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    His hunting horn meant everything to him.

    Rusonius could remember the day his father presented the horn to his brother. Reverently, he reached his tiny fingers past their broad frames for a stolen touch of the cool, coarse contours of the engraved horn. Excitement mingled with a tinge of jealousy that it would pass to his older brother and not himself.

    The story of the horn had put him to sleep every night he could convince his father to tell it to him. It had first belonged to a hulking brute of a Cineran, a warlord, so the story said. His grandfather had been with the legions then, hired for his prowess with a spear, a rarity among his countrymen. But a spear was just a stave with a point on it, he would say. And that point served him when that hulking Cineran and his unit charged the Iridinian line and broke through.

    The sound of the horn filled the air, and some of the soldiers around him broke at the sound of it mingled with the clash of swords on shields. But, his grandfather stood firm, and when the Iridinian general fell from a strike to the head with an axe, grandfather Icardius protected the fallen patrician with his shield and thrust his spear upwards, perfectly striking the Cineran warlord in the throat.

    The hunting horn passed to him, along with the citizenship, bestowed by a grateful general. The horn represented the Icardius honor, their bravery, and their will to stand and fight when all reason demanded that they run.

    He could remember the day his brother went off to serve in the companies, the strap of the horn hanging casually over his shoulder. As he slung his pack up, it collided with the horn with a dull clang. Rusonius had been angry then, angry at his brother for not treating it more carefully. That anger intensified as he watched his brother ride off, the horn smacking up and down on his pack with the canter of his horse. He could remember that anger even now.

    And he remembered the grief when he saw his brotherís body return, torn and mutilated by dozens of cuts. Ambush, they had said. A regret he could never expunge, Rusonius called it.

    The horn had been damaged then, slashed and stained with his brotherís blood. His father had repaired it, but Rusonius refused to let the bloodstain be cleaned. That sacrifice had become part of the hornís legacy now.

    He tried to live up to that responsibility when he came to Iridine. He fought the Cinerans where he found them, though they outmatched him nearly always. But he never ran, and his courage never failed. He suffered grievous injuries, but he recovered, secure in the knowledge that he was part of a chain of honor. Those who carried the horn may be bested, but never beaten.

    In the end, it wasnít the battlefield, but the Forum of Iridine where Rusonius needed to fear losing the horn. A nameless woman in a faceplate dragged him off when he was wounded defending that realm from remorseless aralexes. He had fallen, fearing he would be eaten, only to discover that life could be far worse.

    The horn was gone. His birthright, his legacy, had been taken by the cowardly while he fought to defend the helpless.

    He had been careless, and he had lost the only thing that mattered to him. The constables pledged to help, but he knew the truth. As the Cineran warlord had lost it because he was unworthy, so too had Rusonius lost it.

    How could he face his father? Even his brother, when he fell, had kept the horn with him. Rusonius hadn't even given his life, yet the horn was gone. It was a shame too painful to bear.

    And so, he opened four decanters of mead from the Wayfarer and drank himself into a coma. As the veil of shadow fell across his eyes, he remembered the horn, and his own failures. The images flashed quickly, fading one into the other.

    And as he slipped into oblivion, he felt the warm touch of something, picking at his consciousness. He knew it must be Ereal, welcoming him and reassuring him that all was well. He laid down his burdens, and with them, thoughts of the horn drifted away into the fog of a distant memory. All he felt was light and peace as his conscious thoughts slipped into blissful silence.


    Ave et Vale, Rusonius. Hail and farewell.
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    Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.

