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[Event] Cruentus Laureola - Gathering (Sun. Oct 7, 2018)

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  • [Event] Cruentus Laureola - Gathering (Sun. Oct 7, 2018)

    8:00pm - Cruentus Laureola - Gathering

    The dust has settled... blood and bone have mended...
    After a successful set of games, let us recount our glories and refocus our sights toward future honors. Gladiators and recruits of the Cruentus Laureola are to meet promptly at the Ludus Vaestrus. New recruits and others interested in the stable are welcome to attend.

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    Unfortunately this event will have to be cancelled today as I won't be back in town as early as I expected.
    [Success: 95, Roll: 5] Pharse swings a cestus-covered fist sideways, lashing out at you with the blades of his weapon, but misses. You use the broad head of your short whip to knock aside the attack with a brute-force swat.