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    We don't really receive much feedback relating to hunting grounds, letting us know what's good or bad about them. Without feedback, it can be difficult to figure out options about these important elements of the gameworld. We would appreciate people letting us know what they think about these areas.

    Here's a list of many of the hunting grounds to opine on.

    Signal Tower Island
    Sewers North
    Sewers South
    Sewers Southeast
    Coastal Alleys
    Old City
    Sea Caves
    Steps Sewers
    Steps Gardens
    Spider Crypts
    Monlon Mines Level One
    Monlon Mines Level Two
    Monlon Mines Level Three
    Ravines (new)
    Brigand Treehouse
    Spider Caverns
    Bandit Forest
    Bandit Cave
    Worm Temple Blue
    Worm Temple Red
    Worm Temple Black
    Fenri-Gifr Ruins
    Broken Tower
    Resting Place

    Are there reasons that you don't visit an area? Are there particular elements that are frustrating? Is there a vertain point at which it became pointless or too frustrating to visit? A place that was too frustrating to visit until a certain point? A place where the risk doesn't match the reward? A place so boring that you wouldn't go anywhere near it? A place that's fun to visit with friends, but annoying to visit alone-- or vice versa?

    What about places that you -enjoy- visiting? What elements make the place interesting? What sets it apart from the rest? A place that you feel is well-balanced, and plays well?

    I'll give my own opinions below stating how I felt when I used to play, to start us off.

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    Signal Tower Island -- A good training place for newbies. My main complaint was about the need to kill things once they've passed out, but that's been changed.
    Sewers North -- The smell was frustrating, as was the need to remove osecar after their latching attack.
    Sewers South --
    Sewers Southeast --
    Pits -- Good spawn rate. Adequate reward if willing to expend the effort.
    Dumps -- Fair companion to the pits. Hounds could give a better reward. Considering the setting, could be given more character.
    Colosseum -- Enjoyed the previous version of gladiators, but became 'too easy' given the right stances.
    Alleys -- Old favorite, a little OOC, but possibly the best hunting ground that's also good socially.
    Coastal Alleys -- Fun.
    Old City -- Somewhat boring without danger from the lizards. Possibly over rewards for the little effort and skill required.
    Sea Caves -- Never really hunted here. Always considered bats to be a waste of time, and anything skinned was too heavy.
    Villa -- Visited regularly at middle levels. Found crits made things too easy after some combat revamps. Decent rewards.
    Steps Sewers -- Never considered this a hunting ground. No gyrax in my day, and the shifting walls hampered spawn rates.
    Steps Gardens -- Axe hook was very annoying, but this was an enjoyable place otherwise. Little low on rewards.
    Spider Crypts -- Hunted here a fair bit. It was quiet, and the rewards weren't too bad.
    Monlon Mines Level One -- Might've been okay for newbies, but there were no trainers in Monlon.
    Monlon Mines Level Two -- This place was okay. A little variation in enemies made things interesting, and the rewards were fair for mid-level.
    Monlon Mines Level Three --
    Catacombs -- High rewards from sloanis, but bats were pointless. Became too easy with changes to crits and stats.
    Ravines (new) -- As far as the Sands went, they were a nice end-game hunting ground. Possible too easy these days.
    Brigand Treehouse -- The most interesting hunting ground in the gameworld. Fairly balanced difficulty/reward, and the planks add a cool element.
    Spider Caverns -- I found it a little too large, but it was well worth visiting.
    Bandit Forest -- Was too hard, but with decent rewards, then became too easy with very little reward.
    Bandit Cave -- Didn't exist.
    Vale -- A bit too far away from trainers, too many 'worthless' alligators.
    Twilight -- Didn't seem worth it.
    Portal -- Didn't seem worth it.
    Worm Temple Blue -- No reward?
    Worm Temple Red -- No reward?
    Worm Temple Black -- No reward?
    Mansion -- Didn't exist.
    Fenri-Gifr Ruins -- Didn't exist.
    Broken Tower -- Didn't exist.
    Resting Place -- Didn't exist.

    My main complaint:

    In general, human foes have made for a more interesting hunting ground. Why? They have varied attacks, they have varied defenses, you need to cycle attacks, you get varied critical hits, they have varying characters, they have varying tactics. Critters tend to repeat attacks that only differ from other critters in their text, you don't need to cycle attacks, or generally use any sort of tactics besides attacking. You don't need to think, you barely need to be awake.

