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Chat with Staff (17th September 2019) Log

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  • Chat with Staff (17th September 2019) Log

    Below is the first hour with Siddhe and Senses. Tale's dog just had babies, so he was busy taking care of them, but came in later. When Siddhe left, conversation continued with Senses and Tale joined in later. Part 1 will be posted now and the rest will be posted later as I go through it and edit it to make it easier to read.

    Part 1: Chat with Siddhe/Senses

    Siddhe taps a yellow-flashing road construction sign labeled 'SELD ROAD PROGRESS' with a LED readout.
    Siddhe says, "Y'all need to get working on that. You are missing out on SO many Seld goodies."
    TheDarknightX asks, "Sneek peek as to goodies to spur on the lazy curs we are?"
    Siddhe says, "Seld teasers: trainers, new gear, new item you've never seen..."
    Siddhe says, "So, quick update from the last WR chat."
    Siddhe says, "First round of SG Lite has kicked off. We've reached out to a few folks, who have all indicated interest."
    Pike28 asks, "Sg lite?"
    You say to Pike28, "Pre-made characters to push stories forward."
    TheDarknightX says to Pike28, "Forum has the transcript on the last one."
    Siddhe says, "This was just round one. Round two will hopefully come around soon. We want to get these folks outfitted and released into the world."
    Siddhe says, "Along with the kick off of SG Lite -"
    Siddhe says, "That means we have some new stories in the works. One should kick off in the next 2 weeks or so. That one will lead into a larger one. And an even larger one is coming after that."
    Siddhe says, "So you'll be seeing lots of new faces and having new opportunities to directly both impact parts of how the gameworld will look/function, as well as new lore that will be built."
    Siddhe says, "Also, even if you weren't tapped for SG Lite this time around, that doesn't mean you might not have a current character nudged to participate in specific ways."
    Siddhe says, "So keep your ears open IG."
    Siddhe says, "I'll also head off any questions about the Skotos/TEC split. Shannon has not provided any new information, and still does not yet know when he plans to make the split official. I know that's not exactly an answer, but it is the one I have for you. Trust me, I would love more specifics, myself."
    Siddhe says, "I appreciate that Shannon gave us a heads up, but I don't know that he anticipated the degree to which y'all would be curious/interested."
    Siddhe says, "SO, when I have more info on that, I promise I will share. It's not me sitting on stuff, I simply don't have it for you."
    Siddhe says, "Also, other things I know you'll ask:"
    Siddhe smiles, "Traits are being worked on. I don't have a timeline for you. It's one of those things that takes as long as it takes, ya know? Code, test, code test. When it's all spit-polished, the details will be posted in the forums."
    Siddhe says to TECForever, "They all will be. You may have missed my previous comment. We have three majorish to major event arcs kicking off in the next little while. One will start in the next couple of weeks, and they'll get progressively larger from there."

    Siddhe says to Galaxiusmaximus, "I can honestly say that any of the "will you be doing XYZ with clients/apps/etc." is future-tense stuff. Until the official split happens, we don't know exactly what is getting handed over, and what state it will be in. We do have staff members and players alike interested in creating new clients, so we'll be sure to keep an updated app looped into those conversations."

    Siddhe asks Spearman, "Netflix binging?"
    Siddhe says to Spearman, "I like Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards, Punisher, Daredevil, Ozark, Haunting of Hill House, Peaky Blinders. To name a few."

    Pike28 asks Siddhe, "Any chance of getting light bearing wagons?"
    Siddhe asks Pike28, "Pretty sure you can guess the answer to that one. Where ya going to hang a lantern or torch on a whip?"
    Pike28 says to Siddhe, "On a wagon? Many places."
    Ebonheart with a swagger says to Siddhe, "Sconce on said wagon."
    Siddhe says, "Oh wow, my bad."
    Emerald_dragon asks Siddhe, "On a pole attached to the wagon?"
    Siddhe says, "You said wagon. I thought you said weapon."
    Siddhe says, "More coffee, please."
    Pike28 chuckles at Siddhe.
    Siddhe asks, "I was, like, that is not going to work?"
    Pike28 says to Siddhe, "I would be working the road non stop, but at night it's pointless and boring."
    Siddhe says, "The event kicking off in the next few days will directly impact that ability to move in the dark, even with loot."
    Pike28 says to Siddhe, "Interesting."

    Siddhe asks TheDarknightX, "You had a question?"
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "Before there's a 'finished presentation' of the traits being worked on, I think we'd like a chance to discuss with whoever is working on that what their intended direction is --"
    TheDarknightX asks Siddhe, "We have a lot of input, RP and mechanics wise, as what we'd like to see, and it doesn't seem to be reflected in the trait sneak peeks released so far. You said something about a combat WA chat sometime - yas please, when?"
    Siddhe gestures at Senses.
    Siddhe says to TheDarknightX, "I bet he can be petitioned into a traits WR chat some night."
    TheDarknightX says to Siddhe, "I find forums to be better at thoughtful discourse, but WA better for expeditious back and forth."
    Siddhe nods to TheDarknightX.
    TheDarknightX asks, "Senses, could you post something in forums about the direction you see traits going?"
    Senses says, "The forums would be a great place to continue the traits discussion, but my forum account has yet to be created."
    Senses says, "Thank you all for what you have posted so far, and a few of you may see your suggested traits in the final list."
    TheDarknightX says, "I'm less interested in individual traits and more interested in overall direction of traits. Even with the suggested new traits posted, the current variation of traits are still the 'best' because of Dex."
    TheDarknightX says, "What I'd like a community discussion about, and your input, Senses, is whether you intend to change this."
    TheDarknightX says, "A lot of the traits feel like 'band aids' to issues with staves - specifically, rise and combo roundtimes. That bonus to defenses when laying is silly."
    Siddhe says, "As I've only got another 30ish minutes, let's move traits convo to a separate convo. That's more information than can be covered in the time I have here."

    Siddhe asks a man in a superhero mask and cape, "You had a question, also?"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "Community Request/Question for ya?"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "Would you consider posting a, Staff Projects sticky post with the projects currently being focused on?"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "I mean, we know the ones right now."
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "But I think the idea is going forward, once things get resolved/completed."
    Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "We have a few different similar threads, but I will try and add something else to address that."
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "I'm only asking because people ask ME for the list of current projects and tracking."
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "I'd love to have you guys have a nice little list of what is being worked on, completed, status sort of stuff."
    Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "There won't really be 'tracking' in the sense that there will be time lines. But I can keep a list of what we're working on. When things are completed, they're moved to the updates thread."
    CornBread says, "I'm sure anything that adds to transparency would be appreciated. It's nice to see what's happening behind the curtain."

    Emerald_dragon says to Siddhe, "Are the new helpers able to do simple things like update Inn's? Like for example I think its called the old goat but only one person can lay on the cot, meaning if you go hunting you have to take turns with everyone resting."
    Siddhe says to Emerald_dragon, "The new SG Lites do not have access to those things. They will 100% be in the gameworld moving event arcs along."

    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "What's your perception of what we as players want? Need? What do you believe the game needs more of currently?"
    Siddhe winks to Ozymandius, "My perception is that you likely want more content, more fun, more opportunities to RP. Or at least that's my hope, considering the type of game we play."
    Siddhe says, "Which we are directly trying to impact through SG Lite and the new story arcs we've got planned."
    Siddhe asks Ozymandius, "Am I incorrect in that?"
    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "For me, yes. More content. More stories."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "Those are all coming. I'm actually pretty excited about the new story lines, TBH."
    Siddhe says, "Good guys, bad guys, teamwork, death, dismember... I mean. Butterflies, sunshine..."
    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "So we're thinking 2 weeks then?"
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "First event arc should be kicking off within the next two weeks, yes. That one will run X amount of time, and will lead into a larger story."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "That one will work itself out, and probably November-ish the 3rd story will be ready to kick off, depending how fast you guys chew through the first two parts."

    Ebonheart with a swagger says to Siddhe, "Alright Seld, can you throw out a couple solid details that could get people motivated to being back with the road crew, other than, "Its new this and that and those"?"
    Siddhe asks Ebonheart, "Were you here for my previous Seld tease?"
    Ebonheart with a swagger says to Siddhe, "Yes and it doesn't change the question."
    Ebonheart grins.
    Siddhe says to Ebonheart, "I think they were pretty fair teases. Significantly higher level trainers. Access to uncommon gear. A completely new item you haven't seen."
    Siddhe says, "New rep shops in Seld. New foods."

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    Continued: Chat with Siddhe and Senses

    Galaxiusmaximus asks Siddhe, "I participated in a war back in like 04 05 era and I really enjoyed that kind of event, will we be possibly seeing anything of that sort in the future?"
    Siddhe says to Galaxiusmaximus, "War is all around you, my friend. Visit Franlius to see it up close and personal. But some of the new events we have planned will be large-scale and encompassing, much like those events. If that helps at all, without giving away too much."

    Pike28 says to Siddhe, "Can we expect a new Steward of Games and more regularly scheduled games? Quarterly, etc...? Those events always seem to bring people out in droves to compete or bet. Like auctions. That's part of our world."
    Siddhe says to Pike28, "There are plans in place to make more regularly scheduled games happen, yes."
    Siddhe says to Pike28, "Also, Captain Thalassia will be making a return before too long. So save your pennies."

    Ebonheart with a swagger says to Siddhe, "On the subject of games on the sands, is there a better way to set fights than COmbat access?"
    Siddhe says to Ebonheart, "Not that I am aware of."
    You say to Ebonheart, "There was a NPC that did it, but he was discontinued."
    Siddhe says to you, "That is correct."
    Siddhe says, "Because he was broken AF."
    You say, "Well, Sabinus wasn't too good, but I feel like it was OOC in some regards, but also better for matches in others."
    Ebonheart with a swagger says to Siddhe, "Well Combat access isn't exactly great at it either, can it be made more accurate or is tat as good as it gets?"
    Siddhe says to Ebonheart, "Probably as good as it will get. Notghuan touched on another reason - the OOC value. Not everyone wants their goodies, or lack of goodies, laid out on display. You get a guesstimate. That's about all there will be."

    CornBread asks Siddhe, "Is the Ferry between Monlon and Vetallun going to add a stop in Seld?"
    Siddhe grins to CornBread, "Great question! Finish the road and find out."
    CornBread chuckles.
    CornBread says, "I'll take that as a yes."

    Pike28 says to Siddhe, "Any chance of seeing non com and combat SP separated, or a way we could relegate SP gain to a certain group. I.E. I need to kill something to skin but don't want combat XP so I can toggle it or something similar."
    Siddhe says to Pike28, "That's not something staff has discussed at this time."
    Siddhe winks to Pike28, "Anything can be discussed. Implementation or not would be up to the end result of the conversation."

    Emerald_dragon says to Siddhe, "What is the chance of getting the TM complex which is barely used into a hunting ground like BHC complex for medium skilled players."
    Siddhe says to Emerald_dragon, "That sounds like a great suggestion to make via @request - suggestio."
    Emerald_dragon says to Siddhe, "With like boss rooms etc like the BHC so they can experience the same fun."
    Siddhe says, "Suggestion."
    Emerald_dragon nods to Siddhe.
    Emerald_dragon says to Siddhe, "I will."
    Emerald_dragon says to Siddhe, "The BHC is amazing, I think a lot of people wuld love a mid tier similar and the TM will fully back using their complex."

    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "Back to traits."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "Traits convo, as I mentioned earlier, will need to take place at a separate time."
    Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Siddhe, "Fair enough."
    Siddhe says to Ozymandius, "Senses is happy to have that discussion, it'll just be a matter of putting it on the calendar."
    Senses nods.

    A man in a superhero mask and cape says, "Let me know when Senses BTW."
    Siddhe says to Senses, "I'll let you find a time that works best for your sched."
    Senses asks, "In like 30 minutes?"
    Siddhe smiles to Senses, "It might be better to schedule it in advance, so people have time to prepare and attend."
    Senses grins, "As you wish."

    A man in a xiaolongbao costume asks Siddhe, "What's the status of @retire?"
    Siddhe says to a man in a xiaolongbao costume, "It's still actively being worked on. It's really not as easy as just adding "@retire". There is funky coding around the whole VC thing that needs to be corrected/updated in a way that will let us implement @retire. But it is #2 on the list of where time is being focused ATM."

    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "My hard hitting question is this: There is a perception that the Staff isn't working on projects because of the lack of updates/communication or actual tangible releases. Is there a way I can help facilitate even a casual Staff update via Discord or even more officially for Facebook?"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "For example Tale sends me a message to share on Discord: "Got some solid work on the new seld shop today after digging in some old code. Progress looking good!"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "Just trying to bridge that gap, where perception meets reality?"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Siddhe, "If that makes sense. Lots of sour milk because 'This is the same stuff, just working on it still'"
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says, "I just don't want the staff upset because the community sees only what we can see."
    A man in a superhero mask and cape says, "Trying to find a way to help with that."
    Siddhe winks to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "Honestly, I don't think anyone has the time to be updating the player base every time we grow a tree or work on something that you don't even have access to. We have been, in my opinion, more up front about what we're working on than what you may have seen in the past, at least what I remember ever receiving from staff. When things are done, those announcements are made. A lot of what is being worked on right now is "large scale" so you won't see as many updates. Because these things take longer to complete. If what were were doing is a lot of "made a new shirt!" or "added a new beer!" you'd see a lot more updates."
    Siddhe says to a man in a superhero mask and cape, "When the projects are done, or when actionable or tangible parts of those projects are done, we will for sure update. But there's really no way to update you on @retire other than to say it's being worked on. When all the coding of all the broken/non compatible parts are done, @retire can go live. As soon as it's live, we'll update. I'm not really sure how to give updates on things like that, in any other way."

