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Login is dead?

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  • Login is dead?

    Login server is dead?

    I keep getting

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (No route to host) in /var/www/sites/lib/userdb.php on line 15
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    <Iason thinks aloud: HELP!>

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    I get this trying to use the login page: There was a technical problem. Please try again later.


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      Having the same problem over at GR. Alice and Zealotry both not working.


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        I'm not certain what is going on. Many players have successfully connected, but some seem to be having this issue. Fortunately it is at least returning some data to us when the attempt is made, so I have contacted Shannon with this in the hopes that he has a solution.
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          2. Armour Rebalancing (ongoing)
          3. Assisting org/event GMs with lore consistency and coding support.
          4. Additions to Monlon (TBA), Blackvine (after Monlon), Rock Valley (after BV), Steps (after RV.) Overall goal to add substance to existing regions.


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          Mine i can't even login to my account on the website, gives a technical error.
          Argued with GM Tale on forums.
          Character wakes up with 2hp and 2 fatigue, mangled face.
          Skotos didn't care.

          Originally posted by Elowynn
          It's not a good sign if glenh makes more sense than you, L.
          Originally posted by Tale
          My apologies to Glenh.


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            Originally posted by glenh View Post
            Mine i can't even login to my account on the website, gives a technical error.
            I feel less lonely! In a not so good way .


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              Originally posted by glenh View Post
              Mine i can't even login to my account on the website, gives a technical error.

              Originally posted by Pkticketsarefun
              LIFES A BITCH THEN YOU GET PK'd!!!!!
              Originally posted by Max Powers
              Once again, as the ole TEC adage goes: When you cannot outsmart a person, complain louder.


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                I get:

                There was a technical problem. Please try again later.
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                  Right there with those fellows.

                  Well. Looks like I will be writing my essay predraft 2 days early!

                  Originally posted by VinianQuartz
                  HAIL CULEXUS


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                    I connected just fine about an hour ago, and when I tried just now I couldn't log in. Looks like it'll be a productive evening instead!


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                      I am also having the same issues.

                      TEC is dead forever?
                      Originally posted by Felisin
                      Too many carebears in this game
                      Originally posted by Felisin
                      This game is less about RP and more about epeen and griefing.
                      On the Introduction of Magic into TEC:
                      Originally posted by Sandestin
                      Seriously, as much as Araminta would love to throw fireballs at Rubico, you know that's not gonna happen.


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                        yep same issue, technical error
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                        Originally Posted by urek23
                        Rules only apply to specific people, something everyone that plays will learn very shortly after they start.


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                          You know when this kinda stuff is the absolute worst? After 24hrs of play time running the courses and finishing... Yes. Please no reset. Thanks. If there is FML.


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                            Draaaag... Woke up early to make an event.... and BAM! I'm going back to bed!
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                              Why for you kill teh interwebz?!?!?!!
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