break, lotsa people have been on vacay. With everyone back now, we can full steam ahead."
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "Most of the Discord/Community questions were just updates on stuff from last Q/A. I'll save my own for near the end "
    Siddhe says, "@retire is also soon. There's background coding that has nothing to do with @retire that has to be done before we can do this. Namely, fixing the way VCs apply to accounts, etc."
    Siddhe says, "Both of those projects are actively being worked on."

    Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "I have a few really, 1st, can we have the rest of the steps done and all the checkpoints fixed, 2, if we as players were to come up with a skeleton for a reputation/reward or a straight mission/reward thing for thieves that could be utilized in the areas of the main crime orgs would you guys be down for that."
    Siddhe says, "Okay, let's do one per person. If you have multiple questions, we'll circle back around. I really want to be sure everyone has a chance to ask something, if they want."
    Siddhe says to Celticdark, "With that said, I'll answer both of those."
    Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "Also, can we have the pawn shops actually stock stuff without a gm having to manually stock it or a pc selling something?"
    Siddhe says to Celticdark, "First question - we have some ideas for utilizing the non-used part of the Steps."
    Siddhe says to Celticdark, "2nd question - you're welcome to submit rep/reward suggestions. Rep/reward for a number of areas in the gameworld are currently being worked on, including thieves."
    Siddhe says to Celticdark, "3rd question - please submit that as an @feedback."

    Countdown01234 always loses to Siddhe, "I know a lot is being fast tracked right now, so my expectations are tempered; but is there any chance of a full revamp of thieving? I've made many recommendations for changes in echos, reward/rep systems over the forums and @ suggest."
    Countdown01234 always loses to Siddhe, "Particularly maybe a Black Ribbon Pannel consisting of the players of Ilkilyn, Sagnus and myself? ."
    Siddhe says to Countdown01234, "A full revamp of thieving isn't high on the list. Are there things we are working on to make thieving more enjoyable/interesting? Yep, there's a list in fact. Will it get more thorough attention down the road? Yes."

    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "We talked about your vision during the last time we did one of these. I wonder if you'd be willing to pull back that curtain."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "That kind of thing is something I want to write, and not just spew off the top of my head. And it is on my list of things to do and post in the next week or two. Full honesty, while kiddo was out of school, that is where 100% of my free attention went. Now that school is back in and we have a set schedule and actual bedtimes again, and things, I'm back into a normal routine here, too. So I'll have time to get to it."

    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "Non com skills - How is the recipe system coming?"
    Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "Recipe system is still being worked on. We currently have plans for at least two, if not more, new non-com sets."

    Knowless says, "I made a suggestion about a copyist shop that would/could copy out complete codices, or the ability to replace pages in a codex should a mistake be made. Tale took note of it in the last WA thing we had. But I am also wondering if The Singing Informer couldn't be given a bit of a reboot and be used again to promote more ingame creative interests. Including the ability to paint or have paintings put on canvas. Would that be at all possible?"
    Siddhe says to Knowless, "Coding team says replacing or adding pages to a codex is not possible with how they currently function. Rewriting the code for how they function, isn't high on the list."
    Knowless asks Siddhe, "Could an eraser be made? To delete what was written?"
    Siddhe says to Knowless, "Will you @request - question the canvas thing? I'm wondering if that could work similar to mounting a creature head. Here's my sketch, pump out a painting 5 days from now."
    Knowless says to Siddhe, "But most importantly is the abilty to create complete copies of codices, theyr'e so taxing, and so discouraging when a mistake is made there's no discourse but to just toss it and start over."
    Siddhe says to Knowless, "Will you submit a bug report on that? You should be able to copy from one codex to another. If that's not working, something broke. As I've done it before."

    Kalonis asks Siddhe, "For those of us that are working on alternative clients, are there guidelines on what will absolutely not be tolerated in a client? For isntance, is scripting completely off limits for implementation on anything official or are we going to be tolerant of it?"
    Siddhe says to Kalonis, "I'd rather not say 'these are the banned things' because depending on how you present them, maybe they'll be allowed? The one thing I can say for sure, is hitting a button and walking away while your client scripts for 20 hours won't be permitted, no matter what the client is."