    How would I make the non-human areas more interesting? I dunno. I'd give the creatures more character. The difference between a rat and pungopiscor would be more than descriptions.


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      Signal Tower Island -- I think it is a good area, perfect for newbies. You can hunt most of the creatures there with just 1 rank, save maybe the gulls. The squares are large enough for archers to shoot from within the same space, and while they still have to retreat, at least they don't have to worry about losing track of wandering targets. There is also a resting place built right into the island, with food available. When one does have to leave, the ferry is not unreasonable.
      Sewers North -- The smell problem was cured by the scrub brush inside the warehouse. I'm not sure what could be added to make this part better; it's a sewer. Giant angry rodents sort of make sense. They don't handle damage very well, so it isn't hard for someone to hold off a small horde even at low ranks.
      Sewers South -- Pretty much the same deal. The snake gas adds a little more danger, but usually only if they gang up on you or get very lucky.
      Sewers Southeast -- The spiders and wasps don't spawn often enough to raise the threat level that much, and can provide a nice little bit of bonus money if you take them out. I would maybe get rid of the wasps, if this is intended as a truly low-end hunting ground. Spiders are killable for newbies, if just for the ones who are on their way to tougher zones. Fluviturs and small alligators are fine.
      Pits -- Good spawn rate. With ranks in CMs you can earn off the dummy, you're more than able to handle the place and it's a good area to practice skinning; even if you have no combat ranks, there's often an incredible amount of bodies to practice on. I would improve it by making them a little bigger.
      Dumps -- A good area for new characters, since there is a difficulty scale to climb. Useless after you've topped that scale, though.
      Colosseum -- It's a good place. The only thing I would add is the possibility to face difficult challenges. Approach Sabinus, and ask him to face some popular warrior, or a terrible beast. Or a pair of them. He'll offer a list based on your ranks (so that you can't choose something too easy). These opponents have set difficulties. Once arranged, he'll have the arena cleared and set up the fight. Maybe winners could be given a reasonable reward, on top of the PC reputation a good fight always gives. There could be limits placed on this as well, to keep it an interesting mini-event: Characters are allowed one match per IG month, and there are only 5 special matchers per tier per IG day available. Enough to keep the place busy without it becoming overly routine.
      Alleys -- I don't know. Yes it is easy and accessible, both socially and skill-wise, but it could be replaced by something with the same perks that remains IC. Even if that just meant moving it into the Steps.
      Coastal Alleys -- Ditto. I would replace thugs and brutes with drunken sailors. A bit tougher, but slightly better rewards.
      Old City -- Boring. By the time you can handle the lizards alone, you can handle the villa alone and it's more fun.
      Sea Caves -- It used to be good for sp, beating on the serpents and crabs. Not much for rewards. I haven't hunted here in years, though.
      Villa -- Good rewards, close to the city. Easy to find a group of low-middle characters willing to go. First real "expedition" hunting ground, for low-levels. No complaints.
      Steps Sewers -- Good for escape/sneak tunnels if you know the layout's routine.
      Steps Gardens -- Out of the way and low rewards. I remember it being fun for large group battles, if you got enough people with you and you ended up against two NPC groups at once. The obstacle areas add some interest: would be more interest if there were rewards.
      Spider Crypts -- No complaints.
      Monlon Mines Level One -- Pointless.
      Monlon Mines Level Two -- Better.
      Monlon Mines Level Three -- Serpents make it fun, but you can get those and the spiders without coming all the way to Monlon. (read: spider caverns)
      Catacombs -- "High rewards from sloanis, but bats were pointless. Became too easy with changes to crits and stats." Agreed. It went from "hard" to "I'm going to solo this at tier 2". It's beneath the Holy City's main Temple. It definitely has room to evolve into something a lot more interesting than big lizards.
      Ravines (new) -- Haven't used it yet. I liked hunting in the Sands. The risk vs reward there was balanced enough for me.
      Brigand Treehouse -- Fun.
      Spider Caverns -- All the better elements of the Monlon mines without the long trip and cave-ins. Plus you get BUNNIES. Plenty of safe-rooms too, if you get yourself into trouble.
      Bandit Forest -- "Was too hard, but with decent rewards, then became too easy with very little reward." That's about it. Would be better with a higher spawn rate.
      Bandit Cave -- Never hunted there.
      Vale -- Useless with the villa. Was good when lean-tos were permanent, since it's otherwise too far from anything to be practical for short hunting trips.
      Twilight -- I spent a lot of time in there with Marien. Plenty of story background if you're there with the right characters. The creatures add something unique and different from other hunting grounds, but today they don't have much use.
      Portal -- It was fun to hunt the zombies way back, before sun sickness.
      Mansion -- All I remember from hunting here is that you can get the full benefit by staying right by the entrance and not risking any of the hunting grounds' extra dangers. Good rewards.
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        Overall suggestions:

        Improve the ferry to Monlon. It's one of the most important cities in Midlight. Don't tell me there is only one boat running back and forth. The actual trip itself isn't that bad, but there should be 3-4 ferries running it. Trainers have been added to make it more liveable, and this is good. Those improvements should continue as well. There's a healing trainer now: he needs a healing supply vendor. Monlon's hunting grounds would receive more attention if Monlon itself was better suited for visitors.

        More story backgrounds for hunting areas! A lot of the newer ones have these, but not the old ones. They could always be improved.
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          At one point I had every single item that can be skinned with the price associated to it. I even had the prices depending on the skin quality. Unfortunately I seem to have lost this file and it will make it harder for me to judge these hunting grounds. I still have some numbers here and there, but I've lost a huge amount of it.

          Signal Tower Island: Very little money to make from the creatures if you know how to skin. Even less if you don't know how to skin. I think it'd be fun if all of the parts could be skinned, but would come damaged (I don't think they are already). The recent change to this place (making it so that you have to send something to it's killing point makes it much more fun and you can get in more training) is good. The gulls give a decent challenge and if you have low agility and speed, you will have to run (unless you have good armor) - so a newbie would feel danger which is a good thing. My complain is not having anything in the tunnels - having a newbie already get involved in fighting a few human NPC's would probably make it that much more fun for them. Don't really need much reward. I have already posted an idea about smugglers. This is an already good hunting ground, but just which there would be human NPC's for very low levels.

          Sewers North: I never went to the sewers for many reasons until I actually killed things in one hit on the island. The things in the sewers fall unconscious extremely quickly (1-3 hits if you get a powerful critical hit with a weak weapon). The osecars will steal away 5% fatigue every time they clinch with you. The rodents are the ones I prefer. Good training to be had since they have high HP and are easier to hit. Osecars can be rather hard to hit if you have low dexterity/perception. Since you need to cycle through opponents, I came to the sewers from time to time, but that was the only reason.

          Sewers East: Never came here. There's just nothing in here, but possible trouble. Spiders are annoying and have little reward. The wasps always seemed out of place here for me. The alligators also have always seemed out of place. I just don't see it fitting, but perhaps that's because they were implemented after the vale existed. Anyway, there is pretty much no training to be done here and not much money to be made.

          Sewers South: Rarely hunted here since the good old days of bashing snake heads. The training from snakes is still pretty good, but being sprayed twice and having to deal with auto-vomit x2 + stun x2 + low food doesn't really make it interesting anymore. They also have that unblockable tail attack, don't they? Anyway, snakes have nothing to make money off. Decent training here, until you lose fatigue pretty quickly because of the spray.

          Pits: Used to be a fun place. Don't hunt here anymore unless I want to practice skinning and be yelled at by Sceadu! It still is a fun place to fight in, but the rewards just don't seem fitting for the type of ranks you need to fight there without getting hurt too badly. The training is poor, unless you remember on which types of rats the attacks you previously made. These creatures generally fall down with one decent hit from a strong attack, but sometimes you will have to hit them five times before they finally die (or just hit them twice and wait for them to die).

          Dumps: Only came here for training. I've always found the dumps to be extremely boring even when there were gems in the stomachs (people always went to the pits first and to the dumps second) - not because of spawn rate. Simply because you have to walk all over the place and you kill things pretty quickly. The hounds are pretty fun for training. Getting rid of the rats and having something else like the hounds would be more fun.

