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Feast of Heroes and Funeral of Angeliek

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  • Feast of Heroes and Funeral of Angeliek

    8:30pm - Feast of Heroes and Funeral of Angeliek

    You are invited to the Feast of Heroes, an ancient Altene tradition during the Festival of the Wanderer where people gather to celebrate those who in the last year, or further back have had their day of glory.

    There will be drinking celebrating and all kinds of festival worthy things to include yourself in. We will start this off properly with the Celebration and Rites of Angeliek who was lost to us just before the Festival.

    ---Lore I could not help myself feel free to ignore---

    Feast of Heroes

    Lore claims the first Feast of Heroes was a mistake, a skirmish was held the day before the start of the festival and Alterod's brother fell to his day of glory. The earth was so hard that a proper pyre could not be erected before the start of the festival without holding some men from their chance to mourn.

    Alterod decided his brother would lay in state till the festival was finished but refused his brother's plate be removed from the table already set. As the revelries got under full swing it was noted that the chair beside the king was not empty and many asked, "who would dare sit in his brother's place?"

    When asked after the kind simply smiled and asked, "Have you forgotten my brother already."

    From that day on an extra place is laid at the feast when the stories of glory are told, and those lost to us are remembered.
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