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  • Blackening
    Wow. Either something subconscious, or very much coincidence. Heh. Nice. Didn't even notice that, Jolee.

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  • Jolee

    Hair: Farrah

    *edits* By the way, nice job.

    Roadstrom, is that sarcasm I hear?

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  • Blackening
    The words were added to The Underground. Link's near the bottom on the sidebar.

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  • Blackening
    Nah. Based mostly upon the existing words, maybe a word or twelve formed from other languages, a touch of Latin and Germanic, but generally just my imagination.

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  • Ailell
    Egads Blackening, champ! I have to study for work enough as it is. Go pick on Gadaenes! They should be tormented for choosing a race that has the words raucous, unmanageable and undisciplined in the nation summary.

    By the way, I hope you didn't think I was discounting your work. It is a very impressive list you have there. Is it based structurally around any specific language?

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  • Blackening
    Originally posted by Ailell
    Thank God I don't play an Altene. 8)
    Next project: Sostaeran etiquette.

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  • roadstrom
    Re: Altene words 101

    Originally posted by GMJenn
    Alright alright. Here for your edification are Blackening's words, with a few minor alterations. Feel free to discuss, but I like em.
    Thank you! This will make a big difference to the gameworld!

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  • Ailell
    Thank God I don't play an Altene. 8)

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  • Blackening
    I'll have em all posted on The Underground soonish. In an easier-to-understand table.

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  • Blackening
    Jenn is my hero. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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  • GMJenn
    Altene words 101

    Alright alright. Here for your edification are Blackening's words, with a few minor alterations. Feel free to discuss, but I like em.

    A: Feminine, female
    Ai: State of being
    Ano: Awakening, rising
    Ar: Beginnings, ends
    As: Acknowledgment
    Av: Sight, seeing
    Ay: Sense, perceive
    Csi: Combat, weapons, battle
    Dan, Da: Fighting, combat
    Dir: Question
    Ero: Want, need.
    Es: State of being
    Fel: empty
    Gar: Creature, thing
    Gha: cursed, evil
    K': Bad, unwanted, shunned
    Ka: Locked in, silent, secretive.
    Kar: Soft, supple, malleable
    Ken: Perceived
    Kvor: Dark, malign, negative
    Lei: Area, locale
    M', ma: Me, mine
    Na, n': No, not, negative
    Pe: Bruise, smash, crush
    Q': consume, envelope
    Ra: Power, controle. When added at the end of a title, can also signify
    feminine (tai'[ra] - aunt)
    Ran: Leading, commanding
    Re: grim, ironic
    Rei: Fear, weakness
    S: Thing, object
    Sa: Wound
    Sar: object
    Shi: Weapon (usually bladed)
    Sif: Protect, shield
    Ta: Protecting, covering
    Tai: Family word (cousin, aunt/uncle, etc)
    Tel: State of being: Of
    Ter: Worth, value
    Ther: Light, shining, bright
    Ti: Opening
    To: Wild, feral
    Y', ya: You, yours (command, as in "Y'akai--(You)Help me!"--the Altenes tend to use the Y' form alot in everyday conversation--bossy buggers.)
    Zen: State of being: Not of
    Zer: Acknowledging, possibility

    A Altene: Esh'Alterod, Anger: Kelve, Anguish: Khan (Es'Khan "I am in
    anguish"), Animal: To'gar, Archer: Trien'csi, Are: Tel, Armor: Ta's, Assassin:
    Csi'Karr (literally "Shadow fighter"), Attack: Dan'ra, Aunt: Tai'ra.

    B Battle: Danai, Battlemaster: Da'ran, Beautiful: Amalla, Bitter: Yech,
    Blessed: Erai, Blight: Ghass, Blind: N'aves, Blood: Sangarr, Blood bonded:
    Equo'trai Sangr'o, Bow (weapon): Trien, Brightness: Enerta, Bruise: Pe'sa.

    C Can: Zer, Cannot: Zer'na, Chaos: Dara, Child: Esh, Clean: Eran, Clothing:
    Kar'ta, Close: Kas, Cloud: Bora, Cold: Shar, Come: Apra, Control: Ra, Coward:
    Rei'na, Criminal: K'Kvor, Cut: Sa'shi.

    D Dagger: Shi, Damn: Kvorai, Darkness: Karr, Daughter: Esh'aya, Day:
    Ther'ano, Dead: Incar'ai, Deaf: Kash, Death: Inca's, Defend: Ra'sif,
    Demon/Devil: Ranir, Despair: Kellas, Devoid: Ney'fel, Dislike: N'ken, Do: Kel,
    Dog: Canor, Don't: Kel'na, Drink: Q'arl.

    E - Ears: Raen, Earth/Dirt: Jaas, Eat: Q'eln, Emotion: Tern, Enemy: Dar,
    Enough: Avar, Envy: Eroya, Evil: Mo'karr, Exile: Na'yesh, Eyes: Aven.