          Colosseum: I really like those new gladiators compared to the old ones. They are incredibly hard to feint and feel like they have a huge defensive bonus of some sort. You can still change stances and get a pretty good chance of beating them. A much more fun hunting ground and I could still spend a whole fatigue bar in there. The only downfall is that for low level characters, the gladiators will still use those bronze/iron weapons which are incredibly strong. Trying to fight them in a lorica hamata with a bronze helmet and a tin gladius is pretty much impossible to win a fight. If there could be a way to have two types of gladiators rather than one, you'd see more low level characters in there who could actually win more than one fight.

          Alleys: Fun, but not the place it used to be. This place can be very easy just like it can be very hard depending on who is in the area and probably a buggy variable. Sometimes I was alone playing a low level character and would have complete 95's and that is with attacks rank 30 and being berserk with a lantern. The brawling ones are pretty strong and given you get a good one against you when you are medium to low level, you're going to have your lights out! Fun place when you are high level and can stand aggressive and never get hit (other than the brawling guys with punch), but not that fun as a hunting ground for lower levels.

          Coastal Alleys: Never had much interest for this place. It's farther and you have to walk all over the place to get something. It's basically the normal alleys with little change, but a bigger place to fight in. Never liked this place, it's just a slower version than the normal alleys.

          Old City: I complained pretty often about this place. Being able to skin, I could pull out much more money in here with very little risk than I would at the treehouse or the grey sands. For being a loner, this place was great, but hunting in pairs, the money wasn't enough for the time spent. This place is still probably close to 1t per hour without the diabolus.

          Sea Caves: Most worthless place of all time. I've sent in a dozen reports about this place. The things are incredibly heavy (100+ pounds sometimes) and you will get five denars for them. They are incredibly hard to hit compared to most places, but will also never be able to hit you. If you know brawling or pankration, you will pretty much have auto-5's on these guys. I only used this place to train because of the rock crabs and the sea snakes. No money whatsoever to be made unless you beat up a sailor who has an iron trident. Made a little money with those, but I believe they are now even rarer than they first were. Massive serpents bring in very little money for the danger they are giving. They augment your RT when they bite you because of their poison and they also deal massive damage and sometimes at 1+MoS speed. I'd totally redo this place if I were you guys. If sailors would be off in a tunnel of some sort leading to another underground place, it would be much better, but now they have to spawn with the same spawn rate of the other creatures which is set at 5, but you have more chances of having the other creatures pop up.

          Villa: Best money hunting place of all time. You have to spend a lot of time, but in the end it's incredibly worth it. It was my favorite hunting spot. Things aren't too heavy and in large quantities will be worth a lot.

          Steps Sewers: The side with the gyrax is pretty stupid. Luckily the gyrax won't eat you alive anymore. A one over roll can guarantee your coma/unconscious state. Way too dangerous for what it's worth.

          Steps Gardens: Good place for training. It's really the only thing I did there. Other than the training, it's not really worth it to bring anything back. It's not really a dangerous place if you know what you are doing and are a high level fighter. The only annoying thing is the auto-5 berserk axe hook of theirs. They can do that all that, I don't care. My character knows brawling. Stomp + free weapon = untrapped. A place which was incredibly dangerous when it first came out, but right now it's a pretty fun place with basically no rewards. I always donated everything I got here to the Auxilii because it was too much of a trouble to sell all that stuff and get very little money.

          Spider Crypts: Never really hunted here. A place where a 1 over roll can screw you up pretty badly if you are alone. Don't really know about the rewards or anything. Just of no interest to me, really. As far as I can remember it's 20 denars per spider eye and they have 8. So I'd guess it's pretty good money.

          Monlon Mines Level One: If you want to live in Monlon, this place has a use. If not, you'll never come here unless you are an adventurer.

          Monlon Mines Level Two: Same as level one.

          Monlon Mines Level Three: Used to be fun. Haven't really tried it since the changes, but from what I remember you can't really make any money here.

          Catacombs: My second favorite hunting ground. Can kill everything in two hits and they are worth pretty decent money. It's downside, it's incredibly heavy. The bats are incredibly worthless. Too heavy for what it's worth. The rest of the bodyparts of the sloani are worth pretty much nothing. I used to come here very often, but because of the weight changes I came here a lot less often.