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    Skills and Actions:
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Spears 90 grand master 110 10.13
    Spear Weapon Strike 50 outstanding 117
    Spear Parting Slash 50 outstanding 145
    Spear Stepping Stab 50 outstanding 145
    Spear Feint 50 outstanding 145
    Spear Sweep 50 outstanding 117
    Spear Impale 50 outstanding 117
    Spear Charge 50 outstanding 172
    Spear Parting Jab 50 outstanding 172
    Spear Chop 50 outstanding 145
    Spear Overhead Thrust 50 outstanding 145
    Spear Jab 50 outstanding 172
    Spear Stab 50 outstanding 172
    Spear Upward Slash 50 outstanding 145
    Spear Slash 50 outstanding 117
    Spear Butt Smash 50 outstanding 145
    Spears Ebros' Scorpion St50 outstanding 172
    Spear Rounding Block 50 outstanding 0
    Spear Rotation Block 50 outstanding 0
    Spear Butt Block 50 outstanding 0
    Spear Simple Block 50 outstanding 0
    Spear Throw 20 familiar 105
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Brawling 50 outstanding 90 6.22
    Knee Break 20 familiar 59
    Head Butt 20 familiar 95
    Foot Stomp 20 familiar 95
    Knee 20 familiar 117
    Kick 20 familiar 117
    Punch 13 practiced 103
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Combat Maneuvers 50 outstanding 90 9.22
    Recovery 50 outstanding 135
    Swaying Dodge 20 familiar 0
    Leg Dodge 20 familiar 0
    Jump 20 familiar 0
    Sidestep 20 familiar 0
    Basic Dodge 20 familiar 0
    Duck 20 familiar 0
    Combat Guarding 15 practiced 62
    Fall Back 10 practiced 75
    Rolling Dodge 10 practiced 0
    Backwards Rise 10 practiced 39
    Killing Blow 1 novice 48
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Locksmithing 20 familiar 50 0.19
    Unjam Lock 10 practiced 42
    Lock Lore 2 novice 43
    Pick Lock-Locking 1 novice 28
    Study Lock 1 novice 40
    Pick Lock-Unlocking 1 novice 40
    Languages Rank Rank Bonus Language Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Languages 63 expert 96 SPs: 0.0
    Spoken Altene 50 outstanding 162 0
    Spoken Iridinian 50 outstanding 162 0.0949997
    Spoken Cineran 50 outstanding 162 0.0550003
    Spoken Tuchean 50 outstanding 162 0.0749999
    Spoken Blackroot 50 outstanding 162 0.0450002
    Time left until the next training cycle: 1 day
    Total Combat Ranks: 1539
    Total Non-Combat Ranks: 35

    Character Sheet for Rusonius
    Character Background
    Name: Rusonius Icardius Homeland : Altene
    Marital Status: Single
    Citizenship Status: Iridine Social Standing: Head Count
    Popularity: 0
    Age: 17
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 6' 0" Weight: 193 lbs. Handed: Left
    Eyes: deep green Hair: raven Complexion: ocher
    Health Points: 0/133 Fatigue: 0% State: dead
    Load: 0 lbs.
    Encumbrance: You are bearing no load to speak of.
    Position: laying
    Agility: great Appearance: slightly above average
    Charisma: slightly below average Dexterity: fairly good
    Empathy: slightly above average Endurance: fairly good
    Judgement: slightly above average Memory: above average
    Perception: good Reasoning: fairly good
    Speed: very good Strength: great
    Willpower: slightly above average

    Positive Traits --------------------
    - Reduced fatigue drain. Value: 3
    Nimble Feet
    - Bonus to Speed and Agility. Value: 3
    Steady Hands
    - Significant bonus to dexterity. Mutually exclusive with 'Shaky Hands'. Value: 3
    Negative Traits
    Intense Nightmares
    - Character recovers fatigue at a reduced rate when asleep. Penalty to willpower. Character more susceptible to magic. Value: -3
    Superstitious Fears
    - Character has a major vulnerability to magic. Character cannot use any items with magical properties, including cadaes. Value: -3
    Neutral Traits
    Ox's Grace
    - Significant bonus to strength. Penalty to dexterity and speed.
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    Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.


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      Died of a broken horn. lol

      Seriously though, didn't try very hard to get the horn back, for loving it so much
      TRproclaim power!

      Originally posted by Armataan
      Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
      Originally posted by Bucaria
      The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


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        Hey, some folk have fortitude, some don't. Not everyone's a hero or a winner.
        Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.


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          You are a very good writer I enjoyed your story. It's unfortunate about him dying but it makes sense for the character and glad you were able to get an end that fits your narrative.


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            Originally posted by Ariden View Post
            You are a very good writer I enjoyed your story. It's unfortunate about him dying but it makes sense for the character and glad you were able to get an end that fits your narrative.
            Appreciate it. Thanks.
            Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.