    TheDarknightX says, "Senses, I posted another forum thread about combat."
    Senses says to TheDarknightX, "Great! I will dive in."

    Siddhe says, "Okay, so takeaways from tonight:"
    Siddhe says, "SG Lite round one is in action. Expect to see them in the gameworld over the next few weeks, as the storylines kick off. Senses will be posting and holding a WR chat specifically for traits."
    Siddhe says, "I know I've mentioned Seld a couple of times, but I would *really* love to see you get some work in on that, as when part three of the storylines come through, you may find yourselves, uh, busy."
    Siddhe says, "Okay, I need to jet. As always, you can PM me in the forums if you have questions or suggestions."


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      You say to Senses, "Hot question: How do you feel about armor imbalances. I.e. Caged faceplates not having neck protection while other faceplates have it. Leggings: some have protection, others have none. All leather leggings have 0 while ravanite/bhc have some."
      TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Related to his question though, it would be nice for there to be a discussion about comprehensive armor review."
      TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Would it help if players crowd-sourced a chart of armor weight/protection levels/types? So we can go in with a highlighter and say "this is weird" "this could use an in between option" and so forth?"
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to Senses, "I have a char with multiple weapons, but since say Fran goes by TCR he can't fight there for example."
      Senses says to Ebonheart, "I hate that too."
      Senses says to Ebonheart, "That really does bother me too. I tried taking a character there as well, but his low stats and high ranks over multiple skillsets make the rank-based system there completely prohibitive."
      Knowless says to Senses, "I had that problem in the ludus too, starting a new weapon should not necessarily count in old, or else it makes it unusable."
      Emerald_dragon asks you, "Why not just buy the right armor?"
      You say to Emerald_dragon, "I have a 70t helmet that has got some alterations done to it that is now pretty much worthless because it wasn't given a neckguard like literally ALL of the other bronze helmets in the game."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "Not all bronze helmets have neckguards."
      Senses says to TheDarknightX, "I have picked up on your interest in the topic, and near future changes will surprise you, I think."
      You say to TheDarknightX, "All faceplates do nowadays."
      Emerald_dragon points at TheDarknightX.
      A man in a superhero mask and cape cheers at Senses.
      Emerald_dragon says to you, "The boisons dont have them either."
      You say, "Even the cheap bronze helmets you can purchase in store have them too."
      TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Do iron plates from Franlius have neckguards? Just want to check with someone who has recent info. Would you be willing to take a look and let us know for our chart?"
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to you, "I saw some of that, makes 0 sense."
      TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Spending that kinda armbands for testing is rather painful when it's not an item that's needed."
      You say to Ebonheart, "The only item that covers your face IG without hiding your identity cannot cover the neck."
      Ebonheart grins at you.
      TheDarknightX says to you, "Lets get our chart fleshed out."
      You say to Ebonheart, "I was told by someone other then Senses that it was that way by design and not an oversight."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "I have some rare armor to send you deets on."
      A man in a superhero mask and cape says, "I think the issue comes down to old items still in the game world."
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to you, "Those are really old design they could use a touch up I think."
      Senses says to TheDarknightX, "That type of information is easily obtained IG. But I will, without spoiling too much, let you know that a discrepancy in that area is being addressed with another near-term release that I think you will enjoy."
      Senses says to you, "That is correct."
      You say to Senses, "What's the logic behind it? 70t helmet, no neckguard. 2t helmet, neckguard."
      You say to Senses, "Same identical protection and weight."
      Senses asks you, "Both with faceplates?"
      TheDarknightX says to Senses, "'Easily' is not the case. The 'you're either in the know, or not' atmosphere about mechanics knowledge is not a pleasant facet of TEC. It creates a barrier of unapproachability and haves-have-nots that is entirely OOC based."
      You say to Senses, "Regular bronze helmets come with a neckguard. Caged faceplate does not. Bronze faceplate does. All are the same weight."
      Senses asks you, "Are you certain?"
      TheDarknightX says to you, "Let's flesh out the chart."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "I guess Senses is telling us to spend our IG effort/money/time to re-obtain everything for verification."
      Senses says to TheDarknightX, "Don't forget the inspect command."
      TheDarknightX says, "Of course."
      You wink to TheDarknightX, "I'm not going to do that. I don't have talents upon talents sitting in the bank."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "I'll give you money and info on the stuff I already have. I just want you to format it."
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to you, "Ask around..."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "Since it's entirely OOC testing, don't know a way around being OOC about it."
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to you, "Other people have them, ask to look at it and get the info."
      You say, "Now if we could actually see the basic armor info before purchasing armors from shops, that would be cool too."
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to you, "That way you don't have to have talents."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "It seems weird that we can't inspect armor BEFORE buying it."
      You say to Ebonheart, "Nah. I don't like having my characters doing OOC things and going to places they shouldn't."
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to TheDarknightX, "Not if they were in cases I think it tells you there if you can look at them."
      You say to Ebonheart, "And I hate that the beta-area is unavailable because everything can be done IG, it doesn't mean it should."
      TheDarknightX says to you, "I want to buy this iron faceplate for 195812489 armbands and 123489 talents. But I can't inspect it before I buy it, so I don't know if it has a neckguard or not. Herp derp."
      Ebonheart nods.
      You say to TheDarknightX, "If you have that many armbands, you have the spare cash."
      You shift your eyes back and forth suspiciously.
      Senses asks TheDarknightX, "Can you help me understand your perspective a little better?"
      TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Which perspective?"
      Senses asks TheDarknightX, "Is it not fun to have a goal to work towards? Using this example, an enemy to fight against, Cinerans, to get gold and armbands in search of a prize, a helmet, which discovering could lead to raising the power level of your character, or at the least, expand your knowledge of the gameworld?"
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to Senses, "Was talking about not being able to see the details of the item "
      TheDarknightX asks Senses, "What do you think I do?"
      TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Is it fun? Sometimes. Is it silly when you can't know what you're getting until you spend a lot of money on it? I think that's silly. An armor shop should allow inspection."
      Senses says, "That is valid. Excuse me quickly? I will return."
      Senses reappears in a poof.
      Ebonheart with a swagger says to Senses, "Using Franilus could the items you work toward be put in a case so you could visually inspect them instead of just being on a board of items?"

      A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "Thanks for all the hard work."
      A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "It is appreciated it."
      Senses smiles at a man in a superhero mask and cape.
      You wink to Senses, "Yeah! Thanks for saving my dog."
      Senses says to you, "You are quite welcome. That type of thing happens a lot and I know how frustrating it can be."


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        Senses says, "Never fear. I would rather hear your opinions and share my own without worry of hurting feelings. We are all friends in this little community we call TEC."
        Senses says, "Cuss me all you like."
        You wink to Senses, "You crossed the line! We can't be friends."
        Ebonheart grins.
        Senses cackles.
        Senses says to Ebonheart, "Many shops IG have showing type mechanics, whether it be through the shopkeep itself, or yes, a display case."
        You say, "Actually, all items in all shops should be visible before purchase. "
        Ebonheart with a swagger says to Senses, "Many do, but some still don't."
        Senses nods to Ebonheart.
        Ebonheart with a swagger says to Senses, "Could the others be updated?"
        You say, "You could type in: "look for xxxxx" and it'd search that item in stock and then let you interact with said item, or give you the basic info straight from the stock for that one specific item."
        Senses says, "Allow me to discuss it with the others, perhaps this is something we could implement in more places."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think massive amounts of research and experimentation should be the way for -some- things to be learned. If you're the one who studies and tests most, why shouldn't you be the expert and holder of secret knowledge? Sure. But some stuff is just silly - and the barricade to that knowledge shouldn't be there, be."
        Senses asks TheDarknightX, "Did you get cut off?"
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "-because that punishes those without 'ooc connections' so to speak. Things that are 'permanent choices', like traits, should have very transparent information available, because people are stuck with those, forever. Or used to be."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "The bigggg difference between TEC and any other game is ther permanence and time investment."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "It takes years and years to build a decent character, more than that to build a top ender, and so forth."
        Senses asks TheDarknightX, "Which types of information should be freely available, and which should require extensive research and experimentation?"
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "For casuals to be shut out of mechanics knowledge really sucks for them. Things that should be more transparent:"
        TheDarknightX says, "1) The mechanics effects of traits. 2) The inspect of armor should be available before you buy it. Some clarification onw hether "excellent" refers to overall value of the armor or each area of an armor would be nice too, and is an OOC discussion. 3)"
        Ebonheart with a swagger says, "Yeah traits and Stats are way heavy, and I'd put way too much time into my first 2 chars before I realized how big they did..."
        TheDarknightX says, "3) Which attacks have damage thredsholds. It seems very scattered across the board. For the most part, I think players have figured it out, but that should be officially released information so that new players don't have to ask in Discord to know."
        Senses nods.
        Senses asks, "And what types should go in the freely available category?"
        TheDarknightX says, "4) What the effects of stats are. Willpower is still being so guessed at. Empathy I keep testing and withtout someone who spent real money on storypoints and saying in Discord, it wouldn't be known. I think that's a barricade that shouldn't be there."
        TheDarknightX says, "5) The blocks and dodges chart should probably be filled out by a GM. Players did it, but it should be accessible knowledge. In fact -- it should be IG knowledge when you learn that skill, but that's a whole dang lot more writing than just releasing a chart."
        TheDarknightX says, "Continuation of 5) it is plain weird to say "Oh, I didn't realize my low block blocked sweeps until someone tried it on me and I magically knew to move my weapon.'"
        TheDarknightX says, "I think players have filled it out for the most part, both in the chart and mentally, but it should be freely accessible to help -all- players, not just those in the know with combat knowledge."
        Senses asks TheDarknightX, "What else?"
        TheDarknightX says, "Some stuff that I think should be 'find out IG' - what weapons are 'best' for what. Combat strategies. How to chase peopel around and catch them. How to use tangles and sweeps and other disablign moves in combination with other moves, and with a partner."
        TheDarknightX says, "The coverage of rarer armor that isn't availble in shops - like boison plates maybe."
        TheDarknightX says, "Stats, traits, armor inspect in shops, I think are the big ones."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I agree with you that some combat knowledge is the result of experience and testing yourself, and those characters should benefit from their study."
        You say to Senses, "Alternatively, opening up the beta-test area so we can test it ourselves to make it available on the Wiki for all to see."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think it's an OOC barricade to keep players from testing by forcing an IG route. It forces them to play their characters in ways that doesn't mesh IG, for OOC knowledge."
        Senses says to Ariden, "Don't worry. The side effect of all this testing for the new traits revamp is an extensive list of things about combat, both in general, and with regards to specific skillsets that could see buffs in the next season."
        SaviorSeth says to Senses, "Story arcs that actually finish is my biggest concern."
        SaviorSeth says to Senses, "I have reports on my Legionary.. literal dozens of them of half started events."
        SaviorSeth says to Senses, "Or events that have been finished but parts of the game world still slammed shut with no idea when they are going to open back up. I. E. The Gladius shop and sudden Jack the ripper murders."
        Senses says to TheDarknightX, "At this point, everything you mentioned belongs in the FOIG category, at least until certain aspects of it can be split off from the main body of knowledge."
        TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Why are traits and stats FOIG?"
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Characters are born traits."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "It doesn't make sense for a character to test one trait against another. Players use multiple characters to test traits against one another."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "You can't even communicate, IG, "I am athletic. You are not, even though your endurance is inhuman. I regenerate fatigue better.""
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "That is point blank bizarre. I have to roll Character A, then Character B, to telepathically communicate it to oineanother."
        Senses says to TheDarknightX, "IMO at least. But for example, common types of armor and weapons that are well known everywhere in the republic might be a good place to start."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I don't have an issue with armor knowledge. But non-psychotic-people who don't spend all their time testing and talking about stuff, do."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "It shouldn't be a 'ask in discord and find out there' thing."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Shops should allow inspects."
        Senses asks TheDarknightX, "Aren't the stats and traits already covered on the player wiki?"
        Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Senses, "Guess-timated."
        You say to Senses, "We don't have actual hard data on most of them."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Thanks to Players, and not thanks to GMs. That's backwards. Accessibility to mechanics shouldn't be based on other players' generosity. The game needs transparency so that everyone feels they can play with informed choices."
        TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I'm not talking about 'please tell me answers to stuff I'm too lazy to find out.' I'm talking about - the game's treatment of players who spend massive amounts of time building their characters should be one of transparency and understanding that OOC testing is OOC, and not frequently conducive to be shared via."
        TheDarknightX says, "--via role play."
        TheDarknightX asks, "What traits should I pick for my next character?"
        TheDarknightX says, "Is not an IG conversation."
        TheDarknightX asks, "Is athletic better or mountain lungs?"
        TheDarknightX says, "Is not an IG conversation."
        Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to TheDarknightX, "Unequivocally."
        You say to TheDarknightX, "That goes along with all things char-gen related too."
        Ebonheart with a swagger says, "I would have tossed both my chars to begin with had I known what I found out later."
        TheDarknightX says, "How do I, a kniver, take down a spear guarded by a clubber? That's an IC conversation."
        You say, "Adjectives, character weight, height, nationality, etc."
        TheDarknightX says to you, "Agree."
        TheDarknightX says, "Which weapon is better for killing Cinerans, a fangstave or a double mace? That's an IG conversation."
        TheDarknightX says, "What does Str and Willpower and Empathy do? 'She's more empathetic so she can hit Cinerans with a little more accuracy' is absolutely an OOC conversation."
        Senses cackles.
        TheDarknightX says to Ebonheart, "Yes. Not every detail, obviously, of combat and mechanics should be OOCly available. But transparent, accessible numbers so that people can make informed decisions about how to roll a character, and how to spend RPs on their character -- should be."
        Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s, "Empathy is like some GM's joke stat. "Hey watch this I can make them work for a +1 every 8 gains.""
        TheDarknightX says, "Totally agree with Ghuan, too. What adjectives do is an OOC convo."
        Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to SaviorSeth, "It was a dream of a one-eared cat the whole time."
        TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Does that kinda make sense?"


