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  • Testudo
    started a poll Rock the Vote

    Rock the Vote

    What caused the Altenes to be exiled from their homeland?
    Could you outline more of Windwardian history?
    What major cities exist within Windward?
    What are the major gods and goddesses of Tuchea?
    Or something to that effect.

    We'll be answering one of the following four questions this week so go ahead and vote now (Just to note, a few of the questions have been reworded slightly to make them less broad)

    Q: What caused the Altenes to be exiled from their homeland?
    Q: Could you outline more of Windwardian history?
    Q: What major cities exist within Windward?
    Q: What are the major gods and goddesses of Tuchea?

    Please try to keep the question thread constructive. I realize that some people think it's funny to try and point out things they believe to be inaccuracies, but try to keep it on track. Remember this is Iridine not Rome, tomatoes grow in Iridine, so does tobacco, even if the Romans didn't have them. Lorica Segmenta's haven't been invented, and scale mail isn't popular enough to warrant production by anyone within easy access to Iridine (just to put a few of the supposed inaccuracies to rest).

  • Lusama

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  • TEC_Ghuan
    Originally posted by GMJenn View Post
    Altene words 101

    Alright alright. Here for your edification are Blackening's words, with a few minor alterations. Feel free to discuss, but I like em.

    A: Feminine, female
    Ai: State of being
    Ano: Awakening, rising
    Ar: Beginnings, ends
    As: Acknowledgment
    Av: Sight, seeing
    Ay: Sense, perceive
    Csi: Combat, weapons, battle
    Dan, Da: Fighting, combat
    Dir: Question
    Ero: Want, need.
    Es: State of being
    Fel: empty
    Gar: Creature, thing
    Gha: cursed, evil
    K': Bad, unwanted, shunned
    Ka: Locked in, silent, secretive.
    Kar: Soft, supple, malleable
    Ken: Perceived
    Kvor: Dark, malign, negative
    Lei: Area, locale
    M', ma: Me, mine
    Na, n': No, not, negative
    Pe: Bruise, smash, crush
    Q': consume, envelope
    Ra: Power, controle. When added at the end of a title, can also signify
    feminine (tai'[ra] - aunt)
    Ran: Leading, commanding
    Re: grim, ironic
    Rei: Fear, weakness
    S: Thing, object
    Sa: Wound
    Sar: object
    Shi: Weapon (usually bladed)
    Sif: Protect, shield
    Ta: Protecting, covering
    Tai: Family word (cousin, aunt/uncle, etc)
    Tel: State of being: Of
    Ter: Worth, value
    Ther: Light, shining, bright
    Ti: Opening
    To: Wild, feral
    Y', ya: You, yours (command, as in "Y'akai--(You)Help me!"--the Altenes tend to use the Y' form alot in everyday conversation--bossy buggers.)
    Zen: State of being: Not of
    Zer: Acknowledging, possibility

    A Altene: Esh'Alterod, Anger: Kelve, Anguish: Khan (Es'Khan "I am in
    anguish"), Animal: To'gar, Archer: Trien'csi, Are: Tel, Armor: Ta's, Assassin:
    Csi'Karr (literally "Shadow fighter"), Attack: Dan'ra, Aunt: Tai'ra.

    B Battle: Danai, Battlemaster: Da'ran, Beautiful: Amalla, Bitter: Yech,
    Blessed: Erai, Blight: Ghass, Blind: N'aves, Blood: Sangarr, Blood bonded:
    Equo'trai Sangr'o, Bow (weapon): Trien, Brightness: Enerta, Bruise: Pe'sa.

    C Can: Zer, Cannot: Zer'na, Chaos: Dara, Child: Esh, Clean: Eran, Clothing:
    Kar'ta, Close: Kas, Cloud: Bora, Cold: Shar, Come: Apra, Control: Ra, Coward:
    Rei'na, Criminal: K'Kvor, Cut: Sa'shi.

