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Ending the experiment a little earlier than anticipated.

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  • Ending the experiment a little earlier than anticipated.

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    Opened: 9:56 am, Monday, June 18, 2018
    Vakrend Created: Mon Jun 25 08:51:47 2018
    Last Accessed: Fri Mar 15 13:17:12 2019

    Had some circumstances pop up OOC that lead to an IC situation I can't seem to get him out of, little frustrated by that. Decided to make the post about starting out that I intended to make at the one year mark, but since I'm going to be taking a break from the game I might as well make it now.

    I have to say, getting started as a non-vet character is incredibly frustrating. It might have been a little less so for a non-returning player, but for me it felt like the threshold for being able to go to the vast majority of the gameworld was raised much higher than it used to be. As an example, 120 is perfected rolling rise now, instead of 100. That was basically an entire cycle devoted to catching up to what I thought would have worked and that misconception brought about a coma at that point as thinking that 100 in rolling rise was sufficient against aralex turned out to be wildly incorrect. It seemed that that was the case in general for a lot of areas in the gameworld since the last time I played--the alleys for instance were virtually impossible to hunt until maybe a month or two ago. And even now they seem wildly imbalanced as far as risk/reward goes. I can spend an entire fatigue bar there and make 300-400 denars if I'm lucky, while risking getting broken bones from the brutes that would've reduced my ability to play the game for a RL day or two. That's an insane risk for a pathetically low reward.

    Old City was another one that I expected to go differently. Those leech snakes and their ability to make a bleeder on even an experienced character being 1/20 no matter what is frustrating by itself, to say nothing about the damage to clothing and sheer HP damage that the fire lizards were capable of doing. Had to nix that one as an area my character could go to on anything close to a regular basis pretty early on. I don't remember them doing that auto-bleeder before, and didn't think that the difficulty NEEDED to be ramped up like that. As it stood, I think there is a reason I never noticed anyone else hunt there, ever.

    I feel a bit personally responsible for the scaling up of massive subterranean serpents and their difficulty. When Vakrend was still relatively new, I made him have one combat skill grandmastered and stance grand mastered almost immediately (lead and cross was my choice for one powerful move), that way he could have one move for fighting critters in min gains for making coin and SP after min gains. The serpents were absolutely perfect for both, and thus I was making him go there a couple of times a day on average and he was making TALENTS. Eventually they got scaled up in difficulty, which wound up taking away 2 different hunting areas from my character from a rather limited list of ones he could have gone to. I will say that if I could've been given a chance to give input as to what I thought should have changed, was that I wish that the value of the hides was simply reduced by something like 80%. I liked that hunting area, and as of this post Vak is still not skilled enough to actually go there any more.

    This circles back around to my original problem. Some of you have had characters for SO LONG that a lot of areas in the gameworld have had their difficulty ramped up to deal with your toon. This meant my toon starting out simply couldn't go to a lot of places. Having an area that was fun and dynamic taken away and restricted to the higher characters was frustrating and one that I've never really gotten over. I figure you guys have PLENTY of high end areas to go to, having a low end/middle area that my character could actually go to and enjoy was nice. Having it taken away and never getting anything close to the semblance of a good replacement put in just made the gameworld smaller for me. Which was a frustrating feeling, knowing that there is significantly more to the game I would simply not be able to enjoy for another 6 months or a year or something like that.

    For that matter, stats got made into the be all and end all of the game to the point that it got... a little ridiculous. Stats matter so, so, so much more than anything else in the game. I have to say, if I had known about the 'culling' event that happened around a month or two before I made my account I might not have come back at all. This made it to where around 80+% of the other characters around mine were VC10's. This has made every level of PvP completely untenable. A new player cannot engage in arena games or anything like that, because of the cripplingly lower stats that basically every other character is going to have over them. This limitation made me discard the gladiator route I originally had in mind for his character concept to be scrapped pretty early on.