    F - Family: Niren, Fangstaff: Ashado, Father: Patro, Fear: Amar, Fiend:
    Darran, Fight: An'dar, Fire: Theran, Flow: Athal, Flower: J'halla, Food: Nen'e,
    Fool: Puuken, For: Par, Foreigner: Zen'erai, Fortress: Cs'fen, Foul: Roch.

    G - Gamble: Kein, Gate/door: Ti'sar, Gentle: Wannen, Go: Reh, Gold: Bohl,
    Good: Era, Great: Rhai'e, Greedy: K'nakarr, Gladiator: Kein'ai.

    H - Hades/Hell: Darai, Hair: Farrah, Hate: K'narr, Have: Evuth, Healer: Vaira,
    Health: Vai, Heart: Ama, Hello: Avir, Hero: Csiro, Hide: Kehr, Hold: Ghri,
    Holy: Tel'eras, Homeland: Lei'matra, Honor: Prona, Hope: Ther, Horse: Morai,
    How: Tiyen, Humor: Hama.
    I - Idiot: Puukar, If: Ji, Intimate: Ko'ten, Ignorant: Parsen, It: Ni, Is: Es.

    J - Joke: Ti'hama, Justice: Lor.

    K - Kill - N'vaien, King: Heinor, Kiss: Ko.

    L - Land: Lei, Laughter: Hamal, Law: Lorn, Leave: Yah'l, Less: Olth, Light:
    Ther's, Lightning: Sho'kra, Like: Ahm, Lips: Kos, Love: Firiah("I love you"--"Y'firiah'ne").

    M - Magic: Lucifen, Malice: Ravel, Man: Daneero, Mercenary: Csiren, Merchant:
    Nerten, Might/Maybe: Ehnn, Military Camp: Csir, Money: Piesen, Moon: Dei'o,
    Moonlight: Ther'deio, More: Rei'nak, Mother: Matra, Murder: Na'vei, Murderer:

    N - Nephew: Nirado, Neutral: Natra, Niece: Niran'a, Night: Makarr, Night
    Devil: Karr'ranir, Night Rider: Makarr'Thalen, No: Nan, Not: Na.

    O - Oathbreaker: K'Kvoratir, Open: Coyen, Order: (Law: J'lor (Command: Ei'ran.

    P - Pain: Kahn, Panther's Claw: Ther'ais, Passion: Koten, Peace: Eras, People
    Eshen, Plant: S'nas, Please: Pora, Poor: Palen, Predatory Cat: Metharus,
    Problem: Cina, Prince: Rajesso, Princess: Rajess'a, Puncture: Tra'sa.

    Q - Quarterstaff: Ashada, Quest: Sha'dei, Quick: Ranes, Quit: Der.

    R - Rain: Poala, Relief: Fana, Retreat: Volen, Rich: Majer, Rider: Thalen.

    S - Shadow: M'kerron, Shadow dancer: D'aimbir M'kerra, Shield brother: Sifaro,
    Shield sister: Sifara, Shout/yell: Wer, Sibling: Y'far, Silver: Miras, Sky:
    Ciyas, Slave: Tarn, Slow: N'rana, Smith: Phor'ro, Soldier: Csiran, Son:
    Esh'aeo, Sour: Soi, Spear: Saris, Spirit: Torn, Star: Ystrai, Stench: Sar'rg,
    Stop: Aren, Storm: Rhan, Story: Alteran, Strength: Csin, Sweet: Ferr, Sword:

    T - Tailor: Ta'kar, Tavern: Vinas, Thank you: Y'mer, That: Tah, Think: Rahk,
    Thief: K'voras, This: O'tah, Thought: Rahk'ai, Traitor: K'Kvorantai, Treasure:
    Eral, Tree: Sa'bor, Try: Y'te.

    U - Ugly: Scott*ducks*(<---all Blackening's idea) Nier, Uncle: Tai'ro, Unholy: Tel'incar, Useless: Spaten.

    V - Valuable: Q'ter, Value: Ter.

    W - Wall: Sifer, Want: Tam'ma, War: Darao, Warrior: Csiran, Waste: Vohr,
    Water: Sa'vai, Weakness: Spata, Weapon: Ario'l, What: Dirai, When: Diren,
    Where: Dir'lei, Whisper: Ka'nel, Will ("I will"): Hel, Wind: Vesenta, Wish:
    Tam'ero, Wolf: Val, Wolf-spirit: Valtorn, Woman: Daneera, Won't: Ner't, Wound:

    Y - Yes: Lan, You: Y'.

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  • Cloudy
    Originally posted by Blackening
    Windward Pride. Pfft. Gonna have a Windward Pride parade?
    You know all the best are from Windward, don't be jealous.

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  • Mast3rMind
    Well, hopefully I'll have my stuff on Parcines finished by the end of the day today. I'll post/@feedback it and see what folks think.

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  • Marnevel
    I voted for Altene.. after all I posted the question.. sort of. *eyeshift*

    Next, though, I say go for a culture that isn't so well developed. Maybe the reason there are so many Altene characters is that so much is available on them.

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  • Blackening
    Windward Pride. Pfft. Gonna have a Windward Pride parade?

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