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  • Rock the Vote

    Or something to that effect.

    We'll be answering one of the following four questions this week so go ahead and vote now (Just to note, a few of the questions have been reworded slightly to make them less broad)

    Q: What caused the Altenes to be exiled from their homeland?
    Q: Could you outline more of Windwardian history?
    Q: What major cities exist within Windward?
    Q: What are the major gods and goddesses of Tuchea?

    Please try to keep the question thread constructive. I realize that some people think it's funny to try and point out things they believe to be inaccuracies, but try to keep it on track. Remember this is Iridine not Rome, tomatoes grow in Iridine, so does tobacco, even if the Romans didn't have them. Lorica Segmenta's haven't been invented, and scale mail isn't popular enough to warrant production by anyone within easy access to Iridine (just to put a few of the supposed inaccuracies to rest).
    What caused the Altenes to be exiled from their homeland?
    Could you outline more of Windwardian history?
    What major cities exist within Windward?
    What are the major gods and goddesses of Tuchea?
    The GM turtle.

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    I think Altene should be completely finished before you guys start on something new. There's a lot of indepth altene characters ou there [points to himself[] who want to get as much as possible down about their race.
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      Originally posted by Corvous Blair
      I think Altene should be completely finished before you guys start on something new. There's a lot of indepth altene characters ou there [points to himself[] who want to get as much as possible down about their race.
      Yeah... there's an abundance of Altene PC's IG, giving them some more background would be great.
      Go here. Y'know you want to.

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      Originally posted by Japes
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        Come on folks from Windward, cast your vote.
        The position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted education or righteous accusation- Only a description, just an observation of the pitiful condition of our degeneration.

        Oh doom and gloom, oh doom and gloom, the GMs are fools and do not realize what a position they have put us in. They could not possibly have thought of all of this already, for they are but tiny brained fools.
        Keep on keepin' on, can ya dig it?


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          *chants* Altene....Altene...Altene, Altene Altene!!!
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          <Iason thinks aloud: HELP!>


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            There's also in depth Windwardian characters, as well.

            *Looks around, curious as to who that could be*
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              I really would have liked to have known something about Tuchean culture when I was playing one. The only thing anyone commonly knows are stereotypes about pirates and being pussies in battle. That, and I have an soft spot for religion in game.

              As for an unbiased opinion.... there are alot of Altenes... so more information for them to work from would be appreciated, I'm sure. But on the other hand, they are already quite fleshed out as a culture (as far as can be given the circumstances). There is far more about Altene than most of the other foreign lands. I also don't see a little more information about Altenes greatly effecting the rp of the ones already existing.

              More info on lands not already highly touched upon would be best.

              So... um... go Windward.
              "And now", cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"


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                Vote Windward history or suffer the consequences *nod me*
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                  Remember, there are still three more questions for this month, and possibly more if this system works right, so we will have opportunities to flesh out other cultures and aspects of Midlight.
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                      Well, I'm torn. Having two Altene characters, and a Windwardian character, I'm interested in both.

                      If the Windwardian history option should win, I suppose you could mention a couple of the cities therein, and that would sort of give us a hint to the answers of the third question, regarding major cities of Windward.

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                      Originally posted by kamikazehiker
                      Or. . .
                      We can all acknowledge that Jolee is right, get over it, and shut up.

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                        Originally posted by Goldfinger
                        And post the altene words submitted! You know how hard it is to write a bastardized prayer in altene with the ones we're given?
                        *nudges Jenn*
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                          Some she didn't authorise, and I don't know which ones. But I'm sure if you bombard her with requests, and any other Altene players for that matter, she'd find it more of a prospect worth looking in to. I know it isn't even partially a priority for her, but it has been a year...
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                            Windward pride!

                            Cloudy needs at least a little history of something I can relate too. I agree Altene needs to be fixed if it's near complete, but if not, work on Windward history.


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                              Windward Pride. Pfft. Gonna have a Windward Pride parade?
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