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[Event] Fair Winds and Following Seas (Saturday, Mar 7, 2020)

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  • [Event] Fair Winds and Following Seas (Saturday, Mar 7, 2020)

    9:00pm - Fair Winds and Following Seas

    Captain Thalassia is returning to one of her very favorite ports with a cargo hold full of treasures sure to delight her Iridine friends. Items for pockets of all depths will be auctioned off at Seneda's.

    In addition to her treasures, she brings with her news from outside of Iridine's borders that may leave some feeling unsettled...

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    Is this Thursday as per Events IG or is this Saturday?
    I'm hearing a lot of talk that it's been moved (I don't know to which date) and that interested players can no longer attend.

    Please clarify when it it. Also: I can't make Saturday.


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      This is on Saturday night. If you type Events while IG you'll see the updated event listing.


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        Originally posted by Siddhe View Post
        This is on Saturday night. If you type Events while IG you'll see the updated event listing.

        Still a negative, but thanks for confirming.

        Upcoming Events
        Watch out for these upcoming events! (All times Eastern.)
        THURSDAY, MARCH 05, 2020

        9:00pm - Fair Winds and Following Seas
        Captain Thalassia is returning to one of her very favorite ports with a
        cargo hold full of treasures sure to delight her Iridine friends. Items
        for pockets of all depths will be auctioned off at Seneda's.

        In addition to her treasures, she brings with her news from outside of
        Iridine's borders that may leave some feeling unsettled...
        A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome says to a ram in Cineran, "Oh yes, hit me now, you bad bad bad sheep."
        A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome is stunned.
        A ram bumps roughly into a woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome with its head!.

        “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs


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          Ah, I see the confusion now. Apparently one of the rollbacks ate the updated version of this event listing.

          Thanks for bringing that to my attention, the Events page has been updated:

          SATURDAY, MARCH 07, 2020

          9:00pm - Fair Winds and Following Seas (Real)
          Captain Thalassia is returning to one of her very favorite ports with a
          cargo hold full of treasures sure to delight her Iridine friends. Items
          for pockets of all depths will be auctioned off at Seneda's.

          In addition to her treasures, she brings with her news from outside of
          Iridine's borders that may leave some feeling unsettled...

          [Please note Saturday the 7th is the correct time. Apparently one of
          the rollbacks ate the previous update of this event. Apologies for any


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            Well, I logged on for nothing. Dang, could make it tonight, but not Saturday. Thanks for the update.


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              a fitted midnight blue silk stola with a shimmering sheer silver overlay
              The sheer silver silk outer layer of this stola is awash in tiny crystal stars. Beneath the sheath is a second layer of deep midnight blue silk that is fitted tightly to the wearer's body. When moving, the layered effect is that of a twinkling nighttime sky.

              a double length of ivory lace-covered emerald green silk cloth

              a dainty seelan nose stud
              This nose stud is as thin as the tip of a quill pen, with a subtle golden sheen that plays with the light.

              a burnished silver split ring featuring a sun and moon
              The thin band of this burnished silver ring wraps around the underside of the finger, but leaves a small, open gap that lies along the back of the finger. One end of the ring is capped with a polished gold half-sun, the rays splaying outward along the edge. The other end of the ring is capped with a smaller gold full moon. The surface has been inset with a mixture of black onyx and diamond chips.

              a leather-wrapped quarterstave capped with iron fists (superior)
              This dark gray dursc quarterstave is a fine specimen of workmanship. Just over six feet long, the haft has been smoothly sanded, then wrapped in soft black leather for a more comfortable grip. Each end is capped with a blackened iron fist, protruding outward as if the haft was a double-ended arm.

              a delicate translucent glass sewing needle
              This thin length of polished glass is slightly longer than a human finger, and perfectly smooth. The top bears a flattened eye, and the piercing end is a thin, gently cupped point. It is not threaded.

