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    Originally posted by yezrah7 View Post
    Ok then, I have an idea... instead of re-paying me rps for this character who i am creating to Role-play to death...

    Can I atleast get a promise that when I go to court, to be tried... rather than beheading I could become a slave to a patrician, and live on?
    Back in the early 2000's I had a character that was arrested for murder (both were citizens) and when all was said and done he was sentenced to slavery for life. It was actually quite an interesting experience. Lucky for my character his master *coughs* vanished *coughs* and there was never any record of ownership. So... if you go the slave route make sure your characters master has a parchment stating that you belong to he/her.
    The only person who is allowed to kill people in mass numbers is god himself.. and its cool because he always serenedes you with trumpets to soften the mood prior.


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      Originally posted by Lantraste View Post

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      To add to this, yeah you definitely will not get any kind of promises ahead of time. At the time of the trial (if there is one), is when you'll find out what your sentence is.


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        Well, forget role-playing anything that costs your life then.... better to just be a good guy. after all...


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          Who wants to roleplay bandit with me? Contact me... <<<