ZEALOTRY Users: Critical Notice on Continued Use

Edit: Our new HTML5 client (Orchil) is now open for beta testing in The Eternal City. Feel free to try give it a whirl at

Edit: We have made great strides toward a new HTML5 client, which should offer a replacement to Zealotry. We're hoping to release that in the very near future, but in the meantime, using Pale Moon remains the best method for ensuring there is zero interruption to your game playing during the transition.

As of November 14, Mozilla will be auto-updating all copies of Mozilla Firefox to Mozilla 57, a new edition of their browser that will disable all legacy add-ons. This will probably include the majority of the plug-ins that you use on Mozilla, including the Skotos Zealotry plug-in.

This is a big problem for us because Zealotry is the most stable of our clients at this time, and the one that we believe is in the widest use. There's unfortunately no easy way to update it, because we'd have to rewrite it from practically scratch, using their new programming system.

There are tricks that you could use to to prevent Mozilla updates, but we don't particularly suggest them, as you want to have a clean, secure browser. Fortunately, there are two alternative browsers that will support Zealotry. Each of them branched off of an earlier version of Mozilla Firefox, and each of them continues to be updated for important security issues.

Pale Moon Browser

The Pale Moon browser is our suggested replacement. It is a totally separate browser that branched off of Firefox some years ago. It will continue to support the classic plug-ins.

To install it:
  • Install Pale Moon (Windows & UNIX only)
  • Install the Zealotry XPI on Pale Moon
  • Restart the Pale Moon Browser
  • Play on Pale Moon

The official version of Pale Moon only supports Windows and UNIX, but you can also get a slightly less official version of Pale Moon for the Mac. We've tested it out and it looks like it's clean and works correctly, but use your own level of caution in working with the Mac variant.

Mozilla Firefox ESR

An alternative for all users, but especially for Mac users, is Mozilla's extended-release version of Firefox that branched at Firefox 52. It's expected to remain supported until at least June 28, 2016, by which time Mozilla is planning to jump their ESR to a post-plugin phase. This is therefore a short-term solution, but one that should work for a while longer.

To install it:
The Big Picture

Our larger-scale goal is to introduce a new client that will be usable on any browser and make our games generally more accessible. We've had a HTML5 client in process since last year, but are currently hitting roadblocks that make a deployment before November 14 problematic. We've also just started a second project, which would be more specifically focused as a Zealotry replacement, without worries about new bells or new whistles. Both of these possibilities are being done out-of-house, by Skotos players, but they're receiving our highest level of attention for whatever support they need, as this is all our top priority.

So, consider this a short-term fix, but in the meantime if you use Zealotry, please download one of the alternative browsers and test them out ASAP.
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A Final Farewell

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  • A Final Farewell

    Hey Guys!

    I wanted to take a minute to let you all know that I will be retiring from the game. In all honestly I have valued every moment I have spent with this game, through the good times and the bad.
    In a lot of ways this game has saved me from myself more times then I can recall. It was definitely an escape at times but I wouldn't trade a second of it. There are way too many people to thank in the 17+ years I have played, so instead of writing a 3 page essay of names and characters, I will say that anyone who interacted with Flar changed and molded him and I valued every single interaction with each and everyone of you. It's been a long haul and a part of me already misses it, but I feel the time has come to move on. Thanks guys, it was a blast.

    General Skill Points: 0.0
    You are using 3 skill slot(s), out of a total of 3.

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Staves 350 grand master 143 6.4

    Staves Swat 252 grand master 122
    Staves Leg Sweep 50 outstanding 80
    Staves Crossblock 100 grand master 93
    Staves Simple Block 100 grand master 111
    Staves Simple Strike 70 adept 103
    Staves Pivot Smash 50 outstanding 80
    Staves Snap Strike 60 expert 83
    Staves Overhead Block 100 grand master 93
    Staves Whirling Block 71 adept 68
    Staves Spin Strike 50 outstanding 62
    Staves Longarm Strike 20 familiar 42
    Staves Pivoting Longarm 10 practiced 32
    Staves Parting Smash 180 grand master 101
    Staves Sweep and Strike 120 grand master 77
    Staves Altene Skirmish St80 master 106
    Staves Accuracy 90 grand master 72
    Staves Grip 90 grand master 62
    Staves Parting Swat 20 familiar 78
    Staves Feint 20 familiar 60

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Combat Maneuvers 200 grand master 133 37.67

    Basic Dodge 50 outstanding 94
    Duck 100 grand master 107
    Swaying Dodge 100 grand master 90
    Jump 100 grand master 90
    Leg Dodge 100 grand master 90
    Sidestep 50 outstanding 94
    Killing Blow 1 novice 34
    Fall Back 27 familiar 65
    Recovery 50 outstanding 78
    Feint Awareness 50 outstanding 61
    Backwards Rise 10 practiced 43
    Missile Awareness 100 grand master 148
    Reflexes 90 grand master 61
    Simple Rolling Rise 100 grand master 148
    Rolling Dodge 43 capable 58
    Combat Guarding 5 novice 48

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Locksmithing 12 practiced 34 5.6

    Pick Lock-Unlocking 10 practiced 55
    Lock Lore 1 novice 28
    Study Lock 1 novice 28
    Unjam Lock 5 novice 23

    Languages Rank Rank Bonus Language Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Languages 13 practiced 36 SPs: 0.0

    Spoken Altene 50 outstanding 117 0

    Time left until the next training cycle: 1 min
    For action syntax and use, type: skills ?
    "You should learn this well, admiration is the emotion furthest from understanding."

    "The betrayal you can see is trivial. What is truly fearsome, is the betrayal that you don't see."

  • #2
    Elowynn has feelings? Damn I might still have a chance.


    • #3
      Flar its been years since our two Characters have interacted much but I always liked your style kick ass at whatever you decide to to next!


      • #4
        Good luck & take care, Flar!
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        • #5
          It's always hard to see a piece of TEC history leave the Game world. Take care bud and enjoy your next adventure.


          • #6
            It feels like a lifetime ago, the times when I used to bump into Flar in game. Take care!