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Festival of the conqueror 284

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  • Festival of the conqueror 284

    Behold, this years festival of the conqueror.

    To celebrate the aspect of Ereal the conqueror, you are challenged to kill the most enemies of the republic, in Franlius, and turn in the most armbands!
    You have all festival to make your mark.
    The person who scores the highest upon the board by the fort for turned in armbands, will win the title of Conqueror of year 284, and a material prize, that will be revealed at the end of the festival.

    Current scores are:
    Armbands turned in this year.

    Hizerimus 808 Irisa 54 Vinian 12
    Tyril 382 Elowynn 50 Kateleena 12
    Arteus 152 Olio 40 Aoden 12
    Felisin 129 Brudox 38 Thesil 10
    Mallia 98 Shinamori 35 Kaylarie 9
    Ediynth 97 Aureolus 34 Marren 7
    Morphius 79 Kyrus 28 Parigrum 5
    Cayuga 78 Kabar 28 Ivon 5
    Brogenex 74 Amarlith 23 Valesa 2
    Valgar 68 Eifion 23 Gadwin 2
    Corb 66 Iosaerius 13 Latus 2
    Vierra 62 Alkain 13

    These scores are irrelevant, and all of them are effectively Zero, so, get out there and participate! These scores are to be used as the baseline, since I can't reset the board myself.

    Glory unto Ereal, and go forth, and win yourself the title of Conqueror of year 284!

    Acolyte Parlin, revealing light, Cult of Ereal.
    Last edited by Parlin; 09-24-2017, 10:19 PM. Reason: I had the totally wrong board scores... so these are the new ones!

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    This years quest for the conqueror of year 284 had a lot of dead Cineran soldiers, but the winner was Gydon with 116 armbands turned in.
    These are the scores of everyone who participated.
    Gydon - 116
    Tyril - 110
    Hizerimus - 48
    Brudox - 27
    Brogenex - 23
    Mallia - 15
    Olio - 6
    Parlin - 1

    Thank you to everyone for participating, and if Gydon could locate me in game, that'd be great.