        • #5
          Senses says to SaviorSeth, "There are a lot of one-shot events that do not have any following episodes. Some do."
          SaviorSeth says to Senses, "Oh I get that homie."
          SaviorSeth says to Senses, "I'm talking about stuff like for an example that I won't go into detail."
          SaviorSeth says to Senses, "But the Golden Stag events."
          Senses says to SaviorSeth, "Some sit on the shelf for a year until someone makes it a point to complete the arc."
          Senses coughs.
          TheDarknightX says to SaviorSeth, "Ya can't expect new Gms to carry out old storylines."
          SaviorSeth says to Senses, "Months and months of investigating. awesome RP, so much stuff then nothing."
          You ask Senses, "You saved Ksaia. Any plans for Decimus?"
          Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to SaviorSeth, "Cues."
          SaviorSeth says to TheDarknightX, "In my opinion."
          Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to SaviorSeth, "Or Queues."
          TheDarknightX says to SaviorSeth, "I get it. I'm just following up with a thought of my own."
          SaviorSeth says to TheDarknightX, "Not saying "hey finish this."
          Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to SaviorSeth, "You speakin da spaneesh."
          Ebonheart with a swagger says, "Or a new owner to open a sword shop."
          SaviorSeth says, "Because Golden Stag? Bleh. too harry potter."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "PS."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "Can I interject? I feel like sometimes the "plot" becomes more important than the RP surrounding it."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I am stoked you are still in the WA."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "And that you haven't been scared off by our pent up frustrations."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "I think sometimes, GM's need to be more flexible and see where the RP leads, not push the plotline into an awkward ending."
          Senses says to you, "Let me just say that I have been studying a few sources of IC knowledge to find loose ends that are past due for some story movement. Some I can do, and some I can't. At least not yet."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "-DOPE-"
          SaviorSeth says to Senses, "That's good though. It's some progress to make the game feel ALIVE even when there is no GM around pulling strings."
          You wink to Senses, "Good to hear. Was happy to see Ksaia return."
          SaviorSeth asks Senses, "It's what keeps asses in seats, you know?"
          Ebonheart with a swagger says to a woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery, "Maybe...its been a while I don't generally attend events just because its an event so I miss some of them."
          TheDarknightX says to SaviorSeth, "I think that's the biggest thing that has been keeping me from even feeling excited about logging in."
          SaviorSeth says to a woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery, "And I agree with you."
          TheDarknightX says to SaviorSeth, "Stale gameworld."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "My point is, the whole idea of RP isn't being led into a cattle chute."
          Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to a woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery, "Yes. I felt pushed to do something with my character in one of the 'arcs'."
          TheDarknightX says to SaviorSeth, "I'm really pleased with the SG-lite announcement and that Gms are saying they are gonna focus on a storyarc series."
          SaviorSeth says to a woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery, "I am just saying that there needs to be sparks to grow instead of letting it dry up."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "And that's what is seems a lot of the story arcs are like. Ignoring RP that isn't pointed at some nebulous or not-so-nebulous goal."
          Ebonheart with a swagger says to Ozymandius, "Did you die?"
          TheDarknightX says to SaviorSeth, "Combat is super important and all, but at the end of the day, we're here for the story. For the role play."
          Senses says to TheDarknightX, "I believe a lot can be gained by sharing like this. Even if people don't agree right off the bat, the process leads all of us closer to a shared image of what TEC should be."
          SaviorSeth says to TheDarknightX, "Agree."
          Ozymandius sssssssssssboom!s to Ebonheart, "No."
          SaviorSeth says to TheDarknightX, "Even when your best friend is staring at you like an alien."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "So you're saying you don't agree."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery meeps and gibberss to SaviorSeth, "Which is why it's important for GM's to be aware of RP surrounding story arcs that doesn't necessary aim folks at the cattle chute. And to be flexible around the story arc."
          Senses says to TheDarknightX, "From what I have seen so far, a lot has been implemented to obfuscate the numbers and mechanics behind the GM's screen by design. I think there might be room to scoot that line a little, but it is not something I can change unilaterally."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Yes, some of it I agree with. But the design, at the time, was for a casual game that wasn't envisioning characters lasting for 5-10-20+ years."
          You nod to TheDarknightX.
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Most of us, our mains are years and years old. And we're hoping to attract new or old players with that kind of devotion back to the game."
          You say to TheDarknightX, "I feel like a lot of it was hidden behind the players' grasp because of the complexity of all of the systems."
          Ebonheart shifts his eyes back and forth suspiciously.
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "With a re-trait coming, we want people to feel like their choices for years-long investments can be made informatively, and not through weird ooc-knowledge-channels. The game should provide that info."
          Ebonheart with a swagger says, "Also true."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think the problem of ooc-mechanics-chat-channels is that it lends to a 'lemmings' atmosphere. If it were transparent, people can look at the info on their own and make their own decisions."
          TheDarknightX says, "I know a lot of players who don't check into the discord or forums very much at all."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "I'm going to put this out there and you all can do with it what you will. But the mechanics and custom surrounding OOC behavior in the game and outside it are extremely detrimental to RP and to the game's success. Once you learn how to actually play the game, the OOC behavior of people inside the game is a real drawba."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "Drawback."
          TheDarknightX says, "But they have years long characters that they care about, deeply."
          You say, "TEC's mechanics are pretty overwhelming. They have gotten even more so as time went on. Just take a look at the SP system. No other games have such a system. It is the basic system that allows someone to train and learn ranks, yet it is far more complicated than it should likely be."
          TheDarknightX says, "When they come back (crosses fingers), I hope the game is accessible to them. With a fleshed out, GM-info backed wiki about what character choices are available, so that when they choose to invest, they don't feel like they were floundering."
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "This is -not- and IC enforced game. And I've come to see the positive points of the bracket custom for offering game mechanics advice."
          Senses asks TheDarknightX, "How much of an effect do you think the ability to respec a character's traits would have towards allowing players to make more informed decisions about their play style?"
          A woman in a makeshift mask made from hosiery says, "And the GM's are just as guilty of this behavior as the PC's."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think no one likes to feel gimped by poorly informed choices. And the prospect of digging through thousands of discord messages (or hundreds of forum posts) to find out what's not sht is very daunting, and a deterrent."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I can say 'I think X is good, and Y is good, but that's based on my testing. SOmeoneelse tested something slightly different.' about 100x in discord. It only puts a tiny dent into the accessibility of TEC mechanics."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Being able to re-spec should not be a common thing. It is weird to change character personalities and abilities overnight even once. Making it a rare thing should be reflected in a high RP cost."
          A man in a superhero mask and cape says to TheDarknightX, "Or a cooldown timer."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Re-doing it should not be the venue for testing it."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "That's weird and OOC and jarring for RP."
          Senses says, "I don't expect to fix every perceived issue in the game by revamping one system, but from the feedback I've gotten so far I think it is a footstep in the right direction."
          You ask Senses, "When did you start working on traits? Have you stumbled upon any major problems while doing so?"
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Today Lingkius has the endurance of a mountain...lung, and tomorrow he's illiterate so that he can also be...uh, prone to adrenaline rushes, I guess. A cooldown timer or high RP cost should reflect that these changes don't happen often - and absolutely shouldn't happen for testing purposes."
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "They should happen for RP purposes."
          You say to Senses, "I don't want to turn this into Trait talk, but was just curious. Sorry. :P."
          Ebonheart grins at you.
          TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Lingkius worked really hard on his endurance so that he can keep up with his wildcat of a wife. It took Lingkius years to work up mountain lungs. But in his focus on training, he neglected his ability to learn languages. Or whatever."
          Senses says to you, "The process has been methodical and heavily point and counterpointed by the staff. I don't want to give away too much before the scheduled talk, but after the new system was agreed upon, then began the testing phase where new traits are designed and (actually) played with in a variety of settings, to include PvP."


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            You ask Senses, "What are your feelings about the ability to take stats past 200?"
            TheDarknightX says to you, "That's a great question."
            Senses says to you, "Most well established characters already have."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "He's asking whether you think it should continue to be a thing or not."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Because the thought is that stats were not originally designed to go that high, and therefore, not to benefit so dramatically."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Like Dex."
            You say to Senses, "And the impact it may have on specific actions in the game since their original maths were designed with a cap of 200."
            Senses says to TheDarknightX, "My opinion is that it is not fair to forcibly cap character stats at 200, especially if they have invested role points and set up their traits specifically to raise their favorite stats."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "This is something I disagree with Ghuan about. I also don't think stats should be capped at 200."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "But I think the dominance of dex should be addressed, because otherwise, everyone will look like that after the re-trait."
            You ask Senses, "But what if it was capped at 200 and traits gave other specific bonuses instead of applying to stats?"
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Everyone will be high dex stavers, and that sucks."
            Senses says, "I think a lot of players, both during the scheduled town hall, and you two, are on the same page with the way forward the staff is discussing."
            Senses says, "I will save the back half of that answer for the scheduled traits discussion."
            You nod to Senses.
            Senses says, "None of the others want to see a hoard of cookie-cutter clones of the perceived "best setup" either."

            You ask Senses, "Alright, so since you've been a GM, what has been your favorite project to work on?"
            Senses says to you, "That is a kind question to ask! And a difficult one."
            Senses says to you, "So far my favorites have been hunting grounds, and filling them with easter eggs and secrets."
            Senses says, "There is a lot that has yet to be discovered, just within recent releases."
            You say to Senses, "We can never have too many secrets. Always love to find new stuff like that. It's the little details some time that matter most."
            Senses says to you, "Next time you are out exploring, take a moment to smell the roses. You never know if one of our "it would be cool if" things has already been released and it's been overlooked."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Love that."
            Senses says, "Let me check on something."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Also love GMs noticing IG effort of some groups that have been trying to get off the gorund."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I can tell you from their feedback that they are very grateful to the GM effort that's gone their way to facilitate RP."
            Senses says to TheDarknightX, "That one issue, I really wanted to assist. For the most part, I have been trying to get out to the different guilds and see where they have been stuck for lack of GM presence."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Very very cool."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "A really important discussion in Discord has been 'players want to feel like their character's actions matter.' - whether it's org effort, or a failure to defend in a skirmish, or devout religious RP, or whatever."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think that's why little stuff, like emotes out in the wilderness being noticed by a GM and interacted with, have felt so rewarding on the tiny tiny scale end."
            Senses asks, "Do you think we have been doing a good job in that regard?"
            TheDarknightX says, "I can't say except for the feedback I just gave. Working 99% of the time I'm logged in and have not had time for anything but my org's recruitment."
            Senses says, "I can think of three big instances lately where player choices had some pretty damning consequences. I want to know if I'm doing it right."
            You say to Senses, "I haven't heard of any of it, so I can't say personally."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "Giving players the ability to RP/solve or play out a consequence goes MILES with most of us "
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "It sounds great that you have that perspective too, already."
            Senses says, "Let me not misrepresent, some consequences were very GOOD for the involved players, not all exclusively damning."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "Just the ability to RP it out and see where it leads, that willingness is a huge step forward."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "Not all choices end up with your character having something positive come from it."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "Most of us are okay with that "
            Senses says, "I won't spoil too much, but there is a mini-arc that a few players are involved in this week that has taken a big turn based on what happened a few days ago."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape nods.
            TheDarknightX says, "Super."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape says to Senses, "I think most players, if they are sticking to the RP of the situation, are willing to accept the story changing as long as they feel a part of it. Good, bad, or just along for the ride."
            TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Ghuan's been really good at writing event summaries. Could maybe a tiny bit of support be thrown staff wise that way? Extend the amount of time things can be posted on the bulletin board, and make codexes copy-able?"
            Senses asks TheDarknightX, "There are some changes that could help IG? What are you suggesting?"
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think overall it regulates because everyone reminds each other that we fight bcause we care."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Yeah, a longer period on the bulletin board for postings at the message office, and a command to duplicate codexes."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Yanno what else would be cool? If purple rumors only spawned in major inns. It's a little weird to hear it out in the middle of the wilderness, and maybe it'll make people 'check in' to inns periodically if that were a tweak? Just thinking out loud."
            Senses says to TheDarknightX, "Let me add that to my list of side projects. It isn't the first time that has crossed the desk."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "The Vetallun message offices is always borked."
            A man in a superhero mask and cape says to TheDarknightX, "Or.... walk to places like the bank or Apulas, high traffic ones?"
            Senses says to TheDarknightX, "That is valid. Nothing beats playing your outdoorsie who has been twenty miles from another soul for months and wake up to strange rumors in your head."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think people are trying to think of ways to make the TOga a thing again."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Even rotten ole grumpy pants has to stop by the Toga to get the scoop on the latest Seld developments..."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Even McScripty-Butt has to go the Toga if he wants to know if the BHC has opened a new hideout..."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I really think it could be a thing. And a bulletin board there."
            Senses says, "Thank you for the suggestions. I like it when a good one gets my brain whirring with solutions."

            TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Thoughts on dsweep sspin?"
            Senses says to TheDarknightX, "The others and I are making a list of combat tweaks, and even new releases that we are considering. There are some that get constantly harped on, and there are others that either fly under the rader, or just don't have the level of player support for the idea because everyone has already given up."
            TheDarknightX frowns to Senses, "It is usually a fight to not give up."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Maybe I'm the only one left."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "A thing that I hope the community is cognizant of is that... this may be 5 years of frustration with stagnancy, and now that there's a glimmer of hope (and Gms who may actually listen), it feels like a 'this is it, the last chance to find out whether input makes a difference.'"
            You say to Senses, "Before making any combat changes, how will you operate? Any plans on creating charts to allow for ease of access on your end to see all of the values? Which move has what bonus, etc. Back when I was a GM we didn't have any charts of that kind available."
            Senses says to TheDarknightX, "The current consensus among the staff is to focus on ways to make sub-par sets or strategies more competitive instead of making knee-jerk nerfs to whatever the flavor of times is said to be."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "I think players would disagree that s/d is a knee jerk change, because it's three attacks that happens between someone else's RT."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Change this huge weirdness first, see how it goes, change other stuff upwards later."
            Senses says to you, "Fear not, my friend. The staff members that are working on the traits and combat side of things have done extensive research and live testing to ensure that we don't do anything completely stupid."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Discussion seems really important about this. If staff can convince me that s/d is necessary for some reason, then I'll focus elsewhere. But s/d is plain yucky and the effect of it it feels like an exploit rather than intended."
            TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Even without it, staves is major, as posh spice would say."
            You say to Senses, "I was just interested in seeing what kind of approach you all were going to have when it came down to combat balance changes. If things must be balanced, there is a proper approach to it all and even Japes didn't always follow that road."


            • #7
              Senses asks you, "What would your approach look like?"
              TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Whose place is it?"
              You say to Senses, "Start out by mapping the entirety of the combat system. You can't make any changes without knowing what weapon has what bonuses. Damage values, difficulty, speed, and so on."
              You say to Senses, "For example, Triplecut does the same identical damage as doublecut. Triplecut is difficult -and- 1 second slower."
              Senses asks you, "What else?"
              You say to Senses, "There are so many oddities that could easily be spotted and fixed to create balance that way."
              You say to Senses, "I think that'd be a pretty good start, honestly. There's a lot of data to be collected."
              Senses says to TheDarknightX, "Things like that are discussed amongst the staff, and if it is agreed upon there to go public with the details, then it is. For example, the list of some of the new traits we agreed were something good to post to the forums to recharge the discussion."
              You say to Senses, "And if a player tells you that x move doesn't seem balanced, you can compare it directly to other actions that are very similar to it on the chart."
              You say to Senses, "Like Sky Circle Rake vs Nelsor Tiger Slash."
              You say to Senses, "I was hoping to build charts like that with all of the bonuses to attacks, stances and what not, but it's very slow and time consuming since I have to do it all IG."
              Senses asks you, "Is there any other information you would consider?"
              TheDarknightX asks, "From a top ender perspective?"
              TheDarknightX says, "Top possible speeds and damage would be easy to chart from a GM pov."
              TheDarknightX says, "That can be compared to a completed blocks and attacks chart."
              TheDarknightX says, "Attack and Weapon bonuses and enhancements would be added."
              Senses asks, "Let's say that all of that has been codified. What other things would you think adds to the equation? Availability of NPC trainers? Relative cost of different weapon archetypes?"
              You say to Senses, "Would have to look at the code on every single action to make sure they are tuned in properly with the rest and the ability to go past 200 in stats, too. That's another major thing that hasn't been done that I am aware of since the "can take stats above 200" change."
              TheDarknightX says, "NPC trainers, yes. Costs of weapons is maybe a FOIG thing."
              You say to Senses, "Back in 2014 Japes went through a bunch of actions to standardize some of the code so that legstrike would be similar to other knockdown maneuvers. He posted about it in the forums."
              TheDarknightX asks, "If you were trying to decide whether to make a character in this brand new game (or a game you haven't played for a while), what information would you want accessible?"
              TheDarknightX says, "Char-roll info."
              TheDarknightX says, "The top-end potential of weapons which you'll then spend x years training."
              TheDarknightX asks, "If i train this forever, will i forever suck?"
              TheDarknightX asks, "Will it be hard to train?"
              TheDarknightX asks, "What if GMs offered Ghuan (or maybe help him out via a staff member) to pick 3 people eveyr month to give RPs to, based on wiki contributions?"
              Senses says to TheDarknightX, "I mean from the perspective of what aspects of combat skills should be studied from a GM perspective during efforts to make improvements."
              TheDarknightX says, "A lot of that stuff can be crowd sourced, but like much else in the game, motivation has gone down."
              TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Oh."
              TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Weapon cost I don't think is that key. Top enders have money running out the ears. I think it should all be from a 'max possible.'"
              TheDarknightX says, "Max possible perspective."
              TheDarknightX says, "Weapon bonuses, enhancements. attack bonuses. effect of traits. ease of training (maybe. not that important.) combo interplay. (like s/dsweep, or axe hook and brawling.) crit rate, crit effects (bleeders, breaks, stumbles), damage thresholds."
              TheDarknightX says, "Effects like rises failing."
              TheDarknightX says, "Effects like increases to RT."
              TheDarknightX says, "Defense pen, shield defense pen."
              TheDarknightX says, "Whether something is a double or tripler hitter."
              TheDarknightX says, "Whether something has pre-req conditions, like someone else approached, or target being prone."
              TheDarknightX says, "Pre-reqs to learning attack not important. talking about top enders here."
              TheDarknightX says, "Roundtimes."
              You say, "Another thing to note should be consistency in multi-hitters. Some hit all the time, others don't. It's really random. For example, doublecut and whirling slash can be 100% but triplecut, lykatos' scourge, needle strike and some others aren't."
              TheDarknightX says, "Whether something gets a bonus from somethign else - weapon stance, berserk-to-defensiveness stance, a feint or other prior move, etc."
              TheDarknightX says, "Like syden says dsweep gets an attack bonus from the more aggressive stance rather than the more defensive stance."
              TheDarknightX says, "Which, if true, is incongruent, because sspin also gets the attack bonus from the more aggressive stance rather than the more defensive stance. Dsweep should be the other way."
              You say to TheDarknightX, "I'm pretty sure all defensive maneuvers retain your original stance RB."
              You say to TheDarknightX, "I've only tried with spears and didn't test it, but it's the feeling I got."
              You say to TheDarknightX, "I could find a target and easily test it tho."
              TheDarknightX says, "Some effects are on a cooldown (like stuns.) Most are not."
              TheDarknightX says, "Not a cool down per se, but has difficulty repeating in x amount of times/turns."
              TheDarknightX says, "And only on certain moves."

              Senses says to CornBread, "It got to 80% quite quickly."
              Senses asks CornBread, "Then lost its luster?"
              CornBread says to Senses, "Most of that was because it was calculating wrong. Everyone quit when the percentage went down."
              TheDarknightX says, "That, and the fact that only half the work counts to rep, killed motivation. Even though no one knew about rep before."
              TheDarknightX says, "And burnout."
              TheDarknightX says, "And fatigue with game communication."
              TheDarknightX says, "Some SG-lite events around the road might get people attracted back to it."
              TheDarknightX asks, "Villagers throwing a thank-you picnic?"
              Knowless says to Senses, "It's never good to take away even if it was a miscalculation, it kills momentum. Should have found a way to just let it remain the number it was I think."
              TheDarknightX asks, "Village children bringing out baskets of pastries?"
              Senses says, "Few people like seeing their percentages go down for no reason."
              TheDarknightX says, "It wasn't for no reason, but it was still demotivating."
              CornBread asks Senses, "Could a patrician use influence and some money to hire a ferry to carry a ton of sand to make it go quicker? And a certain GM hook us up by ferrying all the sand nearby from Monlon?"
              TheDarknightX asks, "Maybe a sneak peek IG as to who is on the rep leaderboard? Villagers praising so and so in thoughts?"
              Senses says to TheDarknightX, "I got started with a reward mini-event, but support fell through for it almost instantly."
              Knowless says, "Would have been better if he'd sent out ... assistance to get it to the place it was supposed to be but by miscalculation was not."
              TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Support? What do you mean?"
              TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Ya sound like ya have a lot of great ideas and intentions for the playerbase. I hope you get more hands to help you out. I hope SG-lite becomes a great tool for you guys."
              SaviorSeth climbs an obsidian staircase, downwards.
              You wink to Senses, "Don't let some of our cynicism get to you. Keep on dreaming, and dream big."
              Senses laughs.
              Knowless asks Senses, "How does the sglite work, is it just characters given to fill in various roles but no actual powers per se?"
              TheDarknightX says to Senses, "It's both intriguing and 'oh, damn!' little bit frustrating to hear you have a great idea, but just didn't have time to carry it out. So I hope whatever support Siddhe is bringing in for you guys totally helps you out and frees up you guys' time for more good ideas."
              You say to Senses, "Back when I became a GM, it felt like a lot of things were just out of our reach. We couldn't do some of the meaningful changes that we wanted to. A lot of ideas (both good and bad) were just shutdown instead of being discussed and having things move forward. It seems that things are changing."
              You say to Senses, "I hope that you won't be limited in those regards as we have in the past."
              CornBread nods to you.
              Senses says, "Thanks. If you could only have heard some of the zany ideas I bring up. I come from a diverse gaming background, and even though TEC has stolen my heart, I try to bring suggestions in from elsewhere in the gaming industry."
              TheDarknightX asks Senses, "What kind of games would you like TEC to take ideas from?"
              Senses exclaims, "Micro transactions and loot boxes. Coming soon!"
              Senses laughs.
              Senses says, "Just kidding. We all wrestle with RL and releasing new things can feel like it takes forever to me sometimes."
              You say to Senses, "One thing when looking at other games that I feel TEC really is missing on is loot diversity. Everything is mainly junk and goes straight to NPCs."


              • #8
                Senses says, "That is why I have been trying to release cool little nugets along the way while we really take our time and do it right with the big revamps."
                You say to Senses, "Our low level NPCs have pretty much the same junk that our high level NPCs have: leather armor and poor quality weapons. Someone that needs 10k ranks to defeat a specific NPC will never have any use for any of that loot."
                TheDarknightX asks, "Can clothes be taken apart by tailors and the cloth reused?"
                Senses says to you, "I see what you mean there. From what I have seen, a character can only get so far actually using loot from NPCs."
                Knowless says to TheDarknightX, "No, but that would be nice."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "That goes into Tale's thing about how many things are too farmable by scripters."
                You say to TheDarknightX, "We shouldn't worry about scripters, to be honest."
                You say, "They'll script no matter what if they really want to."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "I'm trying to think of something that hass less coin value and more inherent player-attractant value. Like specific shades of cloth."
                Senses asks you, "Do you have any ideas that could make that aspect of the game more interesting? What would it take realistically to have an NPC drop a retalq weapon?"
                Knowless says, "The thing is not to make those that are playing suffer for trying to punish or prevent farming."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "Mottled green scarf? Not valuable. Sleek crimson scarf? Valuable."
                Senses says to Knowless, "I stand with you there."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "And also has no mechanics value, per se."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "I was contemplating whether NPCs could have a wider variety of randomly generated clothing colors, that could then be taken apart and reused. You have to look at it to infer value."
                CornBread says, "I think some simple randomization of everything would help. Give those bronze gladii carried by Cineran soldiers a % chance to be varying qualities from poor to superior. Sure, it's just bronze, but a high quality would be worthwhile."
                TheDarknightX says, "Just thinking out loud."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "Agree."
                You say to Senses, "I'm not actually advocating for them to have that high-level end gear. It doesn't really fit with TEC's structure, in my mind. The armbands traded in for Rep are a cool mechanic, but I feel it's being overused now a bit with Franlius + BHC."
                Knowless says to Senses, "I twould be nice if there was ways of getting things other than through combat too. Noncoms have little ways of getting anything of interest outside of it funnelling down through buying from combatants."
                You say to Senses, "Even the simple addition of rare drops. Like a .01% chance for something out of the ordinary to drop on any single NPC would be cool. Nothing of necessarily great worth, just some rarity. Something that people would want to hang on to."
                Senses says to you, "With the end point being: I fought a ton of enemies and got access to this really great piece of gear that progresses my character."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "Agree focus on uniqueness and not value."
                Knowless says to TheDarknightX, "Though often times unique does turn to value. Everyone wants the things that no one else has."
                Senses asks TheDarknightX, "Perhaps low-value items that players enjoy anyway because of their usefulness? Sacks, pouches, common armor pieces for example?"
                You say to Senses, "I can't really comment on Franlius and how the rep trading works out, but from what I've seen you could probably just buy those items off from someone else rather than doing the grinding yourself for less time."
                TheDarknightX asks Senses, "Doesn't that already exist?"
                CornBread says, "Using some randomization code for every item that is spawned on NPCs would be a pretty easy way to get it moving. A list of adjectives for each item, randomized. I assume it would the same code used for the fancy item places in the forums, but with not so fancy items."
                TheDarknightX says to you, "People would be stoked to get a tiny thing like a small wooden cup carved with an owl."
                Knowless says to Senses, "Items that better help people to hone their characters story. Oddly that comes often by way of colors and items that speak to that character."
                TheDarknightX asks CornBread, "Have you seen the yucky parsing mess that is Belhrad's furniture shop?"
                Senses says to TheDarknightX, "To an extent. I'm suggesting a rare drop large sack like: a crimson large sack embroidered with "Red Hand Cadre XIV", or something similar."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "An amethyst towering squad dresser. An imposing mottled black squat stool."
                You say to Senses, "Any items that evoke a sense of story would be a major plus."
                TheDarknightX says to Senses, "If they're common, they lose value."
                Knowless says to TheDarknightX, "It really is ridiculous, the clothing shop is nearly as bad."
                CornBread says to TheDarknightX, "Yes, well, I don't like some of the mixtures, but I like the idea."
                Knowless says to TheDarknightX, "Worse actually at times."
                Senses says, "I am adding that to my list."
                TheDarknightX says to Knowless, "Bad bad bad quality control on whoever put the adjectives lists together."
                Knowless nods to TheDarknightX.
                CornBread says, "A bronze gladius... Randomized quality, with a list of corresponding adjectives."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "Yeah. I think the key is both 'auto' and 'rare.'"
                You say to Senses, "It's all in the rarity, though. If those things become too common, they lose all value. Rare drops would be fun."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "If someone has to make them all the time = burn out."
                CornBread says, "Various pommel designs. List of randomized adjectives. Etc."
                Knowless asks TheDarknightX, "A lot of the items don't follow the tailoring code, so you have items made of things that tailors can't make and then it's like... wth can't we make these?"
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "If they become common place, they'll get ignored as hard as red silk pouches from prostitutes."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "A generator already exists."