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            Ravines (new): I preferred the Grey Sands. This place is entirely too big for the spawn rate. You'll spend a lot of time just searching for something to fight. From what I've seen of the building you can enter, it looks to be very promising, but it all depends on the kind of roundtime you're going to get. I personally never thought it was worth it to hunt in the Grey Sands, but that's probably because of the weapon I use. The rogue shields will absorb entirely too many blows and since a whip can't really damage shields, there is like half of my shots which are blocked and do nothing (it takes like 50 whip strikes to break those shields when it takes two axe longarm strikes to break them). The loot is heavy and you have to be dependent on a locksmith. You need to wear like fifty sacks to be able to bring back all that loot. I usually just dropped the chests behind because the occupied too much place and were too heavy. Most of the time I'd get coffers which had very little value in them for the time spent fighting (I'd get more money from the coffer than the contents pretty often).

            Brigand Treehouse: Haven't been here since the changes and don't really plan to. If the archer is still there, you can be sure that with this new change that I will never go there again. The archer often ruined my hunting there. As soon as he'd spawn, he'd shoot me. I wouldn't even have one second to change pace and I'd get shot, get a trickler and have to run to Vetallun (since there were no healers in Blackvine). I generally got better money from this place than I did in the old Grey Sands. It was less dangerous (other than the archer) and it had the same loot, but even better (bronze helmets).

            Spider Caverns: Pretty much worthless since stones have been taken out. Never really came back here after. Huge place, low spawn. Boring.

            Bandit Forest: Does anyone still hunt in here? The spawn is incredibly low, the rewards non-existent and a single lucky sweep can send you straight to a coma.

            Bandit Cave: Tried to open the damn place, but I guess only the TM was allowed to know it! Luckily I've been in there with a 'fake' character and got trapped in the basement. Wow. That would've sucked so bad being stuck there with my real character with the way think worked. Finally after suiciding and recreating a few fake characters I managed to map it all out. But still, there are no ways to free someone trapped in the basement from the basement and I think that sucks. Haven't been in the place, but I've heard of a lot of things about it. Not really interested in going there with what I've heard.

            Vale: Far. Boring. No money to be made other than horned beetles.. Why come here when you can go to the Villa? You can get better training elsewhere. The portal is also closed, so why even bother?

            Twilight: Uh.. Feathers? That's the only good thing in there and even then, that's stretching it since no one will ever go in the portal anymore. It takes a long time to get feathers and a lot of fighting. As long as you don't get eaten by a carrion snake, everything will be fine. Also, you need to have a hell of a lot of knowledge to be able to enter the place and then know the wordings to get the feathers. You also need to know the lores. You will learn most of this OOC'ly, but there are probably just a few characters who learned everything they have to do IC'ly. So yeah, you'll never go in Twilight unless a good friend of yours has sun sickness. Also, having to cut your hand really sucks.

            Portal: Carrion birds and eyeless humanoids. Carrion birds can be hit, but they are hardly good training partners. The eyeless humanoids can be fun, but who'd go fight in there, have a chance to get lost, have a chance to get sunsickness, have a chance to get sent to twilight, just to train.. on one of the possible creatures? The portal was fun before sunsickness. You could still train in there on two creatures, but have to run because of the carrion birds.

            Worm Temple Blue: Boring! No money to be made and you have to be decently skilled to fight in here. No one ever goes in the worm temple unless they use aim and try to release the two remaining treasures. Even then, it's still dangerous since you can get trapped, you need a lot of knowledge of the place and you also need a whole group with you.

            Worm Temple Red: Same as above, but you have to be even better to fight in here.

            Worm Temple Black Same as the red, but you have to be even better to fight these.

            Mansion: I went once. Never went again. Snakes that can auto-drain your whole fatigue bar with one single bite to an unprotected place? Very low rewards? It's incredibly far? It was a cool idea, but there's just nothing pleasing here.

            Fenri-Gifr Ruins: You have to go to Rock Valley. There's decent training to be had on the schtraffeg. Money is pretty much non-existent. This place can get very dangerous if you get stunned and have a group of five creatures against you. It's pretty fun if you just want to mess around the place, but there's no real point in doing so.

            Broken Tower: I used to love this place. Could gain little money from shield bees and massive amounts from turtles. The massive amounts were excessive, yes. Now it's just been turned into a place which has tears. No one hunts there anymore. Turtle scales are incredibly heavy and worth nothing. This place is still pretty dangerous. You can lose a lot of health navigating around, even more if you land on a turtle when you fall through the floor. The current rewards are VERY far from the danger involved.