    D Dagger: Shi, Damn: Kvorai, Darkness: Karr, Daughter: Esh'aya, Day:
    Ther'ano, Dead: Incar'ai, Deaf: Kash, Death: Inca's, Defend: Ra'sif,
    Demon/Devil: Ranir, Despair: Kellas, Devoid: Ney'fel, Dislike: N'ken, Do: Kel,
    Dog: Canor, Don't: Kel'na, Drink: Q'arl.

    E - Ears: Raen, Earth/Dirt: Jaas, Eat: Q'eln, Emotion: Tern, Enemy: Dar,
    Enough: Avar, Envy: Eroya, Evil: Mo'karr, Exile: Na'yesh, Eyes: Aven.

    F - Family: Niren, Fangstaff: Ashado, Father: Patro, Fear: Amar, Fiend:
    Darran, Fight: An'dar, Fire: Theran, Flow: Athal, Flower: J'halla, Food: Nen'e,
    Fool: Puuken, For: Par, Foreigner: Zen'erai, Fortress: Cs'fen, Foul: Roch.

    G - Gamble: Kein, Gate/door: Ti'sar, Gentle: Wannen, Go: Reh, Gold: Bohl,
    Good: Era, Great: Rhai'e, Greedy: K'nakarr, Gladiator: Kein'ai.

    H - Hades/Hell: Darai, Hair: Farrah, Hate: K'narr, Have: Evuth, Healer: Vaira,
    Health: Vai, Heart: Ama, Hello: Avir, Hero: Csiro, Hide: Kehr, Hold: Ghri,
    Holy: Tel'eras, Homeland: Lei'matra, Honor: Prona, Hope: Ther, Horse: Morai,
    How: Tiyen, Humor: Hama.
    I - Idiot: Puukar, If: Ji, Intimate: Ko'ten, Ignorant: Parsen, It: Ni, Is: Es.

    J - Joke: Ti'hama, Justice: Lor.

    K - Kill - N'vaien, King: Heinor, Kiss: Ko.

    L - Land: Lei, Laughter: Hamal, Law: Lorn, Leave: Yah'l, Less: Olth, Light:
    Ther's, Lightning: Sho'kra, Like: Ahm, Lips: Kos, Love: Firiah("I love you"--"Y'firiah'ne").

    M - Magic: Lucifen, Malice: Ravel, Man: Daneero, Mercenary: Csiren, Merchant:
    Nerten, Might/Maybe: Ehnn, Military Camp: Csir, Money: Piesen, Moon: Dei'o,
    Moonlight: Ther'deio, More: Rei'nak, Mother: Matra, Murder: Na'vei, Murderer:

    N - Nephew: Nirado, Neutral: Natra, Niece: Niran'a, Night: Makarr, Night
    Devil: Karr'ranir, Night Rider: Makarr'Thalen, No: Nan, Not: Na.

    O - Oathbreaker: K'Kvoratir, Open: Coyen, Order: (Law: J'lor (Command: Ei'ran.

    P - Pain: Kahn, Panther's Claw: Ther'ais, Passion: Koten, Peace: Eras, People
    Eshen, Plant: S'nas, Please: Pora, Poor: Palen, Predatory Cat: Metharus,
    Problem: Cina, Prince: Rajesso, Princess: Rajess'a, Puncture: Tra'sa.

    Q - Quarterstaff: Ashada, Quest: Sha'dei, Quick: Ranes, Quit: Der.

    R - Rain: Poala, Relief: Fana, Retreat: Volen, Rich: Majer, Rider: Thalen.

    S - Shadow: M'kerron, Shadow dancer: D'aimbir M'kerra, Shield brother: Sifaro,
    Shield sister: Sifara, Shout/yell: Wer, Sibling: Y'far, Silver: Miras, Sky:
    Ciyas, Slave: Tarn, Slow: N'rana, Smith: Phor'ro, Soldier: Csiran, Son:
    Esh'aeo, Sour: Soi, Spear: Saris, Spirit: Torn, Star: Ystrai, Stench: Sar'rg,
    Stop: Aren, Storm: Rhan, Story: Alteran, Strength: Csin, Sweet: Ferr, Sword:

    T - Tailor: Ta'kar, Tavern: Vinas, Thank you: Y'mer, That: Tah, Think: Rahk,
    Thief: K'voras, This: O'tah, Thought: Rahk'ai, Traitor: K'Kvorantai, Treasure:
    Eral, Tree: Sa'bor, Try: Y'te.