    I'm sorry for the ongoing story archs I'll leave hanging with this. In a couple of months or years when I'm a little less frustrated I'll probably try to make a return. Admittedly though, if he's dealing with coma sickness/still in a coma/can't get his stuff back I sincerely doubt I'll actually return at that point. You all have a good one.
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Brawling 154 grand master 128 0.84
    Kick 10 practiced 63
    Punch 10 practiced 63
    Foot Stomp 51 outstanding 77
    Knee 10 practiced 63
    Head Butt 51 outstanding 77
    Knee Break 54 outstanding 52
    Elbow 10 practiced 47
    Uppercut 1 novice 17
    Nose Break 3 novice 20
    Face Block 10 practiced 47
    Swat Block 10 practiced 47
    Choke 12 practiced 65
    Bite 10 practiced 63
    Head Slam 10 practiced 63
    Body Slam 10 practiced 63
    Slap 10 practiced 63
    Sucker Punch 1 novice 17
    Hair Pull 1 novice 49
    Bear Hug 1 novice 33
    Leg Whip 1 novice 17
    Brawling Feint 1 novice 33
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Combat Maneuvers 120 grand master 120 1.45
    Killing Blow 1 novice 31
    Basic Dodge 50 outstanding 90
    Sidestep 30 learned 80
    Duck 30 learned 80
    Jump 50 outstanding 75
    Leg Dodge 30 learned 65
    Swaying Dodge 30 learned 65
    Fall Back 1 novice 31
    Recovery 1 novice 31
    Rolling Dodge 1 novice 16
    Simple Rolling Rise 120 grand master 150
    Missile Awareness 1 novice 33
    Feint Awareness 1 novice 16
    Combat Guarding 16 practiced 72
    Backwards Rise 6 novice 30
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Pankration 154 grand master 128 19.08
    Pankration Basic Stance 91 grand master 103
    Pankration Lead Palm 31 learned 83
    Pankration Forward Elbow 20 familiar 73
    Pankration Rising Elbow 20 familiar 57
    Pankration Knee Block 10 practiced 47
    Pankration Shoulder Block10 practiced 63
    Pankration Palm Block 10 practiced 47
    Pankration Side Knee Bloc50 outstanding 61
    Pankration Waist Clasp 1 novice 49
    Pankration Driving Knee 31 learned 67
    Pankration Strike and Ris101 grand master 73
    Pankration Plummet 1 novice 33
    Pankration Rear Plummet 10 practiced 31
    Pankration Straight Palm 20 familiar 57
    Pankration Rising Palm 1 novice 33
    Pankration Lead and Cross101 grand master 89
    Pankration Wide Knee 31 learned 51
    Pankration Double Knee 1 novice 17
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Outdoor Survival 42 capable 82 0.34
    Survival Foraging 1 novice 64
    Firebuilding 1 novice 64
    Find Firewood 1 novice 64
    Craft Basic Torch 1 novice 64
    Dig Firepit 1 novice 64
    Stoke Fire 1 novice 64
    Basic Camp Cooking 1 novice 64
    Grass Harvesting 1 novice 64
    Shelter Building 20 familiar 70
    Survival Rope-Making 1 novice 44
    Find Sapling 1 novice 64
    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Hunting 42 capable 82 7.12
    Deadfall Snares 1 novice 64
    Basic Skinning 30 learned 131
    Advanced Skinning 30 learned 90
    Intermediate Skinning 30 learned 111
    Forester Dismantling 1 novice 64
    Pole Fishing 1 novice 64
    Simple Hiding 1 novice 44
    Languages Rank Rank Bonus Language Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Languages 89 master 109 SPs: 0.0
    Spoken Iridinian 50 outstanding 171 0
    Steps Lingo 50 outstanding 171 0
    Spoken Aestivan 50 outstanding 171 0.0649997
    Spoken Blackroot 50 outstanding 171 0.025
    Spoken Cineran 50 outstanding 171 1.19209e-07
    Spoken Altene 50 outstanding 171 0.0750002
    Spoken Tuchean 1 novice 84 0.245
    Spoken Parcines 1 novice 84 0.785
    Spoken Remathen 1 novice 84 0.51
    Spoken Gadaene 49 capable 170 0.2
    Time left until the next training cycle: 5 days
    Total Combat Ranks: 1613
    Total Non-Combat Ranks: 208
    General Skill Points: 17.1
    You are using 5 skill slot(s), out of a total of 5.

  • Tjames
    Oh and the help command popup window is link/image broken and woefully inadequate when it should be the best and most complete command reference. It seems to me that what once was a very newbie friendly game has indeed become a place that panders to veteran players, and frankly it started a long time ago when I quit the first time and seems to have incrementally gotten more imbalanced.


    I concur.

    What has been frustrating about the game is the lack of information on specific issues, espeically on danger and combat.

    We have spiders. There was a major GM led event into an area of aggressive spiders, which led to major combat. Yet, before entering, NO ONE said anything about what to do if "webbed" or "entangled". What does one do or how does one help others if entangled? Where is the help system on this.

    Cut web?

    One should be able to type "Help spiders" and find out

    In terms of combat...

    There should be an extensive help combat pop-up which would help new players with weapon entanglements, impalement, arrows, and other dangers of NPC vs PC or PC vs PC combat as well.

    There is no information available...and if there is not easy to find.

