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Blackvine Revelry July 31st 9:30 pm est

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  • Blackvine Revelry July 31st 9:30 pm est

    A lazy river winds its way across the top of the
    poster, sandy shores intrude into the edges of
    the water while docks spread wooden fingers into
    the murky depths. Flames lick along the sides to
    outline the announcement pictured in the middle.
    Ornately illuminated letters form an arch at a
    middle bow of the riverbank:

    Blackvine Revelry and Harvest Celebration!

    When: Approximately two and a half months from
    Palut's end. [July 31, 2130 Eastern]

    Where: Blackvine, meet at Vetallun Crossroads
    for an escort. We will be stopping at the shrine
    under construction to pay respects.

    Why: The BVM is sponsoring this celebration to
    honor the Blackvine area, showcase the wonderful
    contributions this port town provides and give
    praise to the bountiful blessings of Ereal at
    harvest time.

    Contests for fishing, gathering, and story-
    telling about Blackvine. Win fantastic prizes!
    Have tremendous fun while feasting and drinking!