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The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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  • Blackening
    Wow. Either something subconscious, or very much coincidence. Heh. Nice. Didn't even notice that, Jolee.

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  • Jolee

    Hair: Farrah

    *edits* By the way, nice job.

    Roadstrom, is that sarcasm I hear?

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  • Blackening
    The words were added to The Underground. Link's near the bottom on the sidebar.

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  • Blackening
    Nah. Based mostly upon the existing words, maybe a word or twelve formed from other languages, a touch of Latin and Germanic, but generally just my imagination.

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  • Ailell
    Egads Blackening, champ! I have to study for work enough as it is. Go pick on Gadaenes! They should be tormented for choosing a race that has the words raucous, unmanageable and undisciplined in the nation summary.

    By the way, I hope you didn't think I was discounting your work. It is a very impressive list you have there. Is it based structurally around any specific language?

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  • Blackening
    Originally posted by Ailell
    Thank God I don't play an Altene. 8)
    Next project: Sostaeran etiquette.

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  • roadstrom
    Re: Altene words 101

    Originally posted by GMJenn
    Alright alright. Here for your edification are Blackening's words, with a few minor alterations. Feel free to discuss, but I like em.
    Thank you! This will make a big difference to the gameworld!

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  • Ailell
    Thank God I don't play an Altene. 8)

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  • Blackening
    I'll have em all posted on The Underground soonish. In an easier-to-understand table.

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  • Blackening
    Jenn is my hero. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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  • GMJenn
    Altene words 101

    Alright alright. Here for your edification are Blackening's words, with a few minor alterations. Feel free to discuss, but I like em.

    A: Feminine, female
    Ai: State of being
    Ano: Awakening, rising
    Ar: Beginnings, ends
    As: Acknowledgment
    Av: Sight, seeing
    Ay: Sense, perceive
    Csi: Combat, weapons, battle
    Dan, Da: Fighting, combat
    Dir: Question
    Ero: Want, need.
    Es: State of being
    Fel: empty
    Gar: Creature, thing
    Gha: cursed, evil
    K': Bad, unwanted, shunned
    Ka: Locked in, silent, secretive.
    Kar: Soft, supple, malleable
    Ken: Perceived
    Kvor: Dark, malign, negative
    Lei: Area, locale
    M', ma: Me, mine
    Na, n': No, not, negative
    Pe: Bruise, smash, crush
    Q': consume, envelope
    Ra: Power, controle. When added at the end of a title, can also signify
    feminine (tai'[ra] - aunt)
    Ran: Leading, commanding
    Re: grim, ironic
    Rei: Fear, weakness
    S: Thing, object
    Sa: Wound
    Sar: object
    Shi: Weapon (usually bladed)
    Sif: Protect, shield
    Ta: Protecting, covering
    Tai: Family word (cousin, aunt/uncle, etc)
    Tel: State of being: Of
    Ter: Worth, value
    Ther: Light, shining, bright
    Ti: Opening
    To: Wild, feral
    Y', ya: You, yours (command, as in "Y'akai--(You)Help me!"--the Altenes tend to use the Y' form alot in everyday conversation--bossy buggers.)
    Zen: State of being: Not of
    Zer: Acknowledging, possibility

    A Altene: Esh'Alterod, Anger: Kelve, Anguish: Khan (Es'Khan "I am in
    anguish"), Animal: To'gar, Archer: Trien'csi, Are: Tel, Armor: Ta's, Assassin:
    Csi'Karr (literally "Shadow fighter"), Attack: Dan'ra, Aunt: Tai'ra.

    B Battle: Danai, Battlemaster: Da'ran, Beautiful: Amalla, Bitter: Yech,
    Blessed: Erai, Blight: Ghass, Blind: N'aves, Blood: Sangarr, Blood bonded:
    Equo'trai Sangr'o, Bow (weapon): Trien, Brightness: Enerta, Bruise: Pe'sa.

    C Can: Zer, Cannot: Zer'na, Chaos: Dara, Child: Esh, Clean: Eran, Clothing:
    Kar'ta, Close: Kas, Cloud: Bora, Cold: Shar, Come: Apra, Control: Ra, Coward:
    Rei'na, Criminal: K'Kvor, Cut: Sa'shi.

    D Dagger: Shi, Damn: Kvorai, Darkness: Karr, Daughter: Esh'aya, Day:
    Ther'ano, Dead: Incar'ai, Deaf: Kash, Death: Inca's, Defend: Ra'sif,
    Demon/Devil: Ranir, Despair: Kellas, Devoid: Ney'fel, Dislike: N'ken, Do: Kel,
    Dog: Canor, Don't: Kel'na, Drink: Q'arl.

    E - Ears: Raen, Earth/Dirt: Jaas, Eat: Q'eln, Emotion: Tern, Enemy: Dar,
    Enough: Avar, Envy: Eroya, Evil: Mo'karr, Exile: Na'yesh, Eyes: Aven.

