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So what's up, Iridine?

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  • So what's up, Iridine?

    Hey... just cruising around the forums this morning and seeing so many changes around, I just thought I'd ask what's up? Time for me is never a guarantee these days, but I was thinking of maybe logging in sometime soon. What should I expect (beyond the unexpected)? I hope the Stone Toga still "BLORPs!"

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    Hey there! TONS of changes and a few big new areas. The Stone Toga doesn't get as crowded or engaging as it used to, but Sumptu's on and fixing that.
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      It's not the same game you remember... which is a good and bad thing. Fun in spurts but depending no your time zone it's often dead.


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        The game has changed a ton

        Enjoy some of the new VC's walking around. There are a bunch of new stories to help create and interact with.

        I would recommend jumping in a few times and seeing what shakes loose. Timezone is a consideration, but unless you can only play at 6am EST, you should be okay
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        Keep up the good work.


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          Since the last time you were around? Lots of updates and upgrades to various nomcom skills, some combat balances, new gameworld areas, lots of player housing, new baddies, and even some quality-of-life updates like the new Orchil client with all it's neat customization, etc. Hope to see you poking about IG. Take in the sights, get into some trouble, and have some mead.
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            Tale said if we get 20 people back I could have a catapult
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