                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "What if areas had more "boss drop chests" like ..."
                Senses says to you, "One problem with rare drops: players roll into a zone and kill stuff, don't see anything of interest, and move along."
                TheDarknightX asks, "Well, do I care about spoilers anymore?"
                TheDarknightX asks, "Should I talk about what a somewhere has?"
                TheDarknightX says, "I guess I can talk about undertown instead."
                Senses says to TheDarknightX, "I get in trouble for spoilers, but I am not responsible for you."
                TheDarknightX grins at Senses.
                Senses winks at TheDarknightX.
                TheDarknightX says, "Alright. Undertown has 'boss encounter rooms' that you can only enter so many times in X period."
                TheDarknightX says, "When you win, you get a reward."
                TheDarknightX says, "The reward could contain randomly generated loot with the generators that arleady exist."
                Knowless says to TheDarknightX, "Or you nearly die and are crippled for a week rl."
                TheDarknightX says, "As long as it's random and rare, it still feels."
                TheDarknightX says, "Still feels special."
                TheDarknightX says, "I do think that different areas should have different 'flavors' and 'flairs.'"
                TheDarknightX says, "Like what Senses was saying about BHC should have things marked with BHC flair."
                You say to Senses, "I agree, but those should be considered as extras, not the basic gear. You could have: basic gear(100%), rare gear(5%), extremely rare gear (0.5%) and virtually impossible to get gear (0.01%)."
                TheDarknightX says, "Undertown should have stuff marked with its flair, not orchid towering mottles like Blehrad."
                CornBread says, "I'd like to see random stuff all over the place -- but scaled to the area where it is."
                CornBread shrugs.
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "Tale was saying that's impossible, for Tale anyway."
                Senses says to you, "You're not wrong."
                CornBread says, "It's not impossible."
                TheDarknightX says, "Special generated loot at a very very small %."
                TheDarknightX says, "And if it's missed, it's missed."
                Knowless says, "I'd like to see random stuff spawn in lots of places in the game world and not necessarily do you hav eto fight to get it. Just random adventuring or walking through places might have you find something of interest."
                You say, "Right now in terms of loot what we have is: armor (mainly leather), weapon (tin, bone, bronze) and stones."
                You say, "And out of armor, it's pretty much leather armor + leggings + boots."
                CornBread says, "I'd also like to see randomized adjectives for all NPCs. It's frustrating fighting 3 Cineran Recruits and not being able to tell which one left an opening."
                TheDarknightX says to Knowless, "I'm all for that. I think the first hurdle is seeing with coder extraordinare what's possible int he first place."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "ABSOLUTELY."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "Have given that feedback mroe than once."
                You say, "Well, so long as the adjectives aren't super long. It can get spammy."
                TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "Should be a tall Cineran recruit, a grizzled Cineran recruit, a scarred Cineran recruit, a wiry Cineran recruit, etc."
                CornBread says to Senses, "If you need someone to help you with the coding... I know a guy.."
                Knowless says, "Never one of the same kind in a square at the same time."
                Senses says, "I will share my mantra: Nothing is impossible, however I prefer to invest my GMing hours as efficiently as practical."
                TheDarknightX says to Senses, "Totes."
                You wink to Senses, "We know it's mainly daydreaming stuff. There's a reason why we're still with this stuff after 20 years."
                Senses smiles.


                • #9
                  You say to Senses, "A lot of it is time consuming and ends up being neglected because of it."
                  You say, "Always have to take into account the time vs benefit."
                  Senses says, "Spending a few hours sharing ideas with you all is quite worth it."
                  TheDarknightX says, "That feels good to hear."
                  TheDarknightX says, "We feel a neglected bunch, often."
                  TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "As someone who directs group combat regularly, it feels waysilly to say "focus on the 4th man.""
                  CornBread nods to TheDarknightX.
                  You ask Senses, "As for something completely different. How did you come up with your name?"
                  Senses says to you, "It is from a song."
                  You wink to Senses, "Happy to know it isn't from the movie "In the realm of the senses""
                  ------------------------------- Senses (@paste) -------------------------------
                  A spherical component
                  Is that of perfection
                  The circular motion
                  It makes everything revolve
                  I am revived to regenerate
                  Contemplate and integrate
                  I exist to watch
                  My whole life again
                  Going inward
                  I'm shutting off my senses
                  Going inward
                  Into my thoughts
                  Dissolving all that is me
                  I'm floating into eternity
                  ---------------------------------- + Finis + ----------------------------------
                  You wink, "Not what I was expecting."
                  CornBread asks Senses, "How long have you been GMing here?"
                  Senses says, "I thought it fitting when assuming the role of a GM. Dissolving away any prejudices; regenerating, integrating this wacky virtual world, and watching it unfold again. In a different way."
                  Senses says to CornBread, "Not long enough."
                  Senses winks.
                  Senses says, "I am still a newbie compared to the others."
                  You say to CornBread, "Senses has been around since ~march. As a man in a lorica hamata."
                  CornBread says, "I just recently came back to the game... a few months ago, so I don't know what happened while I was away."
                  You say to Senses, "While you were trying to hide your name, the reports gave your name away."
                  CornBread chuckles.
                  Senses says to you, "It is very cool making wacky hoods on the fly."
                  You say to Senses, "So in one place it was using your disguised name and in the other your true name."
                  CornBread asks Senses, "Out of everything you've done so far... what is your favorite contribution?"
                  Senses says to CornBread, "A kind question. I think my favorites so far have been the new hunting zones, and adding in nifty secrets for people to find."
                  CornBread says to Senses, "Neat."
                  CornBread asks Senses, "Out of all the old code you've looked at, which GM do you most hate to see having edited it -- and why is it him?"
                  CornBread gestures at you.
                  You laugh.
                  Senses laughs.
                  Knowless laughs at CornBread.
                  Senses says, "I don't hate any staffers former or current, some of the things here are masterpieces in a time capsule, and I love learning from them."
                  You say to Senses, "Whatever you do, don't play with the sky. Look at it, but don't touch it."
                  You shift your eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                  CornBread says, "Speaking of the sky. I'd like to see echoes when the moons rise and set."
                  Senses laughs.
                  CornBread says, "Aera setting messed me up earlier. Took away my light for pulling my wagon."
                  CornBread mumbles something.
                  You wink to Senses, "I know a GM who destroyed the moon once. Pretty sure the game had to be restarted and couldn't be fixed."
                  Senses says, "I have said it before. It is awe inspiring to me how complex, and at the same time fragile our playground here can be."
                  You say to CornBread, "And back on the topic of lighting.. I hate how you can see just before the sunrise, but can't after the sun rises. It suddenly gets -darker- when the sun rises."
                  Senses says, "You blow up one moon and THBBBBBT."
                  CornBread chuckles.
                  CornBread says to you, "I haven't noticed that. Not that I've paid a lot of attention to lighting."
                  Senses says to you, "I have been challenged to "make weather great again." We shall see."
                  Knowless says to you, "Or how it talks about how it's set and and getts dark the step before sunrise."
                  CornBread says to Senses, "I vote you add frostbite for when it's cold."
                  You say to CornBread, "Yeah. You can usually walk around before the sun rises and see just fine, but once it says the sun rises, it gets completely dark."
                  You say to CornBread, "And then it takes another 10 mins before you can see again, I believe."
                  Knowless says, "It's all screwy."
                  Senses says to you, "Adding it to my list."
                  CornBread says to you, "Well, I was just pulling a wagon across the grasslands, and I didn't notice that. It was dark briefly after sunrise, but it was dark before it too, after Aera went down."
                  You say to Senses, "The weather system is pretty complex. The original GMs had some really great stuff going."
                  You say to CornBread, "Maybe it depends where you are. Hmm."
                  You say to Senses, "I never looked at it, but I've heard that they a whole star system fully set up already and that at one point astronomy was going to be a skill or something."
                  You say to Senses, "For all I know, they could have a tide system all built and ready to go if someone wanted to use it."
                  You snicker.
                  Senses says to you, "Be still, my dong."
                  Senses says, "That is straight out of another "cool if" conversation. I will have to look in to that."
                  CornBread says, "Sorry, correction, it was Invex that set, not Aera."
                  You ask Senses, "What's the first secret place that you went to as a GM that you couldn't access as a player?"
                  CornBread puts a moldy loaf of bread in a sunflower yellow silk large sack with 'OOC Goodies!' stitched on the side.
                  CornBread asks you, "Doesn't everyone go to Jackal's Point?"
                  You wink to CornBread, "Nah. I had a better place."
                  Senses says to you, "I would tell that story, but it is much too zany for the WA."
                  You say to Senses, "I was sort of hoping you'd say Septima's trapdoor."
                  You shift your eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                  CornBread asks you, "That's where you went, eh?"
                  Senses laughs at CornBread.
                  You waggle your eyebrows at CornBread.