              a milky white glass cloud bearing dangling silver and gold stars
              This windchime is comprised of a fluffy-looking milky white cloud. Embedded in the bottom of the cloud are a dozen strands of thin silver silk cording. Each cord is strung with delicate glass stars in varying shades of silver and gold.

              a cream doeskin drawstring pouch embroidered with a flattened die (contains dice)
              Sewn upon this pouch is the the pattern of a die as if it has been flattened, with each side of the die clearly visible. The pips on each side are a different color, and you note pips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

              an embossed red leather bottle
              Soft red leather is embossed with an elaborate repeating pattern of flames, then tightly stitched together in the approximate shape of a wine bottle. The interior is filled with dissolved congealed beeswax to ensure it is watertight, preventing leaks. It features a cherrywood plug that is attached by a leather cord, with a few yellow and orange beads added as embellishment.

              a framed painting of repeating red eyes
              This painting features a series of red eyes upon a black background. There are likely hundreds of them on this piece of art, with one solitary eye upside down directly in the middle.

              a double length of soft charcoal gray cotton cloth

              a small needle cushion shaped like a skull
              This small, plump cushion is crafted from stark white linen and fashioned to resemble a grinning skull. Tiny black buttons have been attached to indicate eye sockets. The cushion sits atop an adjustable leather strap that can be secured around the wrist.

              a retalq gladius forged to resemble consuming flames (superior)
              The sides of this retalq gladius have been forged to resemble thick, curling flames. They lick and twist their way up the blade, sharp ridges rising slightly from the gladius itself. The flames have been highly polished, making the silvery blue metal nearly gleam, lending to the blazing effect. The pommel is a perfect, smooth sphere that nearly glows, while the grip resembles bony fingers that appear to wrap around the flame, wielding fire itself.

              a snug alanti choker fashioned to resemble skeletal hands
              You see two sooty black skeletal hands, which seem to be choking the wearer's neck. Although the piece's size looks oppressive, the lightweight metal makes this necklace relatively easy to wear.

              a crimson rounded deck of cards

              an ocean blue ceramic planter shaped like an island
              You see a shallow blue planter that stands on three thin legs. The surface of the planter is flat, and it has rounded edges. Sprouting from the sandy soil is a collection of beach plants, like stubby grasses and a creeping chunky-leaf vine. A single bright pink flower grows from their midst. When viewed from above, the planter looks like the outline of an island.

              a double length of metallic pewter silk cloth

              some small golden brass half-circle hoop earrings

              a magnificent garlanded sunrise tapestry
              With richly pigmented silks, this tapestry depicts the sun rising over a verdant grassland landscape. In the foreground are a few cheerful flowers, with cows grazing between them. A golden garlanded border is woven as part of the piece.

              an engraved olifant hunting horn
              Shaped from a polished elephant tusk, this hunting horn has a metal band at either end. The wider end is engraved with a scene of hunters atop massive elephants, marching toward some unknown goal.

              some gold and crimson leather shoulder wings
              These leather shoulder pteryges are designed like a set of gold and crimson wings, each strap stitched into the likeness of a feather. The edges bear leather folded fringes as extra decoration.

              a golden embossed sunbeam wall shield (superior)
              Rectangular in shape, this massive rectangular shield is curved to fit and protect the body down to the knees. Its front is bronze, at the center of which is a bronze knob. The bronze face is embossed with the scene of a sunbeam bursting through a cluster of clouds, with the knob serving as the sun. The beam casts its light upon the robed female figure of the Priestess Iridine, her hands held piously before her.

              a double length of silver star and moon patterned midnight blue silk cloth

              a reptilian knee-length scale squamata shirt
              This sleeveless lorica squamata is made of small, thin bronze scales sewn into a durable fabric. The scales overlap vertically as well as horizontally, providing superior protection. Each scale is brightly enameled in golds, browns or greens, like an oversized reptile.

