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Bi-Decade Checkup

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  • Bi-Decade Checkup

    I usually do an annual checkup, but I think I let this one go wayyy longer. Just dropped in to see what the changes looked like and who was around. Definitely some...interesting alterations to the layout of the game and how it is played. Hope everyone is doing well.

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    I'm back. You need to come back.
    Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.


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      Was very lucky to bump into you in the WA. Brought back memories of a time when we were still young and good looking. Hope the game's changes makes you curious enough to visit for a while.


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        Lots of changes man

        Lots of old names in the WA and forums as well. Good to see you around MP
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          Oh, Hi. Sorry I missed that.
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          Did you vote today?

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            It's funny what a decade does to a game. Worth checking out again, also I'm back too.


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              The game has changed a lot good and bad , having fun miss a lot of the old gms but itís what it is
              "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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                I have to come out of hiding and admit that I've just checked out the forums after more than two years. It seems things are going pretty well and I'm happy to see that. Btw, TEC just isn't the same without its master villains, Max. Major props go out to the folks still maintaining the TEC wiki, don't let my dream die. And before people ask, I am not back and never will be. Just had to chime in after seeing all of these old names and reliving some of the memories we shared. Best of luck to everyone and I hope that life treats you all well.