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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for a few volunteers to make a couple of videos with me.

    We'll be looking at each weapon skill set and running through each skill individually. There'll be discussion about what the skills or the entire set is good for. Where it might peak and where it might fail. We'll rate each action 1-5 or something and give folks who might not have had much exposure to the weapon a really good idea of what it's all about.

    I expect this would also be an excellent resource for our new players who are looking to get into TEC combat.

    Here are the completed videos so far:
    Combat Maneuvers:

    Talk to you soon!
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    I can do avros if you need someone
    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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      That's great to hear man!

      I've got my own take on Avros but we'll hash it out together. When I get closer to planning that one I'll reach out and we'll schedule a time.

      I've had someone reach out to me for one-handed axes but I'm still looking for a generalist who can bounce CMs with me. I could do it alone but let's give the community a time to shine.
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        I'd love to do one of these if we can find a mutually good time to do so. I'm not the most up to date on all weapon meta but CM's and half the weapons I think I'm solid on. I think Ciaran disagrees with me on knives issues though


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          Originally posted by Ilkilyn View Post
          I'd love to do one of these if we can find a mutually good time to do so. I'm not the most up to date on all weapon meta but CM's and half the weapons I think I'm solid on. I think Ciaran disagrees with me on knives issues though
          I mean, I'm not sure how the issue of Knives attack procing every easiest layer of defense in pvp without a speed advantage isn't a pretty obvious failure of the weapon. We could also focus on the fact 95% of their attacks aims to the midsection which is also the heaviest covered defensive area. I guess it's just me though, I will accept my life of 95s while every other decent weapon can at least make 50-70s possible. Stabbing motion attacks need to be adjusted not to go against 5 million easy difficulty defenses or Knives will never do crap in a 1v1 gladiator fight without the Knifer flatly out outranking the enemy. You can't have a glass cannon weapon that has zero CC, zero speed, and zero accuracy.

          It's okay guys, we got the max PvE damage. Life is good. Living in that PvE world. That's a lie, Cestii and Staves and Whips match it, ohwell, guess we're just average in an average world.


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            CMs video could be you covering the basics. Post it have the people you want to cover CMs with you watch it. Than add to that original video using the perspective of two or maybe three experienced community members.
            I understand that CMs is not going to have that personal feeling you get with attack skills. It is the single most used combat skill in the game...

            O also don't forget edge bash skill set, I mean shields!


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              Would be nice if there was a video that went in depth on the basic mechanics of the combat system.

              IE: 30 ranks in stab to the middle, in normal stance has a RB that goes up against 10 ranks in basic dodge and simple block standing aggressive, assuming all stats are equal, will give the attacker a +/- better chance of hitting.

              That is the very basic principle of understanding how the combat system works, especially in pvp. Once you understand how RB works, THEN, you can look in to the more advanced aspect of the system, like which attack would work better against a specific weapon. Axe chop mid against a whipper (fixed now) for example.


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                That's a great idea.

                Are you volunteering? The topic is a bit beyond me. I understand that this RB concept exists and I test for holes in PvP but I don't have the ability to articulate it.

                If not you then can you think of someone else?



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                  I could teach a class on the RB mechanics and how they work. But here's the thing. I'm a terrible teacher. I can't write for crap, so I'd be a terrible teacher. There's likely a bunch of people out there who think they know the correct mechanics. A few are actually right.

                  It's also 100/50/33% - Those who say otherwise are wrong. 100/66% for polearms is incorrect.

                  A shield user will always get 33% extra RB on their third tier of defense then a non shield user. - This seems to be a topic a lot of top end fighters can't agree on. It's simple to test. The numbers are there. 100/50/33%


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                    Here's the Combat Maneuvers video. I'm not sure if I'll edit this at all yet. Even so I'm told this will be added to the Wiki.



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                      I learned a few things from CM video.
                      One thing to recommend is putting in chapter points (marks) in the video where the conversation switches.
                      One person pretending to know nothing was a very good idea.


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                        If you click on "Show More" you'll see I time-stamped the video.


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                          Really enjoyed the video, looking forward to the next ones.


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                            Yeah thanks for doing this as it is a great resource. Keep doing em!


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                              Hi folks,

                              Shields are up and done! Just an easy guide and discussion for our new folks. But who knows? You might learn something.


                              Who wants to talk to me next?

                              See you next time,