    U - Ugly: Scott*ducks*(<---all Blackening's idea) Nier, Uncle: Tai'ro, Unholy: Tel'incar, Useless: Spaten.

    V - Valuable: Q'ter, Value: Ter.

    W - Wall: Sifer, Want: Tam'ma, War: Darao, Warrior: Csiran, Waste: Vohr,
    Water: Sa'vai, Weakness: Spata, Weapon: Ario'l, What: Dirai, When: Diren,
    Where: Dir'lei, Whisper: Ka'nel, Will ("I will"): Hel, Wind: Vesenta, Wish:
    Tam'ero, Wolf: Val, Wolf-spirit: Valtorn, Woman: Daneera, Won't: Ner't, Wound:

    Y - Yes: Lan, You: Y'.
    Bump. For all Altenes.

    Edit: Thanks Lusama! Didn't know we had an even better list available. Going to post it on the wiki.
    Last edited by TEC_Ghuan; 02-11-2019, 07:23 PM.

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  • Brassy
    I have a suggestion concerning the questionthat ends up being answered. A request, actually.

    Would the GM who answers do so in the staff forum? Make the thread sticky, post the question and the answer. Then the following week do the same, in teh same thread? In this way, we can direct those newcomers or returned players to the one thread and point out the fleshed out areas one will not find in the help files.

    That OR...

    Make the answer a helpfile in the pertinent category and point us to it.

    Thank you.

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  • Ultimatius
    Testudo, what is your CS handle?

    I only ask cause I'm the admin of a server up here... come visit us *eyeshift*

    ::bans him to hell::


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  • Marnevel
    Originally posted by Mast3rMind
    yeah, cbaker, it's an admin command in more or less every HL mod.

    Was about to say that myself. *eyeshift*

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  • Mast3rMind
    yeah, cbaker, it's an admin command in more or less every HL mod.


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  • cbaker
    Yeah, uh, ok

    Yeah, so am I the only one who recognized "Rock the vote" as an Admin Mod command for Counter-Strike? Yeah, ok, no one probably even knows what I am talking about so lets move on.

    I think the altene have quite a bit background to keep them sustained, whereas some other nationalities are like "Whoah, what am I?". Winward needs to be worked on.

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  • Dyrocles
    Kudos Blackening on a job well done. You too Jenn 8)

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  • Mast3rMind
    That's true. Doesn't much matter anyhow, it'll get finished up and submitted sometime this week.

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  • Blackening
    Well, maybe not. This past year has been pretty busy for her, so I've been lenient and tried not to rush her about it.

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  • Mast3rMind
    If it's anything like your scale, will it be 2005 until I see anything? *eyeshift*

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  • Blackening
    Just @request them to Jenn when you have them, and wait patientiently. Very patientiently.

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  • Mast3rMind
    Damn, I like it, you put a -lot- into that, Blackening. I think I should add a little bit more to the Parcines dictionary I have.

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  • roadstrom
    Re: *Cackles*

    Originally posted by Jolee
    Roadstrom, is that sarcasm I hear?
    No, not at all.

    The ethnic roleplaying has tended to get stale at least in part because we've already rung most of the changes available. Get new material and probably people will want to try it out. People who slip altene words into their common will reveal their ethnicity in ways that you might not tell by looking at them. It can go on from there.

    *Anything* new about the ethnicity can only help and is likely to help a lot.

    When Testudo reveals what enemy drove out the altenes, it's likely to lead to new diplomatic angles. Somebody who can beat altenes. Maybe they'll invade cinera. Maybe they'll invade Iridine and we'll need cineran help to drive them out. Maybe the altenes are collectively strong enough now to beat them, and the call goes out to every loyal altene to get ready to invade the old homeland.

    Anything new can only help. We got stale with no new developments.,

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