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                    A wild Tale appears!
                    CornBread pets Tale.
                    TheDarknightX asks you, "You're gonna have a log of all this, yes?"
                    You say to TheDarknightX, "No. I forgot."
                    TheDarknightX says to you, "Oh."
                    You say to TheDarknightX, "Just kidding."
                    TheDarknightX says to you, "You bitch about mine."
                    A giant fist comes out of the sky, crashing down on TheDarknightX's head!
                    TheDarknightX says to you, "I am too busy to clean that crap up."
                    Senses asks Tale, "Yo homie. Here for shift change in the WA?"
                    TheDarknightX says, "Hi Tale."
                    Tale says to Senses, "Been dealing with puggies, and trying to teach their mother not to sit on them and flop them around because they are smol. Sorry I missed the big shin-dig. Wife needed a break from puggy duty."
                    Tale waves.
                    Senses smiles at Tale.
                    CornBread asks Tale, "How's it going?"
                    Senses asks, "Would you all like to offer some feedback on a new event type I am preparing to run?"
                    Tale says to Senses, "I'm running on fumes, but it's funny she can't tell them apart or even sex them. At a glance, I'm like 'That's #1, #3, and #2. Boy, girl, girl.... Mopsi, stop rolling n them!' lol."
                    CornBread says to Senses, "Sure."
                    Senses says to Tale, "Priceless."
                    CornBread exclaims, "Damn it, Mopsi!"
                    CornBread shakes its fist!
                    Senses asks CornBread, "How many styles of events do we currently support? Two?"
                    Tale says to CornBread, "Stress, but the end is near. I go on vacation Sunday evening and don't have to be back until the following Monday. It will be glorious. Even if I now have three smol ride-alongs."
                    CornBread asks Tale, "Where are you headed?"
                    CornBread ponders.
                    Senses says, "Primary: There is a posting on Events, everyone who wants to come does, and RP ensues. "
                    Tale says to CornBread, "Helps epople slowed down the road building, actually. Means I don't have to push back any timetables myself for this...unexpected blessing."
                    Tale eyes a yellow-flashing road construction sign labeled 'SELD ROAD PROGRESS' with a LED readout appraisingly.
                    CornBread says to Senses, "I suppose that depends on what you mean by styles..."
                    You say to Senses, "Scheduled and impromptu, I'm assuming."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "I worked on it for like 4 hours and got a whole 0.10% done."
                    Tale says to CornBread, "Visiting family. They live on the other side of the country. And my father has never met my wife because of that fact."
                    Senses says, "Secondary: A relevant NPC does or thinks something that gets a smaller, or in this use, purposefully less diverse set of players involved."
                    TheDarknightX says to CornBread, "A whole event that lasts 3-4 hours usually only gets about 1-2% done."
                    CornBread asks Tale, "How other side are we talking? You're kind of in the middle, aren't you?"
                    Tale says to TheDarknightX, "It took a lot longer to slow down than I thought it would, to be honest. You guys REALLY plowed through the first 50% and had a lot of momentum from 50-75."
                    Knowless says to Senses, "The trader/"
                    Tale says to CornBread, "A 14 hour drive."
                    CornBread nods.
                    You wink to Tale, "Would you contemplate adding a brand new beach close to Seld?"
                    Tale says to CornBread, "Either side is 'the other side' to me. Because...heartland."
                    Tale shrugs.
                    CornBread grins at Tale.
                    CornBread says to Tale, "14 hours sounds like west to me."
                    TheDarknightX says to Tale, "I was into the first 50%, then not so much."
                    Senses asks Knowless, "As in, the trader shows up and calls for peeps to come buy his shineys?"
                    CornBread says to Tale, "Driving into the mountains."
                    Knowless nods to Senses.
                    Tale says to CornBread, "There are mountains either way."
                    Tale chuckles.
                    Tale says to CornBread, "Just different types."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "The Appalachians don't count as mountains."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "They're big hills."
                    Knowless says to CornBread, "Back hill country."
                    Knowless nods.
                    CornBread says, "Hillbillies."
                    CornBread nods.
                    Senses says, "I have been thinking of ways to help get players together for RP in different ways. In some instances, an @event posting or NPC calling out in thoughts isn't appropriate, and an NPC showing up to bug players could be inconvenient or too narrow."
                    CornBread says to Senses, "The hardest part with impromptu is that the player might not have the time for it. Or not realize it's happening."
                    Knowless winks to Senses, "Just a heads up, we players like all of the above."
                    Senses says to CornBread, "Valid."
                    You say, "Or isn't online and really wants to participate and will end up missing something he would have enjoyed."
                    Tale says, "I'm curious what the players want in terms of 'event'. I hear 'overarching storylines' a lot, but I haven't heard any specific examples that would work in this game's format."
                    You say to Tale, "Japes had some really good ones. The Piper, his RV storyarc with Jenn too."
                    Tale says, "Admittedly, I'm used to single-player games and online games with set, rotating event templates. This is the only game I've played that has custom-tailored events."
                    You say to Tale, "Moonfall."
                    Tale says, "That's why I build things and not tell stories."
                    CornBread says, "One off events tend to be boring. Major story arcs are better. And if they actually affect the gameworld, it's even better."
                    Tale asks, "I'm not a great storyteller, but I like to think I can be a fairly creative builder. Or at least...a productive one?"
                    You say to CornBread, "Anything that involves action > reaction > consequence on a loop is great."
                    Senses asks, "What do you think of a pre-event signup? Where the hosting staff member and interested players can coordinate and be at X place at X time to further X storyline. Would any of you be interested?"
                    CornBread asks, "I would like to see time come into play, and a different cast of NPC characters occupying the officials list. How long has Seredian Allende been Consul? 90 years?"
                    Tale says, "The whole 'ramp up for Seld' storyline with the BHC being driven out of their old lair and into a new location, player progress/participation dictating the pacing of the progression of that story, etc hasn't generated the excitement I'd hoped for, to be honest."
                    Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Senses, "Yes. That's pretty much how we do it on the MUSHes I play."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "I think it's because building the road is dreadfully boring."
                    Justinian_augustus nods to CornBread.
                    You ask Senses, "That's pretty much what a scheduled event is in most cases, no?"
                    Senses asks Justinian_augustus, "What are the pros and cons to a system like that?"
                    CornBread says to Tale, "I don't mind doing the work... but hauling the sand for miles takes forever."
                    Tale says to CornBread, "True, but I was told specifically and repeatedly that we should focus on 'something that will change the gameworld that is directly tied to player efforts'."
                    You say, "Except there's no signup, obviously."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "And I think that's important and good. I like that we're building the road."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "But... have a ferry transport the sand for Monlon for us."
                    CornBread says, "From."
                    Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Senses, "Pros are figuring out a time that works for people who are genuinely interested as opposed to just showing up. People who sign up are expected to show up or won't be taken into consideration if they flake."
                    Tale says to CornBread, "The noob welfare office was the political move to distract the populous of the obvious signs of unrest/turmoil, trying to Trumpify things by labeling 'undesirables' as the enemy with a token effort to 'fix the problem', then the problem is actually the BHC and lack of outlying village security....due to a lack of roads."
                    CornBread says to Senses, "I think it's good. If I can sign up for an event on Friday, then earlier in the week you could consult the list, see that I plan to be there, and you can drop in with hints leading up to it."
                    Justinian_augustus nods to CornBread.
                    Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "That too."
                    Senses says, "Thank you."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "One thing I'd like to see... and I think it would help set the tone for these things... is town criers. Get rid of the rumor mill text when we log in, and replace it with town criers shouting this stuff from time to time."
                    Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Senses, "It allows SGs/GMs running a plot to drop hints and teasers. It helps sort out who is truly interested and how to hook them in early."
                    Knowless says to Tale, "I'll repeat what I said earlier in regards to the road, when the miscalculation happened, and we went backwards a good bit, that was a pretty serious motivation killer, would have been better to have thrown out some assistance to get us back to that point and move on than to say oh hey, you're no where near done "
                    Knowless says to Tale, "Like allowing for the monlon ferry to stop mid way and dump off some sand or something."
                    Knowless says to Tale, "That would have been a nice half way reward, to have a way to make ht last leg a little easier instead of harder still."
                    Tale says to Knowless, "I honestly didn't think it would be suck a loss, as it was only around 8.8% if I recall. That was my bad all around."
                    CornBread says to Tale, "And I didn't have much lucky with the new noob tent... My noob outgrew it too fast with the Ludus, even though he's dirt poor. I never managed to get a single rank from the teacher in the tent, and the only thing I qualified to buy was like a bow string."
                    Knowless says to Tale, "Anytime you go backwards it is a hit."


                    • #11
                      Tale nods.
                      Knowless says to Tale, "We aren't even back to where it was yet, and no one is hardly working on the road."
                      Knowless says to Tale, "Sand can come down from Monlon, but it has to go all the way to Vet to pull it backwards. When it COULD stop half way and drop it off outside of seld."
                      Senses takes a buck from a large sack.
                      Senses passes it to Tale.
                      Knowless says to Tale, "Would go a long way to getting people excited to see it finished."
                      CornBread chuckles.
                      CornBread asks Senses, "Leaving us?"
                      Senses says, "Later peeps. Thank you for all the great ideas and conversation."
                      CornBread waves to Senses.
                      You wave to Senses.
                      Senses nods to CornBread.
                      Knowless waves to Senses.
                      Knowless smiles to Senses, "Thanks for hanging out with us so long."
                      Senses exclaims, "Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion, next time on THE ETERNAL CITY!"
                      CornBread chuckles.
                      Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "Yeah, given the very low ranks available for the newb tent to be used, I can't imagine using it with a new character."
                      CornBread nods to Justinian_augustus.
                      You say, "I've used it on two different characters effectively."
                      CornBread asks you, "How?"
                      You say, "200 ranks is a bit low. 300 would be more fitting."
                      You say to CornBread, "I go to the island, kill stuff. Grab the stones + meat. Turn it in."
                      You say to CornBread, "Two diving runs and I got my lorica."
                      Tale asks, "So...noob tent rank cap needs raised?"
                      CornBread nods to Tale.
                      You say to Tale, "200 is on the low side. 300-350 would be more appropriate in my mind."
                      CornBread says to Tale, "I found it utterly useless for my noob. Granted, he was a VC1 and had 5t to start with, but he couldn't use it."
                      CornBread says to Tale, "He couldn't fight in the alleys for the baubles until he was too good to use the tent."
                      Knowless nods to Tale.
                      Tale says to CornBread, "That was semi-intentional. You don't NEED the noob office if you already have talents."
                      You say to CornBread, "The pebbles + meat on the island is the best way to go."
                      Tale says, "You can pay for everything you could get from the tent with just 5t."
                      CornBread says to Tale, "I tried to use it... just for testing."
                      You say to CornBread, "Don't need to use killing blow, things die relatively quickly."
                      CornBread says to Tale, "I killed like 30-40 fluviturs on the island and skinned their pelts for the tent."
                      You wince at CornBread.
                      CornBread says to Tale, "I couldn't get a single lesson and all I could buy was a bowstring."
                      CornBread says, "Or something like that."
                      You say to CornBread, "You keep the pelts for the carcass buyer. Turn in the fluvitur meat. :P."
                      CornBread says to you, "I assumed the thing with more value would help me maybe get a lesson."
                      You say to CornBread, "Roughly 10 denars at the carcass buyer per pelt if I recall."
                      TheDarknightX says, "Also agree the rank cap on the noob stuff is low."
                      Knowless says to Tale, "There's a bit of an issue in the ludus too in regard of newbies. I accidentally hit the guy out in between the rooms, trying to set up my macros and I did it again accidentally and got banned. It wasn't intentional. I could see it if I hit him over and over and over but it was one time."
                      You say to CornBread, "Every item turned in = 1 rep."
                      CornBread says to you, "That seems silly."
                      CornBread frowns.
                      Tale says to CornBread, "The stones in their stomachs, and the meat would have gotten you a lot more rep than just skins. You're supposed to turn in the otherwise fairly non-valuable stuff, letting you keep the sellable stuff to make a profit while you're at it. Gaining rep the same time you gain coin to use in conjuntion with the rep."
                      Knowless says to Tale, "And when I asked abuot it got told I'd have to wait for an open rp night, but by then, I'll likely be a master at combat and who cares then."
                      Knowless shrugs.
                      Tale says to you, "Not necessarily."
                      CornBread asks Tale, "Was that posted somewhere and I missed it?"
                      Tale says to you, "Their values are weighted."
                      You say to Tale, "Ah. Guess I was wrong then. I tested with some pelts and then with pebbles. Seemed to be the same."
                      You say, "Looks like I'll have to test some more."
                      Tale says, "Let me check real quick brb."
                      You snicker.
                      Tale nods.
                      You say to Tale, "Took 40 pebbles for the lorica. I don't remember about pelts."
                      CornBread frowns.
                      You say to Tale, "I just tried pelts for low level stuff and when it felt about the same, I gave up and just used pebbles. Pelts were much heavier for my low-strength character."
                      CornBread says, "I felt like I was throwing away my efforts for nothing."
                      You say, "Meat on the other hand is not heavy at all."
                      Tale says, "Pebbles are 0.75. Petls are...not valuable. 0.2% - the base value of 'everything not sopecifically listed on the sign'"
                      CornBread squints at Tale.
                      CornBread exclaims to Tale, "Not valuable!"
                      CornBread folds its arms.
                      You say, "Ah. So it's 30 rep points for the lorica then."
                      Tale says, "0.2 of a full rep point, that is. 20%"
                      You chuckle.
                      Tale says, "Gems from mining are the most valuable at 7.5"
                      Tale says, "Torches are the least valuable at 0.1"
                      CornBread says to Tale, "If pelts aren't useful, have the guy that takes things tell you no, and you should sell it at the carcass buyer."
                      Tale says to CornBread, "Not AS valuable."
                      CornBread mumbles something.
                      Tale says to CornBread, "You get -something-. Just...not nearly as much as most of what's listed on his sign."
                      Tale says, "The stomach stones are the easiest and most valuable in terms of effort."
                      TheDarknightX says, "I would love to see RP/BP awards for folks who run game-wide events a bit more frequently."
                      TheDarknightX says, "I know GMs aren't always around for those."
                      TheDarknightX says, "But they see the event postings, so maybe they could keep an eye on those things that way? I think it goes a long way to encourage people like Ghuan, Koppe and others to put effort on outings that invite strangers."
                      You say, "I'll have to update my page to mention pebbles and that different items have different values on the wiki."
                      CornBread says to Tale, "I'd recommend raising the pelt values, personally. Seems silly for them to be worth very little when they're worthwhile for money elsewhere."
                      CornBread says, "Or flat out have them not accepted, and have flavor text telling the noob to sell them at the carcass buyer."
                      Knowless nods.
                      CornBread says, "It was very disheartening to see no progress and feeling like I was throwing away my efforts."
                      You pat CornBread.
                      You exclaim to CornBread, "All that money thrown away!"
                      You grin at CornBread.
                      CornBread asks, "And I don't mean that for me... I was mostly testing. But for a real noob?"
                      CornBread says, "It could make them just give up the game."
                      You say to CornBread, "200 fluvitur pelts for that lorica. At 10 denars a piece that's 2000 denars."
                      You say, "Err."
                      You say, "150 pelts not 200"
                      You say to CornBread, "The newbie office does have the best training weapons ever, tho. I'm surprised no one has tried getting a newbie to purchase those for their high skilled characters."
                      Tale says to CornBread, "The point is to allow you to KEEP the pelts for coinage."
                      CornBread says to you, "And an extremely poor quality pelt for me sells for just over 12 denar. Actually selling them and buying that lorica from the Steps would be 203 pelts."
                      Tale says to CornBread, "But you could scrap the poor quality rats pelts or whatever at the guy and get credit for 'effort'"
                      You grin at CornBread.
                      CornBread says to Tale, "Flavor text telling people that would be helpful."
                      You say to CornBread, "150 for the lorica + 79 pelts to pay for the lorica price."
                      You say to CornBread, "229 vs 203"
                      CornBread nods to you.
                      CornBread says to you, "Losing proposition."
                      You say, "Speaking of."
                      You ask, "Maybe the fluviturs could get stomachs + pebbles?"
                      CornBread nods to you.
                      CornBread says, "The pups have stomachs, but I don't believe the actual fluviturs do."
                      You say to CornBread, "Nope, they don't."
                      You say to CornBread, "They have one stack of meat that you can sell."
                      You say, "Now I'll have to test and see what value the meat is."
                      CornBread says to you, "1 sen."
                      You say, "Good to know that they don't have all the same value."
                      You say to CornBread, "Rep value."
                      You shift your eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                      CornBread nods.
                      Tale asks you, "Don't they already have them?"
                      CornBread shakes its head at Tale.
                      You shake your head at Tale.


