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  • 2017 Basement Brawl GrandPrix

    New to the city? Want something more lively than a decrepit slave to beat up on? We have something for you.

    What: A year long full contact gladiatorial tournament. Once a month we will have a meeting in the basement of the Colosseum and partake in a series of 1 v 1 fights. Opponents will be draw randomly with the help of some number assignments and dice. Each fighter will fight once per month. Winner of each contest scores one point, and will receive a small prize. Points will be accumulated over the course of the year, with the overall winner being the fighter with the most points. The last contest of the year will award 3 points to each winner, in order to keep more fighters in the running. Grand prize will be the sum of all entry fees, minus payout for minor prizes.

    Who: People who are new to the city. Only characters rolled after Dec 01, 2016 need apply. As there is no real way to check this IC, please use the honor system. Veteran characters above T1 are excluded from contests to keep the playing field even.

    Costs: There will be an entry fee each month. For January, the fee will be 100 denars per fighter. The fee will go up by 100 denars each month. Feb - 200d, Mar 300d, Apr 400d, etc. Money will be used to fund the minor prizes for each month, as well as being banked for the final grand prize at the end of the year

    Rules: There are no rules...except these. Leather armor only, bronze or worse weapons, no biting.

    As you can see, we'll be starting with new characters and progressing through the 'careers' of fighters. Not only will you fight random opponents from the pool of available people each month, but skill levels will be relatively low at first, and increase as we move along in the season.

    A date for the first fight will be more firmly set as we get through the holiday season, as of today I'm aiming for Tues Jan 16th, aiming to make each meeting around the middle of every month.

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    no biting? that's not a fair rule, biting is a viable combat technique, you going to limit other combat techniques too, or just biting?


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      Originally posted by ArchMagi View Post
      no biting? that's not a fair rule, biting is a viable combat technique, you going to limit other combat techniques too, or just biting?
      Did losing the tongue make the damage of bite go up since there's less in the way?


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        what are you talking about? I have a tongue.


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          I have a character with like 100 total ranks but he is older than that and only been played like twice five years ago. Would it be ok to use him?


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            Sure thats fine.


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              Just an update as to the date and time of the event, it will be held as advertised tomorrow (Monday), 530pm EST.


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                Thanks to the fighters and spectators who made it out to fight. Turnout wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be, but we did get one eligible pair of fighters.

                Serada defeated Ezeul and took home a 5 talent prize.

                I'd like to thank the incredibly generous contributions from patrons, to help get this up and running. Hopefully we can increase participation next round. I'll be relaxing the rules for entry a little in order to be more inclusive. Look for the next event to be scheduled in the near future.

                Current Series Standings:

                Serada - 1
                Ezeul - 0


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                  What?I remember seeing Ezeul when I rolled my character in the summer of 2016 lol. Did you change the cutoff date?
                  The only person who is allowed to kill people in mass numbers is god himself.. and its cool because he always serenedes you with trumpets to soften the mood prior.