    F - Family: Niren, Fangstaff: Ashado, Father: Patro, Fear: Amar, Fiend:
    Darran, Fight: An'dar, Fire: Theran, Flow: Athal, Flower: J'halla, Food: Nen'e,
    Fool: Puuken, For: Par, Foreigner: Zen'erai, Fortress: Cs'fen, Foul: Roch.

    G - Gamble: Kein, Gate/door: Ti'sar, Gentle: Wannen, Go: Reh, Gold: Bohl,
    Good: Era, Great: Rhai'e, Greedy: K'nakarr, Gladiator: Kein'ai.

    H - Hades/Hell: Darai, Hair: Farrah, Hate: K'narr, Have: Evuth, Healer: Vaira,
    Health: Vai, Heart: Ama, Hello: Avir, Hero: Csiro, Hide: Kehr, Hold: Ghri,
    Holy: Tel'eras, Homeland: Lei'matra, Honor: Prona, Hope: Ther, Horse: Morai,
    How: Tiyen, Humor: Hama.
    I - Idiot: Puukar, If: Ji, Intimate: Ko'ten, Ignorant: Parsen, It: Ni, Is: Es.

    J - Joke: Ti'hama, Justice: Lor.

    K - Kill - N'vaien, King: Heinor, Kiss: Ko.

    L - Land: Lei, Laughter: Hamal, Law: Lorn, Leave: Yah'l, Less: Olth, Light:
    Ther's, Lightning: Sho'kra, Like: Ahm, Lips: Kos, Love: Firiah("I love you"--"Y'firiah'ne").

    M - Magic: Lucifen, Malice: Ravel, Man: Daneero, Mercenary: Csiren, Merchant:
    Nerten, Might/Maybe: Ehnn, Military Camp: Csir, Money: Piesen, Moon: Dei'o,
    Moonlight: Ther'deio, More: Rei'nak, Mother: Matra, Murder: Na'vei, Murderer:

    N - Nephew: Nirado, Neutral: Natra, Niece: Niran'a, Night: Makarr, Night
    Devil: Karr'ranir, Night Rider: Makarr'Thalen, No: Nan, Not: Na.

    O - Oathbreaker: K'Kvoratir, Open: Coyen, Order: (Law: J'lor (Command: Ei'ran.

    P - Pain: Kahn, Panther's Claw: Ther'ais, Passion: Koten, Peace: Eras, People
    Eshen, Plant: S'nas, Please: Pora, Poor: Palen, Predatory Cat: Metharus,
    Problem: Cina, Prince: Rajesso, Princess: Rajess'a, Puncture: Tra'sa.

    Q - Quarterstaff: Ashada, Quest: Sha'dei, Quick: Ranes, Quit: Der.

    R - Rain: Poala, Relief: Fana, Retreat: Volen, Rich: Majer, Rider: Thalen.

    S - Shadow: M'kerron, Shadow dancer: D'aimbir M'kerra, Shield brother: Sifaro,
    Shield sister: Sifara, Shout/yell: Wer, Sibling: Y'far, Silver: Miras, Sky:
    Ciyas, Slave: Tarn, Slow: N'rana, Smith: Phor'ro, Soldier: Csiran, Son:
    Esh'aeo, Sour: Soi, Spear: Saris, Spirit: Torn, Star: Ystrai, Stench: Sar'rg,
    Stop: Aren, Storm: Rhan, Story: Alteran, Strength: Csin, Sweet: Ferr, Sword:

    T - Tailor: Ta'kar, Tavern: Vinas, Thank you: Y'mer, That: Tah, Think: Rahk,
    Thief: K'voras, This: O'tah, Thought: Rahk'ai, Traitor: K'Kvorantai, Treasure:
    Eral, Tree: Sa'bor, Try: Y'te.

    U - Ugly: Scott*ducks*(<---all Blackening's idea) Nier, Uncle: Tai'ro, Unholy: Tel'incar, Useless: Spaten.

    V - Valuable: Q'ter, Value: Ter.

    W - Wall: Sifer, Want: Tam'ma, War: Darao, Warrior: Csiran, Waste: Vohr,
    Water: Sa'vai, Weakness: Spata, Weapon: Ario'l, What: Dirai, When: Diren,
    Where: Dir'lei, Whisper: Ka'nel, Will ("I will"): Hel, Wind: Vesenta, Wish:
    Tam'ero, Wolf: Val, Wolf-spirit: Valtorn, Woman: Daneera, Won't: Ner't, Wound:

    Y - Yes: Lan, You: Y'.

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  • Cloudy
    Originally posted by Blackening
    Windward Pride. Pfft. Gonna have a Windward Pride parade?
    You know all the best are from Windward, don't be jealous.

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  • Mast3rMind
    Well, hopefully I'll have my stuff on Parcines finished by the end of the day today. I'll post/@feedback it and see what folks think.

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  • Marnevel
    I voted for Altene.. after all I posted the question.. sort of. *eyeshift*

    Next, though, I say go for a culture that isn't so well developed. Maybe the reason there are so many Altene characters is that so much is available on them.

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  • Blackening
    Windward Pride. Pfft. Gonna have a Windward Pride parade?

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