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    Been away for a long while. Hope I wasn't forgotten. I haven't decided on coming back though. I remember the level of commitment I put into TEC, and I can't put those kind of hours in anymore. I had a few strokes, so officially....that's what put me out of the game. I'm better now, but I find myself getting.....distracted and frustrated a lot. I'm not sure if I can manage the speed of script. But it's great to see the majority of the old players are still about. Sometimes I miss playing Jon.

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    You've been gone for an awfully long time, but there are some changes that I think would be beneficial to you. For one, the skill cycle means you get TREMENDOUSLY more SP in the beginning of the cycle than you do after you get past certain thresholds, and rollover SP from being gone for a long time means if you try and return that you'll get another large bonus of SP on top of that. So that'll be good for not needing to worry about training like a madman for hours on end if you can't sit at the computer for long periods of time but still have ample opportunity to build your character.

    There are lots more areas to explore, and *LOADS* more customization options available for clothing/jewelry/weapons than ever used to be available. Between Behlrad's in Quartz Heights, and the various customization options that have been added into so many of the stores, you can really deck out your toon with armor/clothing in the style that you'd prefer without worrying about spending several hundred talents obtaining it.

    There are lots more hunting areas in the game that require more attention to detail, strategy, and really encourage group fighting to play in that make the game dynamic. Not sure if those will be as interesting to you if you're worried about the speed of the script going by. Nevertheless, there have been lots of other hunting grounds that have been added that are easy enough to do solo that wouldn't be as taxing on you.

    The gameworld itself is a lot bigger than you remember, which is saying something as it's always been pretty freaking massive.

    And yeah, there are lots of old players around. Even lots of old toons that you'd still remember run around IG, so there's plenty of opportunity for slowed down RP. Events are still going on fairly regularly, and story-archs that span several events over long periods of time are more common. There's always plenty to get involved in.

    All in all, with being free-to-play, it's worth giving it a shot again just to see some of your old friends.
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      It's good to hear that you're still kicking and doing better. I am not alone in saying that I'd love to see you return should you feel up to it. The Legio could certainly use another archer!


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        Hey man, glad to hear from you. Take it slow, and let the good times roll. Catch you on the flipside.