            Resting Place: Leech spiders. Again, leech spiders. Do they suck or what? I hate these things. Auto-snare, massive amounts of them.. Death traps is what I call the place. Few people even go through all the trouble to get the tears in there. The first level is also the only hunting ground in Rock Valley where a low level fighter can hunt. Again, no money to be made. Lots of risks. You also get tears which are practically worthless now.

            Burial grounds: Explosive carrion slugs. Carrion stalkers which are pretty deadly. Losing fatigue or health to get through the first time. The same thing again when coming back. Having to fight explosive slugs and carrion stalkers if you can't get pass them because of a speed check. Sure, you can get an orb which is worth nothing. Hurrah! The scarabs are also worth nothing and same for the stalkers. The only thing of interest here is the tears. Let's not even talk about that stupid tomb people kept touching at some point.


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              Signal Tower Island -- Is a great place for new beginners to train. The critters spawn at an excellent rate, and not needing to kill them after you knock them out is excellent. I personally think that was one of the greatest changes to the game, because it attends to the newbies. The only downside to the island is waiting on the ferry. But I guess that can't be avoided. Another downside to the island is that finding the ramp to get off the island is a little difficult for the newbies. I've seen new characters that stay lost there for a very long time.
              Sewers North -- I think the spawn rate should be upped a little bit. I think the smell is a nice touch. I mean, you are hunting in human waste.
              Sewers South -- Never been
              Sewers Southeast -- Never been
              Pits -- A nice level up from the island, however, same thing applies with the need to kill the rats after knocking them out. However by the time they've moved on from the island, they should know killing blow. It was nice when the rats had gems in them, now there is virtually no reward besides SP.
              Dumps -- With the addition of junk that people discard ending up there, this has become a good hunting ground.
              Colosseum -- Gladiators need to be given more character. Even the thugs and brutes in the alleys have more character then them. They are GLADIATORS, they should be putting on an excellent show! As of now they just repeat the same attacks and once you figure out what they are doing and how to beat them, it becomes boring. The addition of the guy that ranks you is cool though. And the fact that they spawn based on your ranks is excellent.
              Alleys -- Being close to a major hang out spot like the Toga is what makes the alleys so appealing. Apart from being able to fight NPCs not critters. The argument of OOC or not OOC, lawless or not lawless is getting rather old though.
              Coastal Alleys -- Not enough people visit these alleys. I think they would benifit from some sort of intersetion where people would congregate socially to fight like the alleys near the toga.
              Old City -- Havent' hunted much, only because I could never find a skinner. Have heard that it's a good place to make some coin, just haven't done it yet.
              Sea Caves -- Never been.
              Villa -- Never benn.
              Steps Sewers -- Never been.
              Steps Gardens -- Insanly hard as of late. Last three times I went there with a group, everybody got knocked out. Heard the reward isn't much either.
              Spider Crypts -- Never been.
              Monlon Mines Level One -- Never been.
              Monlon Mines Level Two -- Never been.
              Monlon Mines Level Three -- Never been.
              Catacombs -- Never been.
              Ravines (new) -- Never been.
              Brigand Treehouse -- Great place to hunt for a mid to top end fighter. Falling down and breaking all your leg bones kinda sucks, but adds an element of danger. Polearms hitting the planks is incredibly annoying and makes people not want to visit there.
              Spider Caverns -- Never been.
              Bandit Forest -- Spawn rate is too slow. Good place to hunt though. Would be great if they spawned more often.
              Bandit Cave -- Is this the place with all the traps that shoot little arrows at you? Are there even enemies in there? I've been a few times but got knocked out by the arrows every time.
              Vale -- Never been.
              Twilight -- Been a few times, is a great place as far as scenery
              Portal -- Can you even fight the monsters in there?
              Worm Temple Blue -- Never been.
              Worm Temple Red -- Never been.
              Worm Temple Black -- Never been.
              Mansion -- Never been.
              Fenri-Gifr Ruins -- Never been.
              Broken Tower -- Was good before the changes to tears, then people stopped going as far as I know
              Resting Place -- Same as above.

              Overall complaints : Alot of the areas are too difficult to hunt alone. The reason I haven't been to alot of the hunting grounds is nobody ICly has shown me where they are. But then again, I haven't asked. And i'm not much of an explorer. I think rewards from hunting grounds need to be upgraded, because that would lure more people to hunt there.