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    Countdown01234 always loses to Siddhe, "There's been some heated conversations on combat, particularly staves, crits, etc in the forums in the past few months. In line with the renewed involvement of the playerbase by the GM's; The BRP... will it come back to help solve these problems with player input?"
    Siddhe says to Countdown01234, "BRP isn't on the list at the moment. Could it in the future? Possibly. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to test IG and provide feedback via @request and @report. Those are actually read and looked at, and staff does reach out to players to have them test things with them if something truly off shows up."

    Siddhe says, "As a generic statement:"
    Siddhe asks, "I've heard lots of questions about bringing this or that back, both in @requests and feedbacks and the forums and PMs and whatnot. I never say never, but *in general* I would like to move forward with fresh ideas and new goals, versus what we can reach back and dust off. *Generally* things that are closed down, are done so for a reason. I'd really love to encourage people to provide suggestions on *new* things we can do and add. Maybe they're similar, but they have a fresh spin or your own new light to throw on them. KWIM?"
    Tale says, "Like 80% of the wilderness skill updates were made after dredging up every suggestion I could find in @requests and forums and making a giant list of what was possible. So suggestions really do help."
    Siddhe nods to Tale.
    Siddhe says, "So we really DO use and appreciate those kinds of things."

    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "I remember a post you made about how you categorize suggestions and see hwich ones come up often."
    Siddhe nods to TheDarknightX.
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "I do, yep."
    Siddhe says, "I'm weird, I love spreadsheets. But man, do I wish people had responded to some of these things from over a decade ago. lol."
    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "Put them in a drive with reference to year."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "That's what I'm working on. It's literally..."
    Siddhe says, "Nearly a thousand left. And I've already done a bunch."
    Siddhe says, "So. Taking some time."

    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "You feel like you've done a better job in communicating with the community as a whole? Is there something you wish had happened differently at this point? Is there anything we can do to help with that front?"
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "I feel like there's always room for growth, ya know? And really, it goes back to what I mentioned before. Kiddo was out of school. When kiddo is out of school, that's where my attention is, because during the school year, I just don't get to spend as much time. So summers are always going to be a little less 'chatty' on my end. Now that we're back on normal schedules, you'll be hearing from me more often. Including this as a regular once a month thing."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "Did that answer your question? Also, I hope no one takes offense by my honesty. I feel like a lot of you have kids and families and can understand why that takes precedence some times."
    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "No offense. And enough I guess."
    Siddhe nods to Ozymandius.
    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "And totally get it."

    Ellingson says to Siddhe, "My question is: Would upping the ranks that can be taught by the gladiator skill set instructors be out of question?, Ariston and the pankration guy do not even teach to 100"
    Siddhe says to Ellingson, "Trainers in general are getting a look at what they can teach. We've come a long way since 100/50 was badass. In addition..."
    Siddhe says to Ellingson, "Might I encourage you all to get busy on the road building thing? You never know when the answers to your questions lie in Seld."
    Tale waggles his eyebrows at Siddhe.
    Ellingson says to Siddhe, "Oh nice, that is the one thing I have not worked on."
    Siddhe says to Ellingson, "Jump on that. You'll be thankful you did, I can assure you."

    Pineapple_shoes spatula pants to Siddhe, "I apologize if this has been covered, I was at a meeting until just now so if it was, please feel free to tell me and I'll check the log/info when it's available."
    Pineapple_shoes spatula pants to Siddhe, "Are there any initiatives or projects currently to attract new players? Returning players are a different beast to tackle but I am curious to know what we are doing to rebuild and expand the community as it has dwindled over time "
    Siddhe says to Pineapple_shoes, "There are lots of things I'd like to see us do to recruit new players, on a few different fronts. Before we get too far down that path, however, there are a couple of "top of the list" items I want to see us finish off. Nothing will ever be "done" or "perfect" so we're not waiting for those things to happen to start more heavily recruiting new people. But I think it makes sense to get a couple of the "big impact" things implemented first."
    Tale exclaims to Pineapple_shoes, "Also, in regards to new -characters-, the new newbie area was designed to give new characters some easy goals and rewards, as well as get them gear and lessons fast to get them started. That's just the very first step towards newbie betterment, but it was based in large part around player suggestions over the years. Again, suggestions help!"
    Siddhe says to Pineapple_shoes, "I also feel like once we get a couple of the more time-intensive things done, we can start to better lay out time lines for when we want to implement new things. Which will let us plan things like more streams, etc. Probably a better/improved/freshened up referral program for current players. Some ads."
    Pineapple_shoes spatula pants to Tale, "Which is a realy nice addition. I like it a lot and I think it helps for when people first join, but getting them here is tricky too."
    You say to Pineapple_shoes, "Plenty of folks nope out because of the clients too. Would be a shame to try to recruit a lot of new guys, they come over and quit right away because of the lack of using a custom client. It's pretty much the #1 thing people want in a MUD."
    Pineapple_shoes points at you.
    Siddhe says to you, "Yes, that too. Heavily."

