Multiple Downtimes for All Games [Phase 1 Done]

Unfortunately, the whole computing world is facing a major crisis right now thanks to Intel and other major processors missing critical security flaws in their architecture. As a result, our ISP is doing a set of emergency updates to all of their hardware. We are getting about a day's notice on this, and we're told that they're going to need to patch each machine multiple times, which very inconveniently means multiple downtimes.

At this point, all of the Phase 1 Maintenance is Done, and we're awaiting word from our ISP on when Phase 2 will begin. We'll post a new announcement when it does.
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Looking to Fill a Role...

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  • Looking to Fill a Role...

    Hey Folks!

    Looking to cast a roleplayer who isn't afraid of a challenge to assume the part of Dera's youngest sister; a Remathen young teen with a unique backstory and disability I'll PM to interested parties.

    This character will be given breathing room, so aside from the initial points of commonality, you can develop the arc from there!

    If you're interested in a little mischief, please shoot me a message.


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    This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Good luck with the auditions!


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      Originally posted by PhilippeCP View Post
      This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Good luck with the auditions!
      Thank you!

      So...How do I rope you into my schemes and dreams? *waggles her eyebrows*


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        I'd do it, but I can't play a second character.