              Overall praises : The difference in hunting grounds as far as skill is great. The fact that even top level fighters have places to go hunt where there is still danger is awesome. I think there should be more top level hunting grounds closer to Iridine proper.

              Thanks for caring!
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                Mansion -- All I remember from hunting here is that you can get the full benefit by staying right by the entrance and not risking any of the hunting grounds' extra dangers. Good rewards.
                Sorry, I was thinking of the Bandit Complex. Apply it to that one. I've never been inside the Mansion.
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                  I am not gonna go through and write up my views on each but....

                  As for treehouse archer: Although Ashin got probably 95 percent of his sp ever gained from the treehouse and that archer made playing him impossible for days on end, I think it is a good addition. The Treehouse is too convenient without the archer imo. With shitty stats you can go with 50/30 and aim at necks, taking the brigands and men out in a few hits each, whose body then proceeds to fall in a neat pile. If you get a locksmith/fighter and a strong fighter you can gather quite absurd amounts of money.

                  As for the hunting grounds in general. I would LOVE to see every single town or city completely self reliant. Monlon is the closest imo. Healer, place to make money, and a few decent hunting grounds. 1-2 more hunting grounds, decent place to rest, and another teacher and it is set. Now that I do not have a character with 2h axes I NEVER go to Rock Valley. I just do not see any reason to go there beyond reforging when needed.

                  I still do not see the reasoning of moving the sands to Monlon unless the sands will become Sceadu's prison.

                  I think the hunting grounds are as fun as they have ever been, I am just too lazy to manually click my way through steps to get to the garden, or too lazy to walk through the swamps to the complex.


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                    Signal Tower Island - Good hunting ground, though I'd like to see more things you can dive for than clams and mussels. Treasure chests, anyone?

                    Sewers North - This seems to have become an area without reason. There's no real reward here, and with the damage changes even a newbie can rarely get through a full cycle of moves on anything up here.

                    Sewers South - jab snake head

                    Sewers Southeast - I like the variety of creatures here, with the moderate reward from wasps and spiders. This is a good place.

                    Pits - This would be an excellent hunting ground for newer characters if oldbies didn't hunt here for the pelts and flint.

                    Dumps - The searching mechanics are great, in addition with the hounds as good training targets. Could use some expansion, maybe some interesting echos.

                    Colosseum - Once you figure out how to fight them, it's too much like sparring. Boring.

                    Alleys - Love this hunting ground. Always have. Maybe increase the coffer drops a little.

                    Coastal Alleys - Maybe put in a few different NPCs down here. Maybe the occasional sailor?

                    Old City - Give back the last leech snake scale. It isn't like people were making that much money off this place. Good for newbies.

                    Sea Caves - Now that iron tridents are toned down, this is a pretty balanced hunting ground. Give them rolling rise.

                    Villa - This is the silliest hunting ground in the game. Anyone with 30 ranks in an attack can make 10 talents a day from this place. Tone down the loot prices.

                    Steps Sewers - Gyrax are okay novelty opponents, but the completely random successes that they get are annoying. Replace them with thugs and brutes that spawn all the time.

                    Steps Gardens - This hunting ground is perfect. It has mystique, good reward if you're willing to drag everything out, and it's perfect for group combat. 5/5 A+++++ would hunt in again.

                    Spider Crypts - Very good hunting ground for moderately new people. Excellent income potential for that level, but nobody knows about it! Start hunting here!

                    Catacombs - Getting hit with a 95/99 and going instantly to -50 fatigue is my favorite thing in a place where the baths cost 300 denars to use.

                    Brigand Treehouse - For god's sake, take out the rafters. Like polearm weapons aren't punished enough by sucking to begin with.

                    Spider Caverns - Does anything even spawn here?

                    Bandit Forest - For god's sake, up the spawn.

                    Bandit Cave - I'm not even going to start on this place.

                    Vale - Good place for newbies, not advertised enough. Hunt here.


                    Worm Temple Blue - How about more than 2 kinds of worms spawning, like it used to be?

                    Worm Temple Red - See blue

                    Worm Temple Black - See red

                    Fenri-Gifr Ruins

                    Broken Tower - Way too easy.

