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Trial of the Bandit Archer Nevik

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  • Trial of the Bandit Archer Nevik

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2018

    8:00pm - Trial of the Bandit Archer Nevik

    Nevik's many victims let out a sigh of relief upon his eventual capture, but now it's time for Nevik to face the consequences under the purview of Iridine's highest Justice, Sir Lucian Allende, at a public trial. All citizens and residents of the Republic are welcome to meet at the city's Forum Court to witness the events. Persons wishing to testify are encouraged to speak with a constable to make arrangements.

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    I @requested to break Nevik out of jail, because if you look at the sewers map, there's a tunnel that runs right under the constable HQ...

    and I said I would pay rolepoints, to let me and my friends dig the tunnel and break into the jail cell and let Nevik free...

    honestly it would be like a 10yard dig.... according to sewers map and cell location.

    But, my request was dismissed. sorry... my criminal gang can't break you free Nevik.


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      That I didn't know criminal gangs were still around.


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        it would be more like a yard and a half since there's already a tunnel under the cells from an ancient event....just gotta find it