    Marzkilla says to Siddhe, "Well I have two, but I'll ask one, and then wait for the other."
    Marzkilla says to Siddhe, "Is there any possibility that the heretic storyline will actually get picked back up and not left in the dust? It was really interesting, and highly disappointing watching it die."
    Siddhe says to Marzkilla, "That entirely depends on if Scolve decides to return and pick it up. In general, staff members don't insert themselves into other staff member's storylines. As none of the rest of us have any idea what his plans were with that story, it's hard to even offer suggestions for the players still trying to keep it alive."
    Marzkilla says to Siddhe, "Ah that's unfortunate, he had some really cool ideas with that storyline."
    Siddhe says, "Oh, to address that a little bit:"
    Siddhe says, "We've recently started using some project management software to keep track of projects and storylines, etc. etc. This is done in hopes that if someone needs to bow out at some point, no more stuff is just lost to the void."
    Siddhe says, "It also helps us with time lines and accountability and stuff."
    Siddhe says, "Just wanted you all to know we're actively trying to keep things pointed in the correct direction, and we're using all the tools we can."


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      NJROTC spams to Siddhe, "Do you see yourself adding more Staff soon?"
      Siddhe says to NJROTC, "As to your question, yes. I do plan to fill more staff spots."
      NJROTC spams to Siddhe, "Can you go into detail? GM, SG, etc?"
      Siddhe says to NJROTC, "There aren't any spots that are off the table. It's simply a matter of finding the right people to fill them."
      Siddhe says, "A couple of other things re: staff."
      NJROTC spams to Siddhe, "Someone posted you pointed to the way forward and I have to say Ive never seen that happen in this gsme."
      Siddhe says, "You may or may not have already heard, as I have had this conversation with a couple of people already:"
      Siddhe says, "Anyone interested in being a GM will need to SG first. So if you approach me about joining staff as a GM, or I approach you, please know that is going to be the first step. For everyone. I need to have a chance to see how you work with the team, what your skills are, where you'd best be a fit (as we do have some 'niche' staff members we're contemplating) etc. I want people to know that, because I don't want people to be offended when I tell them, that's step one. It's not personal, it's what I need to do to make sure everything is going to gel cohesively."
      Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "What would be the process for applying?"
      Siddhe says to Celticdark, "You can @staff-app or whatever the actual command is."
      NJROTC spams, "No more insane GMs."
      Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "I looked into the staff-app but wasn't comfortable answering ALL of the questions."
      Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s, "The personal ones (address etc) primarily."
      Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "I honestly can't think of a question on there that would be scary? But if that's the case, you can always leave it blank with an explanation as to why."
      Siddhe says, "I'm too tired to stalk any of you. Sorry."
      Siddhe pats Ozymandius.
      Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "Fair enough."
      Siddhe says, "One additional staff-related note."
      Siddhe says, "The team has been talking, and -"
      Siddhe says, "We're going to introduce a new program. It's not 100% fleshed out yet, so I don't have a TON of details. However, it's going to be like "SG-lite". And these people will have access to characters they can play to help out with storylines, encourage RP, etc."
      Siddhe says, "I think this will be fun? I hope you all do, too. The characters may be pre-created - like, hey we're going to have a storyline that requires a bad guy, here's what we'd like to see, here are you items, andddd go."
      Siddhe says, "You may also have a chance to submit your own idea, with a description, RP plan, etc. And then we'd help you move it forward."
      Siddhe says, "So, more details to come as we have them, but we're working on that now."

