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Trait Revamp

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  • Trait Revamp

    I believe the trait revamp was teased potentially as a Thanksgiving 2019 release..then it pushed right and more right..and now it appears dead. The last update was in the March townhall where GM Senses said:

    You say to Senses, "I have to ask the inevitable question.. Do you have any updates about Traits/National Lores to share? I know a lot of folks over on Discord were eager to know more."
    Senses says to you, "The traits revamp is nearly complete. 26 new national lores and 12 new traits are done and ready to implement. The hang up has been integrating them into the chargen and new traits menu, which I was able to conquer last week."
    Senses says to you, "After the rest of the staff has a chance to review and polish, I want to head towards public release - and let you all try everything out and help iron out any bugs or balance issues along the way."
    Tonpo asks Senses, "Not to hijack the conversation, but you mentioned you handled the issue related to traits last week, does that mean we will see new traits within a few days?"
    Senses says to Tonpo, "Maybe not that soon, but I am closer than ever."
    Can we get an update? Did some issues pop up? I would wager if we voted for what people want most (from the 2020 outlook), the trait revamp would be #1.

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    This is #1 for me, followed by Org Revamp as #2


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      The trait revamp is essentially done and is pending approval for release. I can confirm that it is very much alive and well.


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        Originally posted by Pranzor View Post
        The trait revamp is essentially done and is pending approval for release. I can confirm that it is very much alive and well.
        Thank you for the follow up, Pranzor. Any news on progress and major milestones like this is much appreciated!
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          What does approval mean?

          I mean to say what does that look like and what's the process for it? I'm genuinely curious.


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            Based on the Quote from Senses, it sounds like it was in that exact approval state back in March. So it's a good question. It feels like there's so much in the pipeline just about to come out with big and great changes such as traits, new sub perk system, org revamps.... but week by week goes by..... and then it's 2021


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              According to GM's representations then when this was last discussed, the proposed traits revamp would be posted again for player input before going live, in addition to concrete values rather than descriptors such as "significant," and "bonus." I assume that's still the case.


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                Hey Siddhe,

                I would personally love some feedback here. I also expect what was mentioned in Elowynn's post. If I recall correctly you were the one who told us concrete values would be used. Is that still your plan?

                Regarding Illkilyn's observations I would also love some reply to that.

                Thank you so much!


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                  "Approval" basically means that no one on staff can object to it, complain about it, break it, exploit it, or foresee/fortell any issues. Thus indicating that it is as ready for roll-out as it can be.
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                    That's cool. Thanks for responding Tale! Any insights on any of the other stuff?


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                      Traits are now live.



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                        Thank you for the hard work, Pranzor, Senses, Siddhe, and everyone else who worked on the release.

                        I haven't had a chance to completely review, but some things stuck out to me that I wanted to mention early:

                        > Mobile Skirmisher Character receives a scaling bonus to dodging of up to +20, inversely proportional to the amount of weight carried.

                        This needs to be universal feature, not a trait. The point of inherent benefits to less armor is to encourage -all- characters to build multiple sets for different functions. Want to fight aralex? Put on some light armor to be agile on your feet; want to tank? - then uild an iron set, and so forth. Encouraging -all- characters to build multiple sets would inject the economy with spending options.

                        > Wrestler: Character does not receive combat penalties for being in a position other than standing. Value: 2

                        This looks OP, and not balanced. This looks like a "anti-knockdown/anti-staves" trait that is now nearly a "must have."

                        Nevertheless, I am happy to see a lot of work undoubtedly work into this project and has finally come to fruition. Thank you, TEC staff.


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                          I'm sorry, I still can't get over how weird Wrestler is. Dodges/blocks don't work while laying down, aside Rolling Dodge (and some kneeling blocks for certain weapons.) So is there now no penalty for a Wrestler to use Rolling Dodge? -- To what effect exactly? Can someone help me out here to figure out what exactly Wrestler does?


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                            > Light Sleeper: Character will attempt to stand up instinctively when something enters the room, and with no roundtime. Reduced fatigue recovery benefits for sitting or lying down.

                            This is weird now. It was reduced RT to standing before, which was only 1 second faster than Brise. At least the previous iteration of it made sense - the current iteration is really weird, like, er, what if folks are laying down to relax?

                            I am imaging a lot of awkwardness and trolling here. What was wrong with making it a decreased RT to stand like it was before?


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                              Character does not receive combat penalties for being in a position other than standing. Value: 2

                              This could mean your stats just do not go down while laying down. testing must be done.

                              Heck this could mean crits while laying down work differently now. I dunno. Testing must be done and Lord knows I'll spend some time doing many of the more interesting ones.



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