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The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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Trait Revamp

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    Excellent Siddhe thank you!


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      Originally posted by Siddhe View Post
      I am working on more. I was going to wait and just post them all at the end, but I hope this will keep people from discovering the changes themselves and feeling like they weren't properly informed.
      Are there any intentions of:

      1) Adding messages of what was fixed when bug reports are being replied to? I keep receiving bug tickets with no information on whether the bug was fixed or not, what was fixed and if something was changed, what was it changed to? These blank bug ticket reports that I receive are infuriating because I have to re-test things multiple times since no notes are being left. This has been happening for over a year now.

      2) Posting in the minor changes/bug fixes threads the things that are being fixed? It's really hard to try to keep up with a lot of the things that are being done and leads not only on time wasted for testing things multiple times, but it also creates this veil of confusion and erroneous information is circulating because of this practice.

      If the issue is still that a GM doesn't have access to the forums, there are three others that do and could post the information. There is also someone who handles the Facebook page who would probably be happy to help with these things if he was given the information and the ability to post in that forum. And on top of that, if all of this isn't viable, there is also the *news forums IG, but that forum is being spammed to hell with events and what not, so I would recommend creating a brand new *game_updates forums that can be accessed in the WA.

      The GMs working on traits are doing a good job working out the kinks, but the level of communication so far has been disastrous surrounding the entire trait revamp. Traits were discussed in the WA on multiple occasions between staff and players from what I've been hearing. The information handed out during these conversations should have been posted for all to enjoy out here to make informed decisions regarding the traits.

      And I have another question for you, Siddhe:

      Now understanding that some of the traits' descriptions were poorly phrased and lacked critical information, that some of the traits have been changed significantly since the original release without any posted fixes and that some players have not been able to read valued information that was not posted for all to see, should the players have the ability to re-trait once more once the kinks have all been figured out? You don't even have to say yes or no right now, just saying that it is being taken into consideration would greatly appease quite a few of the players who have already made use of the trait revamp.

      Thank you for reading!


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        You know... most people test things on alts, not on mains... Not sure what the big problem is... Did you all forget to make an alternative character to test things with, and put things directly on your main character, and now, because you thought something sounded neat, you want to undo it, since you made the mistake of doing it to your main?
        Silly attitude to have, when you could have easily just done all this free testing on an alt... Nobody's paying you to test, you're not quality assurance... use an alt. No reverts!


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          A lot of people did test on alts and then made selections on their main(like me)...significant changes were made afterwards as the GM's fine tune for balance (Eg. Malevolent Shadows was one thing on Friday and Saturday...and a whole other thing on Sunday). BUMP to GHUAN's post. Siddhe please answer Ghuan's last paragraph!


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            1. Does increased metabolism stack with mountain lungs?

            2. Does finesse stack with blade mastery?

            3. Superstitious fears, can you be contacted with a cadae? Instead of being the one to focus on it?

            4. Intense nightmares, what kind of magic is used in game? I know acolytes have stones but what can a regular player use or used against them?


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              for 3, yep, though good luck being able to get one in the first place
              for 4, there's a lot of magic that is hidden from people, such as heretic magic. Plus gms have access to spells for events and stuff, that the players will never have access to, so you'd be more susceptible to that stuff, and probably die faster, but it's such a minor concern...


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                Worldly Knowledge Character receives a +10% bonus to perception and a bonus to learning new languages. Mutually exclusive with Provincial Attitude. Value: 2

                Disciplined Mind Character receives a +5 bonus to hit. Value: 2
                Hey folks,

                I wonder if there's a difference in how the bonus from Disciplined Mind is written into the to hit equation versus a straight stat increase that provides to hit. For example, at 200 perception, Worldly Knowledge would provide a +5 to hit.

                For reference Perception increases to hit at a 4:1 ratio. At 200 perception a +10% increase would be an extra 20 in the perception stat. 20/4 = +5 to hit.

                At max stats it seems like Worldly Knowledge is the superior option for the +2 trait choice as perception is useful elsewhere in the game.

                I would love to get some clarification.

                Thank you!
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                  There's 2 parts to it; 1)Yeah, if you're stat skilled for perception, Disciplined mind gives a larger bonus. Where as if you're max perception, Worldly knowledge is better with the added language learning. 2) Perception affects nearly ALL rolls, including thieving, sneaking, dodging that stalagtite in a tunnel, etc. Disciplined Mind will only affect your to hit for attacks since it's not a perception increase.


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                    Thanks Ilkilyn,

                    I know I'm just repeating our conversation from the Discord here but allow me to repeat for the GM's benefit.

                    I'm particularly interested in how the traits fit in the calculation and whether or not any other modifiers alter them.

                    Some examples:
                    Does the boost to perception get affected by a percentage modifier where the straight +5 from DM does not?
                    Will lighting affect one but not the other?
                    Is there a situation where DM will outshine max perception WK in combat?

                    I'd love to know. From where I sit WK seems like a great trait, nearly 3, at max perception. That's not to mention archery or non-combat attribute checks.


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                      Hope maybe we can get some clarification?

                      Hand of Fate: Both you and your opponents have an additional chance to score critical hits.

                      Finesse: Character receives a +10% bonus to dexterity, improved critical hits, and a -10% penalty to strength. Mutually exclusive with Shaky Hands.

                      If I read these correctly, Hand of Fate is quantity and Finesse is quality?

                      Are they hard numbers for crit chance, enemy crit chance, and crit quality? Or is it dependent on other facts such as basics, sub skills, or stats?


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                        As far as I can tell, hand of fate is upping your crit rate, from (EXAMPLE) 5% to 10%
                        Finesse is upping your crit table, from (EXAMPLE) 5% more damage to 10% more damage, while keeping your crit rate the same
                        so, hand of fate you'd score more critical hits, but they could all be crit fails
                        finesse you score the same amount of critical hits, but they would all be slightly better than someone who doesn't have finesse.
                        so, you could cause a stun, where someone else would just do a hp more of damage, or so on....


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                          Thanks Siddhe and the rest of the team for the clarification on traits today and some of the issues encountered and resolved. Also appreciated is the decreased pricing on re-traits coming up, and the RP bonus, I am sure.
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                            Originally posted by Trisidius View Post
                            Thanks Siddhe and the rest of the team for the clarification on traits today and some of the issues encountered and resolved. Also appreciated is the decreased pricing on re-traits coming up, and the RP bonus, I am sure.
                            I still find it as a slap in the face really that the playerbase had to test what was advertised as 'tested and balanced at release' and still be charged for a retrait
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                            Originally Posted by urek23
                            Rules only apply to specific people, something everyone that plays will learn very shortly after they start.


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                              Boohoo it happens in every game. Get over it.


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                                For everyone who is upset about changes being made after you select your traits, i'd just suggest waiting. I am waiting to retrait if I choose to do so at all for a few months to let it all play out.



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