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Forums links on website broken

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  • Forums links on website broken

    The forum link, on the website for the eternal city, and even on skotos home, is broken, and doesn't let me access the forums, had to use an old bookmark, and take out show topic part to get here to post this.

    Edit: Can also reach it by right clicking and open in new tab. Does not open at all by left clicking, gives me a blank.

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    Yep, that's one of the last problems I'm aware of following a a rather large series of upgrades. (For some reason, the upgrade of vBulletin doesn't like opening in a Frame.) I'm fixing that now.

    If anyone is aware of anything else on the Skotos site that's not working like it used to, please mail me directly at Please include the precise URL and what you're seeing.


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      Thanks for the response and letting me know it's being fixed.


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        Still acting buggy, sometimes they work sometimes they don't carry on on wayward fish
        "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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          I got here by googling the forums and taking their direct link. Firefox still hates the link from the website. I've only managed to get the sidebar link to work once.


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            With Google Chrome you also need to right click + open link in new tab.


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              Framed web pages (which is how the main site is laid out) have a bad tendency to cache without refreshing. If a page's forum link isn't working, it's probably because you've got a cached navbar frame. If you hold the shift key when hitting the reload button, that'll typically clear the cache. I haven't seen any problems on my Google Chrome since reloading.

              (If you're seeing consistent failures, please let me know the precise browser and OS so that I can check it out.)


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                That just did it for me, Shannon. My Chrome browser is working perfectly fine now. Thanks!


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                  the sidebar forum link works after doing the shift refresh, but the main page forum link still gives a blank frame. Google Chrome Windows 10 64 bit, home.

                  however, the sidebar does get rid of the sidebar to work.