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  • hickaru
    After coming back to playing after a long stint in and around the early 2000s, I have to say I almost completely agree with the OP, especially how difficulty scaling really punishes new players, and I must say the looting rewards seem lighter too which is economically debilitating for poor players surviving on porridge and bathwater IG. I couldn't use my old character because I couldn't make money, nor find friends to fight with. Also, referring anyone to the wiki is usually less than helpful. It's like, OK at best, and usually mediocre as far as being a game guide, to the point that if I keep playing despite my similar beefs, I might insist I be allowed to help fix and finish it; and it's a shame that it and Vino's are a new players best option to learn about the game. I remember when Vino actually maintained that site. Oh and the help command popup window is link/image broken and woefully inadequate when it should be the best and most complete command reference. It seems to me that what once was a very newbie friendly game has indeed become a place that panders to veteran players, and frankly it started a long time ago when I quit the first time and seems to have incrementally gotten more imbalanced. I played back when it was actually free, not free but, hey if you really wanna have fun get a premium account so you can stack a character however you like; no, I mean actually free, before Skotos even. Back in my day it was: your characters are what they were and you earned their status and increased their stats through real experience IG in a balanced progression that seems now lost. I love the game, but I just want whoever to know that things were very different, and arguably much better and far more attractive to noobs back in the day. There's far to few people playing now to easily access knowledge IG. The complaints the OP lists are valid in my eyes, except about sleeping in a dangerous area lol. C'mon man, even I knew not to do that comin' back! Listen I get that these things I'm saying and agreeing with sound harsh against the GMs but it's my honest experience coming back. Despite all that, I am pretty happy things are still kicking here and am having fun, but I half expected Iridine to be a forgotten land. It may be so eventually, and hopefully you listen to at least some suggestions here because without new blood Iridine dies a slow death. They aren't meant in any bad faith, I say these things because I love this world and the people that play it and just want more awesome people to discover it and without much trouble be sucked into it as I once was. Btw, anyone remember the 3D Eternal City 2 or whatever? What ever happened to that? I remember the blocky screenshots fondly

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  • Kered
    The burning clothing is why I stopped as well, same with oozes that blow up weapons, hard pass.

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  • Vladmir
    Originally posted by KENJY
    Old City was another one that I expected to go differently. Those leech snakes and their ability to make a bleeder on even an experienced character being 1/20 no matter what is frustrating by itself, to say nothing about the damage to clothing and sheer HP damage that the fire lizards were capable of doing. Had to nix that one as an area my character could go to on anything close to a regular basis pretty early on. I don't remember them doing that auto-bleeder before, and didn't think that the difficulty NEEDED to be ramped up like that.
    That area has been like that since at least the early- to mid-2000s, and the leech snakes have been able to cause bleeding on a grapple since the area opened. That said, it was a pretty fun area when it first opened, as the bleeding necks were the biggest threat and could end a hunting trip early if you were unlucky or poor on defense. Plus it's open so archers were doable, two-handed weapon users didn't need a lantern during the day and the critters could be skinned.

    The fire lizards are what screwed it up. They were added following some kind of contest where players could submit creatures and won RPs or something if their critter was added to the game. The clothing damage combined with the sheer DPS is a bit overwhelming at the level of ranks required to take on carrion beetles and leech snakes, and as such, they sort of unbalanced the entire area. Profit for skinners can be acceptable if you can put them down fast enough, but there's easier ways to make money and most people instead just do one of those.

    And the clothing damage just makes it more annoying to hunt there. If they removed it and toned down the fire lizards, it'd be a nice upper lowbie hunting ground, but it hasn't been touched in ages, at least not to my knowledge.

    I should note that when it initially opened it was pretty popular, both for solo hunting and small groups, and I have wondered if they wanted to stop people (myself included) from camping there with a couple friends and collecting sacks of scales, but I don't see why that'd have been an issue considering the other, superior revenue sources already in the game at that time.

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  • Alestio
    I got coma'd my first time exploring the pits after my internet decided to stop working immediately after i entered them, I woke up coma'd too. I wasn't angry however though since I had read that the creatures there can coma you. Good news is you lose nothing other than a few weeks of your characters time, and with rollover sp I actually ended up enjoying the situation down the road.

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  • Felisin
    So this is all about how you slept in a hunting ground and ended up in a coma?

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  • Elowynn
    Really good post by Tale.

    Come back soon, Vak. (AOL forevah, mi amigo.)

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  • Tale
    Hunting areas continuously spawn creatures that roam around. You got very unlucky and a Massive version was spawned and found you within seconds of you logging out. As for 4 days, that isn't a given, as most acolytes check the wards dutifully when they're on.

    I completely understand seeing a situation like this in the worst possible light, and having it frustrate you. Heck, I've been there myself, though mine was a huge alligator when I fell asleep in the swamps back in the day (and that was before acolytes were even a thing) so it wasn't even a 'hunting area', but a wilderness area.

    However we also have a variety of good reasons why it takes a minute seconds to fully sleep. Some of those reasons revolve around PVP (not allowing an 'instant getaway' for criminals), gameworld immersion (you wouldn't just fall asleep in the middle of a dangerous area in RL, and if you did, anyone looking for you COULD find you vulnerable for...8 hoursish and not just 60 seconds), and fairness to other people's immersion and PVP experiences. This is why we have several hundred inn rooms available in the game (a lot of them stupidly cheap compared to the rest of the economy), as well as numerous 'safe spots' peppered throughout the gameworld with stationed law enforcement.

