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  • Preserving the past and present for the future

    A rumor is circulating around:
    Workers are griping about construction projects being held due to "bureaucracy."

    A rumor is circulating around:
    You hear a passing worker mention the increased demand for shovels near Vetallun.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    Foot traffic has increased near the Black Hand Caverns.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    Vetallun villagers are worried about increased bandit raids east of their town.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    You overhear a Legionary complaining about the limited access to Seld.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    The riverside town of Seld has closed its gates and docks due to increased bandit activity.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    The riverside town of Seld has closed its gates and docks due to increased bandit activity.

    Rumors abound about the trouble brewing within the Black Hand Caverns. Strong fighters are invited to join an expedition to investigate. Those interested should gather at the Vetallun Crossroads.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    Tin ore is flooding the market, its source unknown.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    The former Black Hand Cavern was discovered to hold tin ore and a few gems within it's walls and miners are talking about the new opportunities there now that the notorious bandits have been chased off.

    A rumor is circulating around:
    The area known as The Black Hand Cavern was recently cleared out by a group of intrepid residents of Iridine. They discovered the notorious group of bandits had been in the process of leaving, however - some are believed to be setting up a new base of operations in parts as-yet unknown.
    [Event] Black Hand Commotion (Sun. June 2, 2019)
    05-29-2019, 09:42 PM
    9:00pm - Black Hand Commotion

    [Event] Building the Road to Seld (Sun. June 9, 2019)
    06-10-2019, 08:47 PM

    9:00pm - Building the Road to Seld Residents of the Republic are welcome to join Eagle Century at hauling gravel for the Road to Seld. Supplies will be provided. During rest periods, Legion trainers will freely offer lessons in shields and combat maneuvers to at least the level of grand-master. SPQI!

    [Event] So Close You Can Almost See Gates (Fri. Aug 16, 2019)
    08-14-2019, 06:11 PM
    9:00pm - So Close You Can Almost See Gates

    [Event] Caught Black-Handed (Tues. Aug 20, 2019)
    08-18-2019, 03:24 AM
    9:30pm - Caught Black-Handed

    Youth and desperation can be a near-fatal mix. When one such youth gets into trouble, he may seek refuge with dangerous new "friends." Those interested in facing extreme danger to assist him should meet near the Black Hand mines.

    [Event] Blood, Sweat, and Cobblestones
    10-01-2019, 09:55 AM
    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2019

    7:00pm - Blood, Sweat, and Cobblestones
    With the completion of the road to Seld, the legion has begun routing the Black Hand bandits harassing the village of Seld. Only a few stray camps remain to stand before the re-opening of the village's gates. Rumors say that road builders, legion members, and other Iridine residents have had enough of this blatant banditry and plan to meet at the start of the Seld Road to push one last time in order to end this siege for the villagers.

    [Meet at the road intersection that begins the Seld Road - this will be somewhat dangerous. Following the conclusion of this event, Seld will be accessible to all!]

    The race is on, and completion of Seld Road nears. With the road around 85% done, we draw closer to the gates with each passing day. There are those that wish to stop us, but we shall not be deterred. Meet with Road Foreman Kyna at the Crossroads of Vetallun for another massive push with sand, gravel, and cobblestones.

    - As the road to Seld began, the Black Hand Bandits fled what was known as the Black Hand Caverns (BHC). No one knew where they had fled...until now! The new Black Hand Complex (BHC) area is now open for business (that business being murdering bandits and making profit...and business is good!) IG. Ask around in-game for directions, details, and tips for the new area!

    And yes, there are still as-yet undiscovered secrets, features, and mysteries still undiscovered. Will you be the first to find them? Will you share those secrets? Only time will tell...
    Before I begin, let me just say this is not meant to be an attack. This is a concerned player reaching out for some help.

    Above is everything I could find written down across the forums, rumors, and event posts on record of the events surrounding the road to Seld. What drove me to look this up was a blurb someone mentioned on the wagon from Seld to Franlius:

    you hear the wagoners discussing someone named morphius and how they helped break the bandit seige of Seld by helping construct the road so the Legion could properly do their jobs.
    What struck me about this quote was, despite having taken part in many of the events, and having personally dug a sizable number of the resources used on the road.. I had no idea that's actually what had been taking place. I have been under the impression for months there really wasn't a reason to be building the road outside of giving the playerbase a project to work on. I've thought the entire time the BHC bandits were a convenient foe, because their hunting ground happened to be in the way. Looking back into my memory, I'm not really sure how I managed to miss so many details that others have assured me were conveyed.

    But that's where I actually came across the problem of finding out what I missed. Above is all that exists of these events, outside of the minds of the characters fortunate enough to be front seat at the events. I can't help but think how tragic that is, if I were a new player wanting to find out about the history of the game and what players actually get involved in, this is all I would have to reference for one of the biggest game developments in recent history. Equally tragic was that without that context, these events that a lot of hard work and effort went into, didn't mean as much to me because I wasn't in on the game. Worse, I wasn't even aware I wasn't.

    I can't speak for everyone, but my personally experience without this context amounts to a lot of questions that end up spoiling my own immersion. Without knowing there's enough bandits to mount a siege against a city, I'm left wondering why BHC bandits are ever a threat for the republic. Without knowing legion movements to respond to the siege are halted because the road is too treacherous, I'm left wondering why the republics legio fort a mile down the road doesn't just march over and put an end to it. Without knowing the prior two points, what I'm left with is the appearance that 40 people live in the entire country and make all the difference in meaningless clashes. I'm left thinking that these details aren't considered, or discarded, or ignored. What genuinely sucks, is I KNOW that isn't the case. I know the GM's care. And I hate for great story and hard work to get lost in the fray.