              a gold grape motif wall hanging
              You see an ornate wood carving of grapes on a curving vine, with plump fruits and lively leaves. The piece is painted gold, with a hook on its back for easy hanging.

              some small skulls strung on a long cord
              Long enough to be worn about the neck, this cord is strung with a variety of skulls from small animals. Some appear to be predators with pointed teeth, while others appear to be grass-eaters with flat molars. At the center is the head of some sort of snake, including the fangs.

              a foliated double glass door bookcase
              Featuring a shaped backsplash with a foliate motif, this cabinet is perfectly sized to hold books upon its shelves. The wood is a rich, finely sanded softsun, with two glass doors that reveal its contents at a glance. The pulls on the doors are acorns fashioned from bronze.

              a pale gray fleece knot pillow
              Long strips of wool have been twisted about each other to create this soft, intricate pillow of fleece knots. It is in the approximate shape of a ball and about the size of your head.

              a silver head chain bearing a tiny opal
              Designed to be worn at the hairline, this delicate woven silver chain bears a tiny, opaque red stone that comes to rest in the middle of the forehead. The stone has been so highly polished, it almost appears to undulate.

              a billowing belted green silk stola with blossoms
              This vibrant sleeveless stola is made from fine silk. Its base is a cheery green, with a white belt sewn into the garment that accents the waistline. Dozens of luscious roses, daisies and sunflowers are sewn into the green fabric with white thread, like a cheery monochromatic garden.

              some cool blue leather pteryges resembling icicles
              Strapping about the waist, the straps of these pteryges look like icicles. The leather is a cool blue tone, with added shading and contrast in various shades of blues, whites and blacks to add depth. Drops of liquid appear to be dripping down the length of each strap, and they all end in a pointed tip.

              a cavernous maw with a plush padded tongue
              This horrific wooden bed frame looks like the gaping skull of an enormous beast, complete with pointed teeth. The upper jaw extends over the bottom, serving as a canopy. Affixed to the frame is a plush red mattress, round at the front like a tongue.

              a leaf flap calfskin leather satchel
              This large, rectangular pouch is composed of simple sheets of green calfskin leather stitched together. The leather flap that closes over the top has been cut into the shape of a leaf, with the seams stitched in the pattern of veins.

              a wooden recreation of the Stone Toga Inn
              Intricately carved from wood and then painted, this model of the common room of the Stone Toga Inn is open at the top so it can be viewed from above. Inside is a series of oak tables and chairs, with a softsun bar etched with sea creatures along one wall. Behind the bar stands a bulky man carved from wood, the top of whose head is painted reddish-brown. Dominating one corner of the room is a booth, inside of which are two figures. The exterior is white with a red band of paint around its middle.


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                a bloodied engraved spiked iron mace (superior)
                This gruesome weapon looks as though it has already seen many battles. Its heavy sphere of iron is covered with bloodied studs and large spikes, with clumps of flesh and hair lodged between protuberances. The haft is a thick piece of strong, black dursc that has been engraved with the words "Heart stopper."

                a sleek seelan wrist cuff
                Flat vertical "panels" of seelan are joined together with tiny rings to form this wrist cuff. The white metal is smooth with a subtle golden glow that glimmers softly, even in low light.

                a driftwood tree cloak rack
                Several pieces of twisted, spindly driftwood are intertwined to form a cloak rack. It resembles an actual tree, with "branches" that extend at the top that serve as hooks for clothing. The wood is lightly sanded to remove any rough edges and stands on three wooden root-like legs

                a double length of iridescent golden silk cloth

                a verdigris and moskan scrollwork table
                The frame of this table is made of brass with a green-gray verdigris patina. The legs are columnar and support an open scroll-like design that supports a soft gray moskan top.

                a silvery jewelry box shaped like a faceted gem
                You see a box carved from weathered brightash that is shaped like a faceted gem. Its sides have been sanded to slick edges and lacquered, giving the attractive silvery ivory tone a shine reminiscent of a real gem.

