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[Event] Uncovering Trouble (Fri. Aug 9, 2019)

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  • [Event] Uncovering Trouble (Fri. Aug 9, 2019)

    9:30pm - Uncovering Trouble
    The city gardener Horticia continues her work beautifying the city. And, after the disruption during the last gardening gathering, she welcomes armed volunteers to stand watch as she prepares the next site. Those interested in standing guard should meet her near the Hospice. (She will also accept any last-minute submissions for fountain ideas
    for the Quartz Heights water garden at this time.)

    [This event is designed specifically for lesser-skilled fighters.]

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    disruption? you mean that one guy who wanted to dig?


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      I'm really excited for this event. I love the Horticia ones and will be there. I hope I won't qualify as over skilled for it. Thank you for the fun events.
      war eagle


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        Iíll be bringing a low level alt then I love these events but donít want to ruin it with Kered
        "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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          Originally posted by ArchMagi View Post
          disruption? you mean that one guy who wanted to dig?
          Let the man dig!
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