    I want to bring this to peoples attention, because I think we're actively losing one of the biggest draws our niche genre has at its disposal by not adequately documenting this sort of content. You might ask, why don't I just do this myself? Well, clearly I don't have the recollection of events to do so, and frankly I'd question if any one person did. That being said, I'd be happy to if I did. You might suggest, hey Rupert if you want to know just go talk to people IG. Point taken.. but what happens when those people are gone? How many people is it reasonable for someone to have to track down to get a full story?

    I'd like to make a request. I'm pretty sure GM's write outlines for these events for their own reference. Would it be possible to have a redacted version of these outlines published for the public? Or failing that, maybe collected notes to write summaries from?. If Outlines aren't currently being written, are they something we can work towards? To be clear, I'm not talking about super secret plot points. But, I also want us to recognize there are frequently times in public mainstream storylines where clues and details are flat out missed. If you guys could provide us with the pieces, myself and I'm sure many others would be happy to put together the puzzle for future generations to enjoy.

    Thanks for reading.
    Originally posted by MrSelfDestruct
    I thought it was just a rumor that it was all number-crunching and competitive training in a game with no logical endpoint since characters are ostensibly immortal and can always get better.

    You mean it's true?
    Originally posted by Phwoar
    Maybe I'm just becoming some tea-sipping hippy, or maybe I'm sour because my main uses cesti, but, why sacrifice a character idea for the sake of some hypothetical edge in some imagined combat situation in the distant future?
    Originally posted by Elowynn
    Rupert is like the Snowden champion of TEC.

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    I agree with points in this thread. It feels extremely disconnected. Being the only PC Legio, I can say we had very little idea of what was happening as to Seld issues, whether or not we were participating, and that felt weird. It also felt like whether we participated or not didn't matter, because the outcomes would be the same.

    I think perhaps a shortened effort version of this would be to preserve Event postings - not as individual posts in the forum, but in a "past events" page. Would that be possible on the News page? Such a page would be much more scrollable and searchable for someone trying to get an idea of what's happened in the game. Perhaps IG rumors could also be added, with a time delay - 1 IRL month or so.



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      I love the rumors at the bars/inn makes the game world
      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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        Originally posted by Elowynn View Post
        Being the only PC Legio,
        You are not the only PC Legio, nor were you the only PC Legio that worked on the road. Might want to be careful with word choices, lest the rest of the army take offense.


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          Originally posted by ArchMagi View Post

          You are not the only PC Legio, nor were you the only PC Legio that worked on the road. Might want to be careful with word choices, lest the rest of the army take offense.
          What she said was pretty clear. There is only one PC Century hence the "Being the only PC Legio, I can say -we- had..." is perfectly valid. She isn't the only PC Legionary nor did she claim she was. The only Century that PCs can join is called the "Eagle Century" and there used to be two squads. Lion and Wolf squads. It's possible that they no longer have two squads, however.

          This is a dumb thing to try to argue over.

          As for the rest of the thread, I definitely agree with the original post in that some of the links in the stories have been missing or that there are some definite plot holes that raise a lot of questions. I've been thinking a lot about it and I'm going to write a story of the events from an IC viewpoint that will hopefully clear out some of those and Tale can decide if he likes it or not. It can definitely be written into a cohesive story, it's just that there are a lot of missing links right now.


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            I cloned the PC legion.
            "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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              Awesome! A lot of that is news to me so thanks.


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                Yeah, news to me, too...

                As much as I love Ghuan’s effort in putting together that write up, so much of it is pulled from thin air in a way that just doesn’t mesh with what actually happened. I think unfortunately this write up illustrates the problem of someone else writing up a GM’s storyline - it’s gonna be wrong.

                G, I loved your write ups from an IG individual person’s perspective - doing it from a journalists’ perspective gives avenues for role play better, segues the info ig for other characters to learn, and leaves room for error (aka, this journalist doesn’t have all the facts, so if there is an error, it’s an understandable human one.)

                We talked privately about how the road rumors raised more questions than answered, and I think your write up does that too. I hope you don’t take my feedback as discouragement. I would love for your journalist character to write up their interpretations IG, so that all character can have access to that info in the game. More of that please! And I’d love for there to be better mechanics to support IG newsletters. (Past suggestions have been: purple rumors only show up in major inns. And major inns get message-office-style bulletin boards you can pay to post things for x time in.)


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                  I've decided to remove my previous write-ups as it seems it created more confusion than anything. As I had said initially, I had taken a lot of liberties with it and based it on the rumors and other story elements that were present IG. It was more of a "Let's try to write out the story" experiment than anything else and wasn't meant to be taken as a factual story. I wanted people to chime in and hopefully present a brand new draft with corrections to Tale to see if it lined up with what he envisioned it to be and what we went through together as players in the game.


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                    I think it’s a noble effort. The thing to consider is that what you were writing was based on what you knew which is the best we can ever really do. Facts, motivations and details might be wrong but that’s the way histories are written. It’s a messy process from this side of the curtain but I enjoyed reading it and hope that you continue.

                    What would be nice is if the GMs were willing to help flesh out the details and make this more accurate of a story. Losing these happenings in the game world is a real shame that is preventable. Whatever caveats you need to have to prevent abuse should be minimal. Anyone living in this City would know most events as common knowledge and a reasonable time after an event is should be released, unless it’s part of a bigger arc.