    As for being a customer, and not being able to play - that's why we've increased the number of character slots over the years, and offered the ability to utilize your time (RPS) to expand your options with more character slots. And because it can be rough for a newbie, Premium accounts can choose to roll a VC1 instead of a normal character now in every slot for free. Over the years, we've made a lot of changes and implemented a lot of new features that facilitate people's ability to keep playing as much as they want, but they're all balanced against basic game principles that are not easy and sometimes outright not possible to simply hand-wave, for a variety of reasons.

    I can't think of many more simple mistakes/misunderstandings and following IG consequences that would be received more poorly than the one you found yourself in, so I understand why you're upset. I can only offer my empathy, and hope that you choose to overcome this minor setback and decide to find ways both new and old to continue enjoying the game, as well as ways to avoid any pitfalls you might have encountered with the disconnects between old and new TEC gameplay.

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  • Vakrend
    To be fair, I did ring the bell and talk to a GM before I posted at all. I wasn't trying to throw anyone under the bus or anything here, but being told that this is an acceptable level of consequence for logging out with no PCs or NPCs in the vicinity just kind of rubs me the wrong way. How many other games are dead set on saying "You logged out with nothing and no one around you? You're not allowed to play for 4 days."? I mean, I'm a customer at the end of the day too. I'm just trying to tell you that going from full health, logging out of a game, and coming back into a game a few minutes later at negative health going swiftly into a coma with literally no ability to RP or mechanically try to get out of is pretty far removed from a fun gameplay experience for me.

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  • Tale
    A couple points.
    • That character is already in the coma ward, and could be woken up by an acolyte any time if the player logged in. We drop subtle hints to acolytes that there is someone in a coma ward whenever we can if we're around and see that it's needed in order to facilitate role-play as well as helping people out of bad situations like that. Slandering us as if we actively want to punish players and/or are heartless and uncaring is uncalled for, and fundamentally wrong. Sleeping in one of the most dangerous hunting grounds inside the city, knowing that your character takes a full 60 seconds to exit the game is not something the 'GMs have messed up'.
    • There is something you can do about taking damage while sleeping. The sleep mechanics have been this way for over 20 years, for a variety of reasons and should always be accounted for when logging out. Don't sleep in hunting grounds, and if you can't get to a secure spot (inn room, for example), out of the way spots on streets, in most shops, etc are generally safe the majority of the time. If you do sleep in a hunting area, it's the risk you take (you can always go defensive and choose to take that risk if it's an emergency).
    • We're sorry to see a returning player leave because of a misunderstanding, and without seeking solutions to the things that 'didn't go as expected' that they found. There are dozens of hunting grounds that slid into the 'lowbie' hunting area category in place of areas like the Sea Caves and The Alleys. Most players, as well as the staff are generally happy to point you towards places appropriate to your skill level, because we all want people to stay, play, and enjoy themselves.
    • Most of the 'vast majority of the gameworld' is safe and easy to go to and have fun in. The only real caveat being that certain hunting areas have general rules of thumb about how many ranks you should have (and in some cases specific ranks in precautionary skills like rolling rise), or tactics you should be aware of and/or be prepared to use. You can find a 'hunting and training area guide' on the wiki here. It doesn't cover all the current areas, but is a great resource for people just starting out to 'get you started' as it lists 37 different hunting/training areas with tips, descriptions, and guidelines to help people select an appropriate area for their characters to fight in.
    • You can always ring the bell at the GM Duty desk west of the Welcome Room to ask the staff for assistance. If we're around and available to talk, we have no issues with answering questions, clearing up misunderstandings, or giving basic advice to players who are struggling with mechanics or basic gameworld information.
    • If you're dead set on leaving, we're sorry to see you go, Vakrend. If you change your mind, you can always use the GM Bell mentioned above to contact staff, or the Aux command to ask basic mechanical questions, or clear up confusion about the gameworld. Either way, we wish you all the best.

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  • Magey
    Disappointing seeing you leave. I liked the character. Good luck and stuff.

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  • Zenerai
    Originally posted by Ariden View Post
    Hmm didnít know that one. But heís in the aralex pits all he needs to do is long in and someone will find him and take care of him. Hopefully not rob him blind in the process.
    I think the point is that no one is going to go down there for him now that the GMs (probably Tale cause he only ruins things) messed up the Aralex pits so why would anyone go?

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  • Felisin
    this needs a tl;dr..

    what experiment.

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  • Ariden
    Hmm didnít know that one. But heís in the aralex pits all he needs to do is long in and someone will find him and take care of him. Hopefully not rob him blind in the process.

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