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  • Ulath's Altene Ways

    Ulath's Altene Ways

    It has come to my knowledge that the teachers for the
    generations following mine have failed in several key

    Not only did they decide you did not need as many
    lessons in the stave, they also failed in history and

    I have had several ask me to teach over the years so I
    am looking for those interested in attending a few
    classes on the heritage of the Altene people.

    The Class will be free and include my two books on the
    Altene, "Rites and Rituals of the Altene", and
    "Histories of the Altene People From the Anguish to

    If you are interested please contact me threw the Harbor
    message office or in person.

    Acolyte Ulath Umbringer, Rose of Altene
    Bring it on you lovers of flame it turns my crank.

    Slave to RP.

    We believe in euthanasia here in TEC. We'll kill you any time, just ask.-Tale

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    You are indeed the last great bastion of hope in this game.
    Originally posted by Kered
    kill off Kered, thats the entire point of a role playing game