                      • #12
                        Tale puts a paint brush in a santa sack.
                        Tale takes a long knife from a santa sack.
                        You say to Tale, "There are fluviturs (not fluvitur pups) in the Shipwreck (northwest) portion of STI."
                        Tale flawlessly removes a stomach from the corpse of a fluvitur pup.
                        Tale says, "Lies."
                        Tale points at a fluvitur stomach.
                        You say to Tale, "That's a pup :P."
                        Tale says, "Oh. Well the adults are not 'newbie critters'"
                        CornBread says, "Also, I find the island's spawn rate too low. I only bother with the shipwreck because of it."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "Why not? They don't even attack you unless you attack them."
                        You say to Tale, "The adults do spawn on Signal Tower Island, though."
                        Tale says, "Newbie creatures (that die when KO), rats, and dogs are pretty much the list for gastrolith stones."
                        Tale says to you, "That I did not know."
                        You say to Tale, "I didn't either until this January."
                        You snicker.
                        You wink to Tale, "I don't know how long they have been there, but hey."
                        Knowless asks you, "The adults do?"
                        You nod.
                        Knowless says to you, "I've never seen them there."
                        Knowless says to you, "Except for the shipwreck."
                        Knowless considers.
                        CornBread asks Tale, "Oh. Are some of the diseased pit rats pelts supposed to not be bought by Cap?"
                        You say to Knowless, "Shipwreck is on Signal Tower Island."
                        You shake Knowless vigorously.
                        Knowless exclaims to you, "Well yes, but it is comparmentalized!"
                        Knowless says to you, "They don't leave the ship."
                        Tale says, "Okay. Adults now have stomachs/stones."
                        Knowless nods to CornBread.
                        You cheer at Tale.
                        Knowless says to CornBread, "If they're plague rats, they won't buy them."
                        CornBread asks, "And are Aralex supposed to be able to wander out of their pit and into the rat pits?"
                        Tale shrugs.
                        CornBread says, "I accidentally got someone knocked out in the rat pits because I was playing with Aralex."
                        CornBread says, "I felt bad."
                        Tale says, "Not sure. Aralexii and their area are not hings I made."
                        CornBread nods.
                        Tale asks, "Can't ask me about the BHC? Franlius? QH Boardwalk Crabs? Dog hill wolf/dog packs? RV barbarians? Something -I- made?"
                        Tale shifts his eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                        Knowless says, "Kind of a terrible place to put a high level hunting ground that spills outwards to."
                        You say to Tale, "Your crabs were buggy last I went there. They had ghost attacks. I did report it."
                        Tale asks, "Undertown mobs?"
                        You shift your eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                        Tale shifts his eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I just recently figured out that the Franlius penalties weren't what I thought they were, and I was getting my ass handed to me in Tier I because I wasn't supposed to be there.."
                        Tale tosses his hands up in despair.
                        Tale says to you, "Those are just crab-related hullucinations."
                        Knowless asks Tale, "Dog hill?"
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I'd like to see adjectives on the Cinerans so I'm not fighting three Cineran Recruits at the same time that I can't differentiate who is leaving openings..."
                        You say to Knowless, "The area around new BHC."
                        Knowless says to you, "Ah."
                        Tale is going to go crazy if he keeps having to pull tiny puggies out from under their giant mother to keep them from being smothered.
                        CornBread chuckles.
                        CornBread says to Tale, "Sorry, I don't know everything you've done."
                        Tale says, "Had to take them all out of the kennel because their heads are juuuuuust small enough to force through the bars...and get stuck."
                        Knowless winces.
                        Tale says, "So their're all in a fluffy dog bed with a hot water bottle, blankets, and their mother who is determined to smother them."
                        CornBread says, "I'd like to see something with the gaze command when I'm in Franlius. I like the gaze command."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "She just wants to be your favorite again. They're stealing her Tale time."
                        Tale says to CornBread, "I did make sure the new BHC entrance was asking Pranzor to do it."
                        Tale coughs.
                        CornBread grins at Tale.
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I noticed it was there, and I greatly appreciated it."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "Unfortunately, my character isn't really good enough to fight there without assistance... so I don't have much to comment on."
                        Tale says, "Gazable landmark mechanics are tricksy. Not even sure what would be gazeable in Fran anyway, to be honest."
                        You ask, "Flags?"
                        CornBread asks Tale, "The bridge? The river? The ocean?"
                        CornBread asks, "The fort?"
                        Tale says to CornBread, "@report? List the gaze-worthy stuff that is 'missing'."
                        Tale nods to himself.
                        CornBread says to Tale, "Way to pass the buck."
                        CornBread chuckles.
                        Knowless says to Tale, "What really needs gaze landmarks is the valley, huge expanses with nothing but nothing and more nothing to gaze for."
                        You wink to CornBread, "You're the one that wants it."
                        Tale says to CornBread, "Last time I messed with gaze mechanics, I nerly broke the game. Pranzor is the gazeable pro."
                        CornBread says to you, "I love the gaze command. I think it adds a lot of depth to the gameworld."
                        You say to CornBread, "I agree."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "The crowds in Franlius have Mercenarys. Spelling issue."
                        CornBread ponders.
                        Tale says to CornBread, "@report -> Typo Bug."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "You asked for stuff about areas you worked on. I'm trying to come up with stuff."
                        CornBread folds its arms.
                        Tale grins.
                        Tale says, "I asked for -questions-"
                        Tale bops CornBread on the head.
                        CornBread says, "Oh. Okay."
                        Tale snickers.
                        CornBread asks Tale, "Why do the mercenaries in Franlius show as mercenarys?"
                        CornBread shifts its eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                        CornBread ponders.
                        Tale tosses his hands up in despair.
                        Tale chuckles.
                        Knowless asks Tale, "Could you, perhaps, add in some hut versions of domus into the west side of stromheim?"
                        CornBread chuckles.
                        Knowless shifts her eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I don't know what the dog hill thing you mentioned is. I hadn't previously heard of it."
                        You say to CornBread, "The area surrounding new BHC entrance."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I looked at the QH crabs, but I couldn't discern their purpose."
                        You say to CornBread, "There's a sign that says Canis something."
                        CornBread asks you, "Oh. Are there supposed to be dogs spawning in the area?"
                        You say to CornBread, "Didn't see anything spawn when we were at the entrance/surrounding area, so I can't tell you."
                        Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "Oh yes! In Franlius! Can we have adjectives to make them look different so I don't wonder which footman is the one I need to be feinting, etc.?"
                        You say to CornBread, "But from what he said, I guess that should be a yes. Unless it's specific spots."
                        CornBread nods to Justinian_augustus.
                        CornBread says to Justinian_augustus, "I mentioned that. Not sure if he heard me or not."
                        Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "I hate that."
                        Tale says to CornBread, "QH crabs is a source of easy food. Crab legs, my dude."
                        Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "I was just repeating you. Caught up on the convo."
                        Justinian_augustus grins.
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I do enjoy crab legs."
                        CornBread says, "But none of my characters can cook right now."
                        You ask, "Can you also eat spider legs?"
                        Tale says to CornBread, "It's also a pits/dumps alternative in terms of difficulty."
                        CornBread asks Tale, "But nothing of value, is there?"
                        Tale says to you, "Cooked, yes I believe."
                        You say to Tale, "The sandcrabs were unblockable last I was there."
                        You say to Tale, "Not that they are very nasty, but still. If you don't have decent stats they can get a low success."
                        Tale says to you, "Git gud, noob."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I skinned their leg, claw and eye, and all three sold for just 1 sen. Unless there is somewhere else to sell the legs than Cap."
                        Tale says to you, "I mean...@report unblockableness and I'll look into it."
                        Tale nods to himself.
                        You say to Tale, "I already did. Months ago."
                        You snicker.
                        Tale says to CornBread, "I think the butcher buys them? But I could be wrong."
                        CornBread says to you, "I don't recall having issues when I checked it out. Might have been fixed."
                        You say to CornBread, "Maybe. I didn't see any bug fixes in the forums about it tho."
                        CornBread says to Tale, "I suppose I can test it again and see. But when I sold to Cap and made no profit, I didn't see the point in bothering with the place again."
                        Tale says to you, "Dude, I clear more bug reports than come in every month, and I still miss some. People claim them with every intention of fixing it...and it can get lost in the pile. I hate that as much as players do, but unless we legit just deleted 20 years worth of reports, we'll never not lose a few here and there."
                        You grin at Tale.
                        You say to Tale, "Don't worry about it. I know how it goes."
                        CornBread asks Tale, "Did you do anything with the RV dumps?"
                        You say to Tale, "I'll actually have to go there again since I didn't save my data for the crabs. Maybe they were fixed as CornBread says."
                        Tale says to CornBread, "Nope. That was a Sceadu build. Which is why it doesn't use ANY of the existing spawn mechanics framework. He said screw it and built his own."
                        Tale snickers.


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                          CornBread says to Tale, "I tried it out... and it seemed utterly impossible. There was like 8 creatures immediately, including a terrifying wolverine destroying my face..."
                          You say to CornBread, "Lol."
                          You say to CornBread, "Rule #1: Stay in the first square."
                          You say to CornBread, "Rule #2: Don't attack the wolverine."
                          CornBread says, "And those birds eating my loot before I could even consider skinning it."
                          CornBread mumbles something.
                          You say to CornBread, "Rule #3: Don't kill the creatures approached to you so the wolverine can't approach you."
                          CornBread says to Tale, "I would recommend burning it down and rebuilding it."
                          Tale says, "Rule # 4, go to Undertown instead."
                          Tale shifts his eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                          You say to CornBread, "The wolverines, for how dangerous they are, are worth little coin."
                          You say to CornBread, "Definitely not a good money spot."
                          CornBread says to Tale, "I thought the dumps would be easy-ish. I was under the impression Undertown was difficult."
                          Tale says, "Or one of the RV alleys. One has dogs, the other has corrupted rats & footpads."
                          Knowless says to Tale, "And get every bone in your body broken."
                          Tale says to CornBread, "Some of the most common Undertown Lvl 1 Farmers are around 90/30 to 120/50 in weapons and 80/10 and 100/20 in dodges."
                          You say to CornBread, "Wolverines are -hard-."
                          CornBread says to Tale, "Guess I should check it out then."
                          You say to CornBread, "If they grapple you, you're a goner."
                          Tale says to you, "It's the adamantine skeleton."
                          CornBread says, "I haven't seen most things out in Rock Valley."
                          CornBread says, "Thought the dumps would be one of the easier places, and got my ass handed to me and took the caravan straight home."
                          You frown to Tale, "I've never been to Undertown yet."
                          Tale says to CornBread, "There are at least 4 characters that 'live' there and rarely come into Iridine. I get regular feedback from them, and use it to make it more livable still."
                          CornBread says, "Doesn't help that the Wiki shows Undertown as 5000+ ranks."
                          You say to CornBread, "Even with high strength that wolverine grapple is literally impossible to get out of. Unless it was changed."
                          CornBread nods to Tale.
                          Knowless says, "I went once with a character way below where I should have ever thought about it, with other people who were capable, I was the last to fall actually, but broken within seconds once I was turned on."
                          Tale says to CornBread, "The final boss? Hell yeah. But lvl 1? Pfft. 2 people with 80/40 would be a cakewalk."
                          CornBread says to Tale, "My main is 100/50 now... finally getting decent."
                          Tale says to CornBread, "Seriously. Try lvl 1."
                          CornBread nods to Tale.
                          CornBread asks Tale, "Can you add adjectives to the Cinerans who spawn in Franlius?"
                          Tale says to CornBread, "And if you find the spider, zerk out and wail with your most damaging move...or run away. It's squishu, but hits hard."
                          Justinian_augustus grins at CornBread.
                          Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses, "Yes!"
                          CornBread says to Tale, "So it isn't all "A Cineran recruit.""
                          Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Tale, "I should go back to Undertown come to think of it."
                          Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to TheDarknightX, "I haven't tried since the last time I was there with you long ago."
                          Tale says, "I'll put it on my list. That's like 14 creatures I'll need to edit the outfit scripts of."
                          Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Tale, "Thank you."
                          CornBread says to Tale, "It's super annoying not being able to see who is leaving an opening."
                          Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Tale, "It drives me crazy."
                          Justinian_augustus nods to CornBread.
                          CornBread says to Tale, "And it would be greatly appreciated."
                          Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "Definitely."
                          You say to Tale, "Come to think of it, that would be cool to add to gladiators too in the arena."
                          CornBread asks Tale, "Have people found your secrets in the new BHC yet?"
                          Tale says to CornBread, "Not all of them, no."
                          CornBread asks Tale, "Are there any on the first level?"
                          Tale says, "Yep."
                          CornBread says, "Feel like I searched every inch of that level..."
                          Tale says, "Second level has the best secrets though."
                          CornBread mumbles something.
                          CornBread asks Tale, "Out of everything you've done as a GM... what do you feel is your greatest contribution?"
                          Tale says, "Consider."
                          CornBread considers.
                          Knowless says to Tale, "Well, that's a good place to start."
                          Knowless chuckles.
                          Tale says, "Well, I built QH, RV, most of Franlius, two raid dungeons, etc...but I'd have to say the hunting/outdoor revamp/update."
                          Tale says, "*re-built RV."
                          CornBread nods.
                          CornBread says to Tale, "Well, good job. I appreciate your efforts."
                          Tale says, "I've gotten the most good feedback about that major overhaul."
                          CornBread says, "Even if I don't have any characters that are any good at Hunting/Outdoors. It seems neat."
                          Tale says, "It's niche, but most things are aside from combat."
                          Tale shrugs.
                          Tale says, "I also enjoyed that the most, I think."
                          CornBread nods to Tale.
                          Tale says, "Also built the sandbar and all those player-ownable domii."
                          Tale considers.
                          CornBread says to Tale, "I've only been playing again for a few months, so my noob Outdoor guy isn't any good yet."
                          Tale says, "And more shops than I can accurately count."
                          Tale snorts.
                          CornBread asks Tale, "What is your current major project? Finishing up Seld stuff?"
                          Tale nods to CornBread.
                          Knowless asks Tale, "Then could you? Make a hut/domus block in the west part of stromheim?"
                          Knowless says to Tale, "For people who don't want to live in the city."
                          Tale says to CornBread, "Only a few things left. Basically all the stuff I needed to farm pieces out to other staff that have more experience with that specific area of expertise, and the two or three things I CAN do, it's just tedious and I've put it off til last."
                          Knowless says to Tale, "But would like something besides a leanto."
                          CornBread nods to Tale.
                          Tale grins to Knowless, "Not really. The Nehal have no bank. How would you pay taxes?"
                          Knowless asks Tale, "Make a bank?"
                          Tale snorts.
                          Knowless says to Tale, "Bank of sorts."
                          Knowless says to Tale, "Takes tokens."
                          CornBread asks, "Are there player owned homes in RV itself, or just the inns?"
                          Knowless nods.
                          Knowless says to CornBread, "Just inns."


