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Whispering in Brackets

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  • Whispering in Brackets

    Since this seems to be a question, I will address this issue here.

    Whispering in brackets while in a "public" place IG is NOT acceptable in excess. It should be something that rarely happens and only in emergency type situations or in attempts to help a truly new player. The reason behind this is that we are all aware that some characters IG have the ability to hide, sneak, and lipread these whispers. For a character with these abilities, sneaking into a room of a bunch of OOC whispers ruins their immersion into the game. If you're wanting to test something and need to speak OOCly during the testing, I have no problems with it IF IT IS BEING DONE IN A PRIVATE LOCATION that you KNOW that no other characters can enter.

    I realize that some GMs in the past have been a bit overzealous with OOC warnings (even issuing them to players while holding an org meeting within their own org building), but this is NOT how I train the staff to handle things.

    Addressing the recent deleted post in the "New LOL Thread", it is my understanding that situation was happening in Leda's, which is a very public area where characters do indeed have the ability to sneak into while hidden which is why OOC warnings were issued.

    I put this post here instead of in the GM only threads so players that have CONSTRUCTIVE input may voice it. Flames or any non-constructive input will NOT be tolerated and will quickly get this thread shut down if it occurs.
    Game Master Sceadu