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TEC is unfortunately, not a casual game.

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  • TEC is unfortunately, not a casual game.

    And I can't seem to devote the time to play it, as I just don't have that luxury to give. I am sorry for the ongoing story-archs that this wrecks that I had going on, but if I can't put a game on pause for an hour to retrieve my child due to another player's insistence that I'm too OOC to play, I'm just going to have to hang it up. I have deleted my account to prevent myself from being tempted to return so this is a pretty effective end to Kayash and my other characters. I wish you all the best in all that you do.
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    Ahh, this is a shame to hear but I wish you all the luck and fun that comes with raising a raising a child!


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      Wow. Sad to hear. Could of returned my helmet!....anyways RL is more important. good luck! I spend my days juggling TEC and watch twin 1 year old girls and a 4 year old boy. I understand.
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      Originally posted by Armataan
      Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
      Originally posted by Bucaria
      The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


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        Hey man. Sorry to hear you go.

        You always had room for your life with me. Maliken and I will miss ya strong.

        Love your kid,


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          This is not pleasant to read on any level - Especially since I arrived at the information three days later than I would have wished. I echo Philippe....You always had room for your life with me as well. Hope you'll check your private messages at some point and stop in every so often to let us know how you are.

          Thinking of you.


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            Real life comes first. Sorry to see you go. I am sure if you wanted to attempt a go of it a little GM assistance could be found.
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              Meh its as casual as you want it to be i did fine when i was in the navy i went out for months at a time before comming back into game ill tell you sometimes them little vacations are awesome especially incharacter you return to iridine and you gotta run around incharacter get caught up on the gossip and news. I came back once right at the butt end of that ravenite invasion or moonfall even back in the late 90s early 2000s. good character shock. logging into that mess.
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