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Masquerade Party at the Swordcat: Friday, October 27 at 10:30p Eastern

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  • Masquerade Party at the Swordcat: Friday, October 27 at 10:30p Eastern

    After receiving permission from the acting Legate, the Swordcat Lounge is pleased to announce a masquerade ball. Paper masks will be provided at the party, or you can custom-order one to be delivered in advance. Put on your best outfit and join us for fun, drinks and a little mystery while concealing your identity. For more information, contact Swordcat hostess Kyrah, look for posters around town, [and see below for OOC information].

    The Swordcat is a private lounge in Iridine's Sandbar district. From the Temple of the Morning, walk northwest. Take the first street to your west and immediately turn south onto the small alley. Follow the alley as it winds west and opens onto a tidy street. The Swordcat is a few paces west, on the south side with an engraved door. [Number 5 on the map here:]

    OOC information about the masks:

    Paper masks will be provided to attendees. You can obtain a mask in one of two ways:
    1. Get a mask at the door when the event begins. Supplies may run out, so please let Kyrah know in advance if you plan to attend.
    2. Custom-order your own paper mask. Write down your design (including a short and long/look description) on a parchment, sign it, and give it to Kyrah or slip it under the Swordcat door.
      • Custom mask designs must be submitted by Sunday, October 15.
      • A custom mask will cost 20RPs - please keep in mind that it’'s a one-time use RP prop.