                a flaring iridescent green scaled leather skirt
                This long leather skirt is stitched with layers of green scales sewn on with iridescent yellow thread. It fits tight from the waist to the knees, before flaring out at the bottom like the rear half of a fish.

                a rose on a silver hair pin
                A perfect rose with soft, deep red petals is affixed to this silver hair pin.

                a delicate gold chain holding a perfect glass sphere filled with tiny flowers
                Suspended from a delicate gold chain is a perfect clear glass sphere. Encased inside are tiny flowers in purple and pink hues. They are so well preserved they appear to still be alive.

                some smoke gray chain sleeves with matte black hand guards
                Each ring of these chain sleeves have been coated with varying shades of smoky grays. They've been woven together until they resemble swirls of smoke that crawl up the wearer's arms. A matte black hand guard protrudes from the bottom of each, terminating in a diamond point at the bottom knuckle of each middle finger.

                A full length of silver-streaked midnight blue doeskin cloth

                a forked silver and emerald hair comb
                You see several thick pieces of silver wire that have been wrapped in an ornate pattern, with swirls and delicate curves. A large faceted emerald is woven into the middle of the design. Three parallel pieces of silver hold it in place, resembling the tines of a fork.

                some skeletal leather gloves
                These gloves are dyed black and overlaid with real pieces of bone, which resemble those in a human hand.

                a glossy black raven's cloak
                Hundreds of glossy leather "feathers" are affixed to this cloak, which is lined with black velvet. Although most feathers are black, some are green or purple to recreate the iridescent effect of an actual raven.

                a large gilt sunburst wall plaque
                This large decorative wall hanging is carved from birch wood. Billowing clouds of unfinished wood part to reveal a magnificently gilded sunburst that bursts forth, escaping their cover and darkness.

                some wool slippers with rose brooches

                an iron septum spike
                Tapered and sharp on both ends, this iron spike pierces the middle of the wearer's nose and extends past the nostrils.

                a brass bird and branch wall sculpture

                a blue suede gathered neck bag
                Smooth like velvet, this exterior of this pouch has a sumptuously soft, luxurious feel. It closes at the top with a drawstring that is long enough to be worn about the neck.

                a diaphanous silken tunica of pale gold
                Made of pale gold silk so thin it is barely there, this undergarment skims the wearer's body from chest to thigh.

                a pure white collared paenula with wolf fur trim
                Sewn from decadently soft pure white silk, this circular knee-length cloak has a high collar. Both the collar and hemline are trimmed with dappled white and black wolf fur.

                A pair of seahorse earrings

                a pair of iridescent green scale boots

                a sleek retalq dagger resembling a luminous blade of ice (superior)
                This twelve inch long dagger has a silvery blue blade and a sturdy hilt wrapped in leather. Swirling flames and smoke have been very carefully etched into the surface of the metal.

                a white spine-like leather scale whip (superior)
                You see a leather whip coated in a thick, scaley material. Each scale is shaped like a vertebrae, with a sharp ridge at the center. The gradually taper in size toward the tip, and look like an elongated snake spine. This particular whip is bound to a handle of polished ash which is wrapped in doeskin for added comfort.

                a red horned iron trident (superior)
                The two outer prongs of this iron trident are slightly curved and ridged to resemble the pointed horns of some unknown beast, with red enameled tips. The metal is set upon a sturdy dursc haft that extends nearly six feet long, the grip of which is wrapped in sea-green leather for comfort.

                a matte black drawstring paenula with elaborate knotwork
                Like a shadow, this paenula is completely dark with a matte finish. Clearly sewn by a master tailor, the garment's stitches and seams are nearly invisible. The piece is tight around the neck, its tautness controlled by a black leather cord that features elaborate knotwork in a flowing pattern of loops and spirals.