                          • #14
                            Tale says, "YOU convince the axe-wielding barbarians that barely tolerate 'outsiders' without a lot of effort on their part that they should build a banking system to accomidate their desires to remain within their village....indefinitely."
                            Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to Tale, "Get someone on patricians and politics!"
                            Knowless says to Tale, "Have people pay via some service to the village via fish or some other resource."
                            CornBread says to Justinian_augustus, "I want to see new Consuls. Maybe a major event arc with the senate fighting to overthrow these corrupt dictators who have been in office for 90 years."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "Some characters are created as Nehal."
                            a Bearded barbarian grumbles to you in Blackroot, "Welcome to the Stromheim Token Vault."
                            Tale snickers.
                            Knowless says to Tale, "You'd think they'd have a way to have aplace to live. We're not all city people."
                            Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "I just want to have active politics and have a position again. I don't really have much of a reason to log Celeres in."
                            Justinian_augustus ethnic cleanses to CornBread, "But I agree, that would be a /great/ way to kick start politics again."
                            CornBread nods to Justinian_augustus.
                            Knowless says, "Flip Iridine on it's head, have the cineran invasion happen for real and take over."
                            Tale says to Knowless, "Just because someone says "I'm a barbarian from that tribe" does not magically create mechanics to support their claim. The ones I know of play it off as half-tribe, outcasts, and hermits that stay outside the village, etc."
                            Knowless asks Tale, "They're no less a part of it than someone else is from Monlon. In this game we are what we want to be for the most part aren't we?"
                            Tale grins, "You're supposed to use what's available to enhance your story. Not build a story and expect/hope it's mechanically supported in the future."
                            CornBread asks Tale, "Did you build more wilderness around Seld, or is it just the town?"
                            Knowless says to Tale, "I'm just looking for other options than everyone living in the same housing block."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "I'm fine rping as I have been, but that doesn't mean I don't wish for somethign more and reach out to ask that it become an option."
                            Tale says to CornBread, "Just the bit connecting the town to already accesable wilderness. Aka, the edge of the existing map. And Dog Hill to house the new BHC."
                            CornBread nods to Tale.
                            Tale says to Knowless, "Understandable. Though I believe the policy is 'we'll revisit future domus locations if/whjen the currently built ones in the sandbar are all purchased'."
                            Galaxiusmaximus wakes up.
                            CornBread says to Knowless, "I do think it's silly that all the new player owned housing is in the same area of the sandbar. I would like to see a variety of options... Sandbar, Quartz Heights, Riverside, Harbor, Steps, Vetallun, Blackvine, Rock Valley, Seld."
                            Knowless nods to CornBread.
                            Tale says to CornBread, "That would really REALLY backfire."
                            CornBread asks Tale, "Why?"
                            Tale says to CornBread, "Because the people who shelled out real money for a domus already that would have liked one in some other area would be irate."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "I mean, I like tht the option is there but seems a little limited."
                            Galaxiusmaximus says, "What are kudo points."
                            Tale says to CornBread, "So I imagine future locations will be made IG-purchasable only and not via storypoints."
                            CornBread says to Tale, "Let them sell it back and move."
                            CornBread shrugs.
                            Knowless says to CornBread, "Exactly."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "Nothing is stopping them."
                            Galaxiusmaximus says to a flower in a cloak crafted from aralex hide, with a complete head of one as a hood, "Oh."
                            Tale says to Galaxiusmaximus, "Using the @kudos command, you can give another player a 'kudos', basically saying you like their RP, which grants them 5rps and counts toward Roleplayer Of The Month."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "You get what you buy, they knew what they were getting."
                            Galaxiusmaximus says, "Ahh."
                            CornBread says to Tale, "Owning a domus would be great. But I don't particularly want one in the sandbar."
                            Galaxiusmaximus says, "Nice."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "If they want something past that point, buy another one."
                            Galaxiusmaximus says, "Cool I got some."
                            Galaxiusmaximus says, "See ya."
                            CornBread waves to Galaxiusmaximus.
                            Tale says to Knowless, "Dude...I've had more backlash than I can accurately recount for updates to things that 'screwed' someone who used 'the old method/system/way'. The irrate hatemail I get from it makes me never want to log back in."
                            Galaxiusmaximus leaves The Eternal City.
                            Tale says to Knowless, "I try to focus on building things that people aren't going to bite my head off over."
                            Tale grins.
                            Knowless shakes her head.
                            CornBread says to Tale, "I'd be accommodating and let them swap them out. Shouldn't be that big of a deal if you're working off a template."
                            Knowless gestures at CornBread.
                            Tale says, "And if I don't -wan't- or -like- what I'm building, or have no interest in it? Takes me far far longer than something I'm passionate about."
                            Knowless says to Tale, "There, solution."
                            Tale says to CornBread, "I make time for what I'm passionate about. I begrudgingly trudge along for things I don't care about."
                            CornBread nods to Tale.
                            CornBread says to Tale, "Certainly understandable."
                            CornBread says to Tale, "No one wants to work on things that don't interest them."
                            Tale says to CornBread, "Convince the rest of the players."
                            Tale snickers.
                            CornBread asks Tale, "How many homes have been bought with StoryPoints?"
                            Tale shrugs.
                            Tale says, "There are 7 left right now."
                            Knowless asks Tale, "What about the ones on the north side of the street? Are those not ever to be sold?"
                            Tale says, "Think there were...93 originally? But we commendeered a few for event NPCs and such."
                            Tale says, "A few were given away for Roleplayer of the Year and such as well, I think."
                            CornBread nods.
                            CornBread ponders.
                            Tale says, "Seld was originally a pet project of mine. It was just the BBI, and a few side streets in a village pattern. No other buildings, no prose."
                            CornBread whispers something to Tale.
                            Tale says, "So I started fixing up the Inn as I'd imagined it. Added some buildings. Some prose. Made it pretty. Used it as my second office."
                            Tale grins at CornBread.
                            CornBread smiles.
                            Tale says, "I hadn't intended to finish it, let alone be on a deadline to do so, when I started. Was just a fun place I had mostly to myself."
                            Tale sighs wistfully.
                            CornBread says to Tale, "You're supposed to share."
                            Tale says, "QH was the same way."
                            CornBread folds its arms.
                            Tale says, "Eventually, I'll be left with Jackel's point. Somewhere far enough no one will ever expect me to make it accessable."
                            Tale shifts his eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                            CornBread says to Tale, "Could be a fun office."
                            Tale nods.
                            Tale says to CornBread, "Populate it with Fem-Bots."
                            CornBread chuckles.
                            Tale says to a dilapidated fem-bot, "Report."
                            A dilapidated fem-bot twitches jerkily and robotically vocalizes, "All s..s..ys..s..tems..s.. are optimal, Mas..s..ter! Or the oppos..s..ite of that."
                            The lights radiating out from a dilapidated fem-bot flicker several times as if it were about to power down suddenly.
                            Tale sighs.
                            Tale says, "God damnit."
                            CornBread chuckles.
                            Tale asks a dilapidated fem-bot, "Diagnostics?"
                            A flower in a cloak crafted from aralex hide, with a complete head of one as a hood snickers.
                            A dilapidated fem-bot twitches jerkily and robotically vocalizes, "R.r.epair.r.s ar.r.e uunder.r.way, Master.r.!"
                            CornBread asks Tale, "How do you foresee these new SG-Lites working with the GMs? Will they be doing your bidding? Will you be assisting them with your GM powers?"
                            Tale says, " the fem-bots need some work after the rebellion. That really took it's toll."
                            Tale mutters to himself.
                            CornBread chuckles.
                            Tale says to CornBread, "I suggested the name 'Story Minions'. Let them lead/tell/assist in stories, by providing them what they need to do so and turning them loose to work from within, so to speak."
                            CornBread says, "I've always liked the term minions."
                            Tale says, "Basically a pre-made GMNPC...but semi-permenant. They keep playing/interacting/storytelling for as long as it takes to push their assigned storyline/plot/event arc, etc."
                            Tale says, "The reccuring 'important' or 'key figure' GMNPCs have always gotten the best feedback."
                            CornBread nods.
                            Tale says, "So...SG-Lite. Or IGSGs."
                            Tale says, "Instead of hovering up in GM land with us, they're on the ground, in the muck, makind things happen player-side."
                            Tale says, "At least...that is my understnading of it."
                            CornBread says to Tale, "It will be interesting to see how it works out."
                            Tale says, "Also, it's easier/cleaner to kill off an NPC if/when neccesary than it is to leave an arc unfinished with a 'sorry, the guy running it hasn't logged in in four months, so we don't know'."
                            Knowless asks Tale, "But they'll just be characters basically with no or limited powers?"
                            Tale says to Knowless, "Essentially, but with an outline/goal/mission to further a plot/storyline/arc. Set things in motion, get word on the street via interaction, set up connections, network, breathe life into the story, etc, etc."
                            TECForever speaks to Tale, "There was a group of us trying to put something like that together but people were either busy with summer or they had no empty char slots. It was also a smaller group of people. It's good to know there's something in the works for this kind of thing, to keep it interesting in the game and also help GM/SG out for "
                            TECForever speaks, "Events."
                            Tale says to TECForever, "Yeah, I believe the SG-Lites will be given a character slot specifically for their current avatar."
                            Tale says, "Don't quote me on that, but that is my understanding -at present-."
                            TECForever speaks to Tale, "Have those people been selected yet? Is there a way to apply for something like that?"
                            CornBread nods.


                            • #15
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "Understandable, it's all in the air until it's decided and set."
                              Tale says, "@staff-app is always open. Otherwise, I think Siddhe either announced an application process, or will do so soon."
                              CornBread says, "She mentioned earlier that the first few have been contacted, but that she intends on adding more, I think."
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "So you have to give info like your address in order to be SGlite? Not opposed, just curious."
                              Tale says, "Have to make plot/story outlines before we start gathering people to fill the needed roles."
                              Tale says to TECForever, "Not sure. Though from past experience, not trusting us with the info means we can't trust you with EVERYONE's info, and therefore bars you from GMing."
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "Of course, that's a definite."
                              ----------------------------- CornBread (@paste) -----------------------------
                              Siddhe says, "First round of SG Lite has kicked off. We've reached out to a few folks, who have all indicated interest."
                              Siddhe says, "This was just round one. Round two will hopefully come around soon. We want to get these folks outfitted and released into the world."
                              ---------------------------------- + Finis + ----------------------------------
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "I just didn't know it would be a requirement too for SGlite."
                              TECForever speaks to CornBread, "I wasn't around for all of the meeting, so may have missed that. Thank you."
                              CornBread nods to TECForever.
                              Tale says to TECForever, "We've had people flat out refuse to give basic info like their name and phone numbers...but expected to somehow be a GM, trusted with the code base, player info, OUR names, addresses, phone numbers, etc."
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "I'm not opposed to the requirement, just was asking."
                              Tale nods.
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "That's an unreasonable expectation for someone wanting to become staff."
                              Tale says to TECForever, "That's been our view as well. Any one of us could effectively kill this game via melicious code, literally any time we wanted."
                              TECForever whispers something to Tale.
                              Tale says, "You don't give nukes to someone who won't give you their name and number."
                              TECForever chuckles.
                              Tale chuckles.
                              Tale whispers something to TECForever.
                              TECForever whispers something to Tale.
                              Tale shrugs.
                              A flower in a cloak crafted from aralex hide, with a complete head of one as a hood snickers.
                              TECForever whispers something to Tale.
                              Tale whispers something to TECForever.
                              TECForever whispers something to Tale.
                              CornBread says, "Now I feel so left out with all your whispering."
                              CornBread pouts.
                              TECForever whispers something to CornBread.
                              Tale whispers something to TECForever.
                              CornBread whispers something to TECForever.
                              Tale whispers something to CornBread.
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "How many?"
                              Tale whispers something to CornBread.
                              CornBread whispers something to Tale.
                              CornBread chuckles.
                              TECForever whispers something to CornBread.
                              Tale says to TECForever, "Three freshly minted Pugs. One male, and two female. All black."
                              TECForever whispers something to CornBread.
                              CornBread says to TECForever, "Aww, you're going to make me blush."
                              TECForever grins at CornBread.
                              Tale says to TECForever, "Mother is a cream coat from Romania. Father is a black from Germany."
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "You should get a family portrait done before you give them away."
                              CornBread says, "And tip that poor photographer very well."
                              Tale says to TECForever, "I've got two months or so before that topic comes up."
                              TECForever grins.
                              TECForever speaks to Tale, "Perfect. Just in time for holiday cards. Thanksgiving, and the like."
                              Tale says, "I'll just be glad when they're big enough not to get their heads stuck in the kennel, and won't die from being sat on by their inexperienced and overbearing mother."
                              CornBread says, "I said the same thing about my daughter..."
                              CornBread shifts its eyes back and forth suspiciously.
                              Tale says, "She's in full-on strung-out half-panic micro-managing mode, trying to be a good mom. But so attentive they're not getting much rest."
                              TECForever speaks, "I saw a viral video recently of this cat that lost all her kittens. She was taken to the shelter and a kitten that lost their own mom was put with the cat. The cat literally started to cry."
                              TECForever speaks, "The animal mom mode is strong in nature."
                              Tale says to TECForever, "Don't make me cry at 3:30am, man. Not cool."
                              Tale chuckles.
                              Tale says, "Speaking of 3:30am, my wife said she cooked dinner. I should go get some of that real quick. BRB. Y'all come up with some questions for me if you like."
                              [Tale steps afk (Kitchen run)]