      A flower in an ass hat petals to Siddhe, "A couple months back I heard some dialogue amongst players on discord about taking off billing info in prep for the transition. Is there a date anticipated for that or should billing resume like normal for the time being until advised differently?"
      A man in a grotesque masque repeats himselfs to a flower in an ass hat, "I couldnt sign up for a 3 month subscription."
      A man in a grotesque masque repeats himselfs to a flower in an ass hat, "4 days ago."
      A flower in an ass hat says, "Interesting, that answers it partly."
      Siddhe says to a flower in an ass hat, "I honestly don't know. I have no new information from Shannon as to when it will actually take place."
      Siddhe says, "I'm pretty sure that Shannon turned off multi-month subscriptions for now, because he didn't want to have to get into refunds, etc."

      TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "Lots of folks, obviously, are very invested in the overall blueprint for the combat system. It would go a long way for players to get a chance to chat with the people currently handling that coding for TEC. Could our interest to chat be passed along? It would help direct our out-of-game conversations, and maybe."
      TheDarknightX says, "And maybe cut down on the "impossible" and "improbable" suggestions. Lots of us are still very concerned about tweaks needed to staves, necessary even before weapons are overall balanced, and feel that the suggested traits aren't the right way to address the deformities in staves."
      TheDarknightX asks Siddhe, "Traits should be builds that can jockey competitively with each other, not bandages. What would be the best and most welcome way to give combat feedback? Are we gonna see traits that aren't bandaids but rather competitive builds to dex?"
      Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "They wanted to chat with you all, also. However, some schedule hiccups prevented them from being here tonight. I think they'll be planning their own WR convo night soon."
      TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "I think we are underwhelmed with the options in traits, and feel uneasy."
      Siddhe says, "Be gentle with them. Coders are like wild animals. You startle them, they disappear."
      Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "Wasn't all the options, it was the ones I knew had been coded and tested up to that point."
      Kalonis says to Siddhe, "Is there anything being considered for improving the 'subtlety' skillsets in a similar manner to the woodsman ones? We need higher ranks now, but it would be awesome if training quick grab higher resulted in more frequent auto-retreats. Or if slice resulted in reduced roundtimes at higher ranks."
      Siddhe says to Kalonis, "You may have missed my earlier response re: being a dirty thief. Those skill sets are getting a few tweaks, and then will be looked at more fully down the road."
      Tale says to Kalonis, "If it helps, it's been on one of my lists for a while. But I haven't had time to PLAY a thief like I did a woodsman to test and get a feel for what's needed, with focus on player suggestions. Some obvious tweaks and spitpolish are, as Siddhe stated in the works, but a comprehensive update is down the road a bit more."
      Kalonis asks Tale, "Would it be helpful if we compiled a list of suggested tweaks or ideas and how would you like those to be sent?"
      Siddhe says to Kalonis, "Please feel free to @request - question the things you think would benefit from a rank bonus or roundtime adjustment."
      Kalonis says to Siddhe, "Absolutely, thank you."
      Tale says to Kalonis, "Absolutely. Suggestions made the woodsie updates possible."

      Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Siddhe, "Any plans on doing anything with the patrician program in general, even just small things like job changes from inactives or allowing us to put on small events? Any chance of social system meaning anything like Bactrian planned on doing?"
      Siddhe says to Justinian_augustus, "In the short term, I think there's conversation about an event arc that would be interesting to patricians. In the long term? I'd like to put the patrician program under the purview of a staff member and give it some legs."

      ArchMagi asks Siddhe, "Two parter... was herbalism disabled due to the plants not regrowing... and if so, couldn't it be re-enabled using tales regrowth code for resources? just wouldn't harvest the stuff in the room description kind of thing?"
      Siddhe says to ArchMagi, "Herbalism was, from my understanding, disabled due to changes in how "the great outdoors" actually works. The resources regrowth wouldn't address those issues."