                the painted vision of a dreamer
                This unframed painting depicts an androgynous close-eyed figure reclining on a black background. An amazing cascade of color swirls as it seems to escape from the figure's head, with blues the most prominent. You can see some amorphous shapes, such as a boat, sun and flower, but there is no clear hierarchy or relationship among them.

                some vine-strapped sturdy shin boots
                The union of finely crafted leather boots and rustic accents, this set of footwear has a long shaft to protect the shins. The leather is soft mossy green with handsome black stitching, and wrapped with vines up and down its length.

                a two-handed iron axe resembling raised arms (superior)
                The wooden haft of this massive two-handed axe has been carved to resemble a large, muscular man. The mirror iron blades form his arms, bowed with elbows pointed outward, and his hands folded above his head in prayer.

                a sheer, ruby red silk chiton with gold cords
                You see a delicate chiton made dozesn of layers of sheer, ruby red silk. The ties at the shoulders are beaded with chips of fiery opals that flash in the light. Golden silk cording wraps around the wearer's torso, just below the breasts,

                a waist-high wooden horse on curved rockers
                You see a chair that vaguely resembles a horse. It is mounted on two curved rockers, and a padded tan seat rests on the animal's back in place of a saddle. The piece is made of hardwood and painted white, with black horse's hair for a mane.

                a leonine birch and bronze desk
                Bronze and birchwood are crafted together into a desk shaped like a lion. The animal stands on four wooden legs, and its back serves as the top of the desk. Each leg ends in a bronze paw so detailed that you can discern claws and tufts of fur. From the front of the desk extends a wooden head with bronze mane, and the rear of it has a wooden tail with a bronze tufted tip.

                a luminous scene of birds and moths
                Delicate white-, gray- and gold-tone birds and moths rest on a branch or flit about the yellow background in this painting. At the center is a stunning white dove that faces the viewer. Gorgeous blue and bright green leaves grow wild around the beautiful creatures.

                a shell-encrusted trinket box
                This box is encrusted with exotic shells, pearls and beautiful rock crystal. The interior is lined with crimson doeskin is perfectly sized to hold small possessions.

                a retalq-tipped spear with a feathered blade (superior)
                The haft of this spear is crafted from sturdy dursc wood, which is wrapped in silver leather for comfort while gripping. Forged into a pointed feather, the blade is made of silvery-blue retalq. Although light in weight, the "feather" is remarkably sharp. A collection of decorative, long white feathers have been tied with a leather cord to the haft, just below the start of the blade.


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                  a birch and black leather shelf
                  This wooden shelf is suspended from two black leather straps. The natural pale tone of the birchwood contrasts sharply to its leather supports.

                  a wide, turquoise leather belt inset with sea glass
                  This wide leather belt wraps around the entire torso, fitting just below the breasts. The front is inset with a complicated mosaic of sea glass. It laces closed in the back with strips of sheer seafoam green silk.

                  some serpentine green mail sleeve
                  Resembling two snakes, these armored bronze mail sleeves extend from the shoulder down to the wearer's arms. Each small ring has been enameled in shades of iridescent greens and yellows patterned snakeskin, and the pieces look like writhing serpents when the arms are flexed. They are connected by leather straps that cross the back.

                  a life-size prowling golden marble lion
                  You see a fine stone recreation of a lion, carved in magnificent detail from gold-streaked marble. His body is extraordinarily and lifelike, and you can see every curve of his muscular form as he leans forward on one leg. Set to the left, his gaze appears to be locked on something in the distance.

                  the right side of a stylized heart suspended on a seelan chain
                  This long, fine silver seelan is strung with a ruby shaped into right side of a stylized heart. The end where half is missing has a convex shape

                  a set of stacked softsun shelves resembling a sunrise
                  You see a large circle of softsun wood. Three stacked shelves jut from the backing. Each shelf has been painted a different shade of glowing red, orange, and gold, giving the impression of a sunrise.

