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Healers of Light: Relay Race

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  • Healers of Light: Relay Race

    The event listing cut this off. This is the full text. This event is scheduled for Sept. 3rd at 21:00.

    The Healers of Light would like to announce our next event. We'll be
    hosted a relay race! Grab a friend and come participate. Working in
    pairs you'll play out a rescue scenario. You won't need to have skills
    in combat or in healer. All you have to do is run the race and tag in
    your teammate. Little note, healers, bring your supplies!
    We will be providing a prize for AT LEAST first place. This hasn't
    been decided yet, but we have a history of pretty decent prizes we'd
    like to think! Keep an open ear for the announcement of what this will
    Contact Kella or Neithan to sign up or to inquire.
    The rules:
    1. Two person teams run the race.
    A. Single participants may sign up and we'll do our best to match
    B. We'll provide matching headbands for each pair.
    2. Each team will have a "healer" and a "guard".
    A. Actual skills are not required, but encouraged. This is primarily
    a foot race. Anyone can participate.
    B. Each team will be assigned an identification color.
    3. The healer will run the first leg of the race. They will begin in
    the Healers of Light hall.
    4. The healer will have to prove preparedness to heal at the location.
    A. Choosen randomly each team will be given a scenario that is
    written before hand on a sign.
    B. Each scenario will represent a wound. They will need to have with
    two items listed in their scenerio in order to "heal" the wound.
    C. We will have a judge in place to verify this.
    5. Once healed, the "guard" will move the patient to the baths.
    A. Each patient will be represented by an equally weighted sack.
    B. The weight will be an amount deemed reasonable for an average
    character to carry, but provide some load.
    C. The patient may be carried or drug.
    6. First to reach the cold baths, as judged by our representative,
    will claim the prize. They must have the sack and it must weigh
    the same as it did initially.