      Philippecp says to Siddhe, "Hi Siddhe. Big fan. Avros sucks. It sucks more than any other combat. I'm not asking if we're going to change it. I want to know if you guys see it."
      Siddhe says to Philippecp, "Not going to address which sets are great, and not great, right now. But in general - all skill sets will be looked at, eventually. If you have things about the set you'd like looked at or considered, @request - question is a great place for that."

      Pineapple_shoes spatula pants to Siddhe, "In order to mitigate some of the tedium and un-fun elements that keep from actual gameplay? Some examples being Ferry wait times (franlius is almost an hour if you hit it wrong), Tedium of the courses especially for lower end players, Looting and hauling loot, et al."
      Siddhe says to Pineapple_shoes, "That's a loaded question. Those things will obviously be looked at, with an eye to try to balance both the 'fun' of playing a game, and game balance, itself."
      Pineapple_shoes spatula pants, "The solution for the Drover was a great option imo."
      Siddhe says, "Teaser alert."
      Siddhe says, "A project that will be given to the player base in the near future, will allow things like pulling wagons and traveling in the dark, much easier."
      Siddhe says to Tale, "Melting...melting..."


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        Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "As i stated earlier, there are several areas of the gameworld that i either hate, or very strongly dislike. is it possible we can completely destroy some of the gameworld? we keep adding space but we dont really have the players/characters to make the space worth it."
        Siddhe says to Celticdark, "I really don't have any plans to 'destroy' the gameworld. You aren't required to go there. Additionally, most 'underloved' cities and towns have some plans for refreshing them."
        Tale says, "Plus, Senses just fixed the map issues there."
        Siddhe says, "Senses just fixed a lot of map issues, actually."
        Siddhe says, "And made a couple more areas of gameworld more accessible. Which means, new things being built there."
        Knowless says to Siddhe, "Perhaps he/she could fix the glitchy place between the city and the steps."
        Siddhe winks to Knowless, "Have you looked there recently?"

        Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "Will there be any looking at revamping upper level hunting grounds? Or balancing risk/vs reward. Admittedly I haven't been to the new BHC."
        Siddhe winks to Ozymandius, "You probably should visit there."
        Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "You may or may not find lots of new and interesting rewards."
        Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "For the rest of the question - yes. Basically: all the things will be looked at and evaluated, eventually."

        Knowless says "Is there any chance that living spaces in other areas of the game might ever become possible? Huts in the valley village, cabins in the woods? Small shacks on the river, something to add a little flavor instead of the same line of domuses that are currently available?"
        Siddhe says to Knowless, "From an OOC-purchase standpoint, I'm not sure. There'd be a lot of coding involved with that. But it's possible. From an IC-purchase standpoint, yes. There's already some of that being built and decorated."
        Siddhe says to Knowless, "OOC housing purchases are done through golden tickets. That auto-assign to an actual structure, that is randomly made."
        Knowless asks Siddhe, "Being able to buy them with storypoints or ingame money, both types of characters should have opportunity I would think?"
        Siddhe says to Knowless, "Adding in other types of housing that way, would mean coding to create the randomly made part, then a new ticket type, to pair up with it."
        Celticdark randy savages to Siddhe, "Ive never bought a domus, you cant specify an area for it?"
        Siddhe says to Celticdark, "Nope."
        Tale says, "Also, making perma buildings in wilderness is difficult...becaause all wilderness is 80x80"
        Knowless says to Siddhe, "Why nto just have the golden ticket useable for other options? Not needing auto assigning."
        Tale says, "And cutting out a wilderness square to build a perma square (wilderness squares are virtual and don't exist when no one has been there in x amoutn of time until someone gets within y radius again) is not easy."
        Siddhe says to Knowless, "Because the 'auto-generate, auto-assign' portion is what makes "regular" domus purchases possible."
        Siddhe says to Knowless, "Having staff do it one-by-one whenever someone buys a ticket and decides where they want it, would be insanely time consuming."
        Knowless grins to Siddhe, "So maybe charge an extra 100 storypoints for the custom part of it."
        Siddhe says to Knowless, "Again. Not something we're doing right now, but maybe down the road. More IG purchase options ARE coming though."

        Siddhe says, "Thanks for everyone that took some of their Tues. night to stop by. Keep an eye for them on the Events schedule more often."



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