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    Hey all,

    Hope everyone is well!

    I had posted in the forums a while back expressing my regrets that I won't be in the game-world much these days; and although this still stands, I have decided to go ahead and release what I HAVE completed for the player-site I was working on.

    Obviously: it's not done yet. The four pages which are incomplete are combat, skills, misc and commands (some would argue the most important, and I can see that for sure. They also just require the most painstaking work to complete).

    I feel that there is enough content created for it to be useful as is, though. And as I get more free time (basically I just moved into a dump and every spare ounce of free energy after school and work has been spent doing home renovation stuff -- but I've only got 3 more rooms to go), I will definitely complete those pages.

    This thread can be used as an opportunity to provide corrections. If it is a minor formatting thing, like two spaces or something insignificant I don't really care at this point. More or less what I'm interested in are glaring mechanical errors, things that would steer a newbie in the wrong direction.

    Also note -- a lot of the content about the various countries was taken directly from the help-files, so I cannot be held accountable for poor grammar or spelling.

    This is a work in progress, so take it with a grain of salt... but otherwise, please enjoy!

    - Taylor

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    Good job.

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      It's looking good. Although I'd prefer your background images to be replaced with PNG files, and maybe your script replaced with a ttf script, to speed up the loadtimes. First time in memory I've gotten lag in loading a website.

      Thanks for all your hard work.

      Originally posted by VinianQuartz


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        If you're lookin for "corrections", or missing content:

        The "Maps if you Need Them" thread has some more up-to date maps for some of the areas you've map links for, as well as several public maps that you have no links for (for example, you have one Sandbar map, but there is a Sandbar East and a Sandbar West, etc).

        The "Lawkeepers" section doesn't list Monlon's Vigiles.

        The Money section does not list Cineran coins such as shekles, and pentaks (currently not in use, but exists), or Nehal Tokens (currently in use).

        Items - Containers does not list Satchels and Slings, two popular container types.

        Items - Armor does not list Faceplates (both cage & plate), Waistguards, or Harnesses.

        The Role-Playing Section might be a good place to Touch base on Role-Points and their role in the game, as well as hgow they can be earned.

        Gameworld section does not mention Stromheim, the barbarian village in Rock Valley, which is accessable by players.

        Neighbourhoods and Places of Iridine does not list The Tent City, or Bronze Lane.

        The Old City's alternate name (steeped in mystery) is Moondeep.

        I believe there is a "Tips & Tricks" section on the TEC Wiki you could add to the Player Tips section.

        Hunting Grounds does not list several hunting areas. The 4 seperate RV Wilderness areas(barbarians), RV Dumps (Various Critters), 3 RV Tear Hunting Grounds, Catacombs, Monlon Mines, Steps Sewers, Steps Gardens, Traevant Forest, Blackvine Forest, Worm Temple, and Black Hand Cavern.

        There is no "Making Money" section for newbies. List of Newbie friendly NPC Jobs, scavenging tactics, etc. I know the first problem I came across as a newbie back in the day was "How the hell do I get money?" and depended on charity until I was comfortable enough going out on my own equipped with Pepa's Maps to try and find places to "scavenge". It was...scary having no idea whatsoever if I'd die or find something worth selling for monies.

        In the Getting Started - Character Generation section, you might want to mention that new accounts have the option to enter the Tutorial when first logging into a newly made character. And that this is very helpful to do, so don't pass up the opportunity. You can only enter the tutorial a certain number of times, so if you pass up those times, you won't be able to go back and go through it later. Not even with a freshly made character. The Tutorial offers useful starting advice, explination for at least one of your skills to get you started, gets you some extra starting gear for a leg-up, and also gives you a codex (book) that you can reffer to while in-game for explinations on the basics. If you add nothing else, I would ask you include this if anyone plans on directing newbies to your website.

        If you were NOT looking for "corrections" or missing content....disregard.
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          Thanks guys!

          I didn't want to include ALL of the hunting grounds in there -- I wanted to just focus on the entry level ones. I figured people who are able to hunt areas like the BHC would probably know how to get there (or know someone who could take them there). I will add in some of the ones you mentioned, though.

          I'll add in those maps. I had a helluva time with the maps, though -- I downloaded them off the internet and for some reason they were bugged so I had to screenshot them, crop, and save again as a .jpg. It was not fun.

          I'll switch the background image to a .PNG -- I knew it was a giant one, but I figured you only really load it once. I also have a BEAST of a computer so it's hard for me to gauge things like that.

          Under the Misc section I will have a money making section -- in fact another player has already helped me with that content. Going to focus on pearls, wheat, skinning parts, that kind of thing.

          I'll add in the tutorial aspect on the "getting started" section -- that's a good idea.

          I will add a section for foreign currency to the money section.

          Vigiles will be added.

          I'll add those pieces to the armour section as well.

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            Site's lookin' good, man. Serious props.
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              Great work man. I definitely like it.


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                Awesome! It is looking good.


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                  Originally posted by Sentael View Post
                  I'll switch the background image to a .PNG -- I knew it was a giant one, but I figured you only really load it once. I also have a BEAST of a computer so it's hard for me to gauge things like that.
                  Try reducing the color depth also.


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                    Is this still being work on?
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                      I'm a degenerate and haven't worked on it in a while, no. That doesn't mean it won't happen!

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                        Would really like to see the site get completed.
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