                  a small stone tile painted with laurel leaves (tile for a faceplate)

                  a form-fitting stola of cascading twilight purple silk
                  This silk stola is so tightly fitted, it almost molds to the wearer's body. The silk has been dyed variegated shades of twilight purple, some so dark they're almost black. The bodice is lightly boned and covered in coils of pure black silk. A band of shimmering black wraps around the waist.

                  the left side of a stylized heart suspended on a seelan chain
                  This long, fine silver seelan is strung with a ruby shaped into left side of a stylized heart. The end where half is missing has a concave shape.

                  a wide trunk inlaid with a softsun sunset
                  You see a wide trunk made primarily from bright softsun wood with lustrous reds and yellows. The top has been inlaid with pieces of softsun arranged in a mosaic of a sun. Radiating from the orb are pieces that feature more prominent gold and yellow striations, in homage to a setting sun.

                  a fitted gray suede vest lined with soft wolf fur
                  This vest has been lined with soft, warm wolf's fur. A series of leather cording laces the vest closed to provide a snug fit.

                  a birch and black leather shelf (second one)
                  This wooden shelf is suspended from two black leather straps. The natural pale tone of the birchwood contrasts sharply to its leather supports.


                  News from overseas:

                  Thalassia says, "Hoy Iridine. Tis good ta see ya."
                  Thalassia says, "Hada bit'a trouble gettin' back ta tha' city. Haven't seen tha seas that alive in years."
                  Thalassia says, "Really nay sure, lass. Seas were rough an' angry, filled with more ships'n ah normally see this close ta Iridine."
                  Thalassia says, "Heard some interestin' tales 'long tha' way too."
                  Thalassia shrugs one shoulder with surprising eloquence.
                  Thalassia says, "But tha's nay what ya are here for."
                  Thalassia says, "Had ta' make ah few interestin' deals ta get some'ah tha' things ah brought ya today. Hope'n ya love the surprises."
                  ..... items are sold .....
                  Thalassia takes an engraved olifant hunting horn from a black leather backpack with silver rivets.
                  Thalassia says, "Ah hesitated if'n ah wanted to sell this ta yas."
                  Thalassia says, "Ah will, but ah want ya ta have tha' full story ta decide for yaself."
                  Thalassia says, "Thin lil' wisp of ah young boy brought this ta me."
                  Thalassia says, "Wanted ta trade fer food."
                  Thalassia says, "Seemed right crazy ta be honest."
                  Thalassia says, "Told'ah story 'bout tha' mountains bein' alive."
                  Thalassia says, "Walkin' on their own'n an' tha' ground crawlin' with people like ants."
                  Thalassia says, "Terrified he was. So ah loaded him on board an' dropped him at tha' next port."
                  Thalassia says, "He said tha' man that left this behind had murdered his entire villahge."
                  Thalassia says, "Might not 'ave tha' best luck associated with it."
                  Thalassia says, "So ya make up yer own mind.
                  You look at an engraved olifant hunting horn.
                  Shaped from a polished elephant tusk, this hunting horn has a metal band at either end. The wider end is engraved with a scene of hunters atop massive elephants, marching toward some unknown goal.

                  Now if you take that information and look at Siddhe's outlook and plans for 2020:

                  -Major story arc to span a number of months.
                  -Introduction of new cultures, and all that brings (new items/gear/lore/language/etc.)
                  -New mob types.
                  -New hunting grounds.

                  Is Iridine really safe? For how long?


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                    Forgot to mention:

                    There is a villa that is currently being sold in the Auction House. You can place a bid on a tile. The winner will win a villa situated in the grasslands just outside of Iridine. The bidding should be open until next Saturday/Sunday (14/15 of March), but we will be warned beforehand IG.

                    On another note, characters have spent a total of 2211 talents! We have also managed to hit 61 players at once at peak hour which I believe is our current record for the year. I'd like to thank Siddhe and all of the GMs who have worked on this auction. Thank you!
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                      Nice work, Ghuan.