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Swordcat Show and Tell: 5/17/17 at 9pm

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  • Swordcat Show and Tell: 5/17/17 at 9pm

    What's the story behind that striking scar or body brand? How about your unique knife or curious cuirass?

    Come to the Swordcat Lounge for a little show and tell. Show the group an interesting personal mark (scar, tattoo, piercing, etc.) or unusual treasure (trophy, weapon, armor, painting, etc.), then tell your tale for a chance to win a prize.

    Cover charge 250 denars, for all-you-can drink and eat (waived if you come with something to show and tell).

    The Swordcat is a private lounge in the Sandbar district of Iridine. From Ylsa's leather shop, follow the road south as it winds toward the Temple of the Morning. Take the first street to your west and continue down the tidy lane, past the shrine and wine shop. The street will dead-end at a garden plaza with a well, where Harbor Road meets Center Road. Head south to South Road, a short walk. The Swordcat is a few paces east on South Road, on the south side with an engraved door.