                    Resting Place


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                      "Steps Gardens - This hunting ground is perfect. It has mystique, good reward if you're willing to drag everything out, and it's perfect for group combat. 5/5 A+++++ would hunt in again."

                      Yeah, but a 97% positive feedback still means that 1 out of every 30 visitors is getting screwed. It's unbalanced.

                      Relevant to most forum threads.


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                        When I hunted the steps gardens frequently, 1 in 30 was more like the chance of getting a piece of sellable loot.


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                          Signal Tower Island- Never had any problems with it. Was a good spot to start all my training with all my combat characters. Only small problem is that you shouldn't start doing major damage to the NPCs until you have about 100 total combat ranks. That allows new players to obtain a pretty decent amount of skill so they can hunt places like the pits.

                          Sewers North- Worthless now. Stuff gets hit too hard and almost becomes like the island. No point for newbies unless they skin because no more stones.

                          Sewers South- Same as North

                          Sewers Southeast- horrid spawn rate. little rewards

                          Pits- Nice place to train IMO, great spawn rate though loot is not there.

                          Dumps- Better than the pits for low level fighters due to the easier chance to hit on hounds and wiry rats as opposed to the sickly/gaunt/plump rats

                          Colosseum- Was fun a few years ago. Apparently something changed and it's been rough for all my chars against gladiators lately.

                          Alleys- Great hunting ground due to it's social appeal for most starting characters. problems be very low profit comes from this hunting ground and it is rather OOC to be murdering citizens right beside toga.

                          Coastal Alleys- Should be something like sailors or the like to make it a bit less OOC though nice spawn rate. Same as Alleys in terms of almost zero profit

                          Old City= Haven't been here in ages

                          Sea Caves= Same as above

                          Villa= Great hunting ground. Nice profit, decent spawn rate, close to city. Perfect.

                          Steps Sewers= Never been

                          Steps Gardens= Was very low profit from what I remember years ago, Been a while since I've been there.

                          Spider Crypts= No more stones in stomaches, was rather pointless.

                          Monlon Mines Level One- the point?

                          Monlon Mines Level Two- no stones no point

                          Monlon Mines Level Three= same deal

                          Catacombs- Never been.

                          Ravines (new)- Thought it was somewhat pointless to bring the ruffians and rogues into
                          Monlon. Didn't seem really IG for some random mercenaries to show up in an old Cineran battle field. It should have been like refugees or stranded Cineran fighters. Would have made more sense IG. They are also very hard to spawn with the large place, and that tunnel room area where they spring traps is far too random. Sometimes 2 groups of 3 come, sometimes nothing.

                          Brigand Treehouse- Great hunting ground. Fairly risky, rope was a great addition. My only gripe is that the railings and such need to be removed. No point for a polearm to go since of the major annoyance of hitting walls every two seconds. You can't tell me a man with a stave can swing in a room where a gladsman can perform nelsor fancy jump attacks? Please

                          Spider Caverns- way too large and annoying since its a maze. No point for stones and the like. little rewards

                          Bandit Forest- Went from dangerous ground to what the hell. Their loot isn't worth a damn and I know iv'e completely ignored this place since they made leather armor 4d per piece.

                          Bandit Cave- If you know the area, it's a fun place. Just wish there were actual rewards that weren't locksmith Dependant for this place. Make their armor worth something or clubs/spears worth something and this would be a solid hunting ground.

                          Vale- Use to be a great spot for training. Now whatever you skin is to much of a pain in
                          the ass. Villa is closer, so Vale is dead.

                          Twilight- Great RP and fun. Been ages since i've been there though

                          Portal- Sunsickness sucks

                          Worm Temple Blue- Never been

                          Worm Temple Red- Never been

                          Worm Temple Black- Never been

                          Mansion- Been there once. not real opinion on it yet.

                          Fenri-Gifr Ruins- Barbarians are fun. Good loot and annoyance in combat. Wouldn't change

                          Broken Tower- Fine as is

                          Resting Place- Fine as is
                          7(-)3 51!3/\/7 0/\/3.

                          1 4/\/\ L337.


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                            Originally posted by Marnevel View Post
                            When I hunted the steps gardens frequently, 1 in 30 was more like the chance of getting a piece of sellable loot.
                            You realize the armor sells for like 70 denars, right?


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                              If every hunting ground was as fun as Signal Tower Island I'd feel motivated to get more than 30 ranks in a weapon.
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