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  • European's

    How many European players do we actually have?
    I guessing not that many.
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    Well I'm English...yes i live in England too, and that's a good damn point, maybe if there is enough of us the GMs will put up a few more events at our time... not at 2am *mutters to himself*
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      you could have made your poll a little bigger, like placing south america, australia and others...
      thought only once i seen someone else from Brazil at TEC, i guess it dont matters much anyways...


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        I was thinking of making it bigger but i don't know the other major users. There were only 10 possible options and there are 200+ counrtys so you can see my problem
        Atilian this exactly why i am running this poll
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          How about just doing continents:
          eg: USA/Canada, South America, Australia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Antartica (I think that's a major user group...*eyeshift*)

          That's got a pretty good spread...


          I'm an Aussie!
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            Cleaner, more informative poll

            Here is a more refined poll:

            The sooner you procrastinate, the more time you have to catch up.


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              American in Belgium

              Well as far as that post I guess I am considered a Eurpean pl;ayer but a Texas boy at heart, as far as the events yep Atilian ya are right 2 am is a sonof a gun and you are an hour behind me so it makes it 3 am for me but the gods did help with that they made some weekend events at reasonable times course I don't play EC on the weekend a lot I spend time with my wife and labrador I come on occasionally when it gets dark here at 1030pm but heck its a weekend and not too mention there was unreal lag on hte weekends before because they had so many people in the city but that is a good thing showed the poularity I just struggle sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I hop on and see what is happening as far as I can remember in my time in EC I have maybe made and participated in 5 events due to the extreme time changes the seafarer one a while back where they just kept hacking on Copen when he whispered to Jove that he was almost out and I loved the comeback "you are out now" famous last words and I ended up at Fiona's somehow , then I took part in the cineran slave revolt once and got to see some action and try and rescue fiona a little mini event in the pits, a carrion snake encounter in the sewers (if that was even considered a mini-event), I woke up in the middle of a treasure hunt and caught the last fifteen minutes or so of it course I was in the middle of who remembers where at the time and had no clue what was going on, but the events can't be placed around one person or Europeans in general has to be convenient for all. Not too mention I am sure the GM's would love coming in and hosting an event that lasted til wee hours of the morning for them to be dog tired and not want to function the next day. Overall I am happy with some of the events but the events seem to turn into hack and slash events no matter what like I almost forgot the trader Akireon or something similar to that then he runs out as seafarers enter the toga and of course the patrons in the auction assembly slayed them and then a constable came in and took them all to jail. Granted there are some peaceful ones such as the tailor events and things. Well I am rambling now sorry for the length of the post and grammatical errors ....
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                wow big turnout

                geez Copen you have a lot of time to dedicate to the forums... anyway I like the continants Idea, I'm american myself so I appreciate the even times (anything above 9:30 I wouldn't be able to make it to) but I can see your dilemma. The GMs should do somthing about it.
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                  Re: American in Belgium

                  Originally posted by Copen
                  Well I am rambling now sorry for the length of the post and grammatical errors ....
                  My gawd Copen, I almost thought that was one whole sentence.

                  Try a few (.)'s here and there, and hit <enter> for a paragraph or two.

                  You'll find more people will be willing to read what you have to say, if you make it easier on them
                  The sooner you procrastinate, the more time you have to catch up.


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                    Id Be British there for come under European.
                    hehe for this last week I have been playing till earler hours of the morning and i am beggining to start every sentance in college with the word "Say" The police have told me on more than one occasian that there are NO Giant rats or oscars in the sewers. I know there lying.


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                      I just wanted to find out the ratio of Euro players.
                      I can now c that only half the players are US and the other half are Euro or other.
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                        I am English too... not only would it be nice to have events in our time but a G.M too.
                        there's never one out there when ya need one
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                          *howls* more of us Europeans then i thought. Im English and although im a sad ass who stays up real late to go to the event im dissapointed there aint more for us people who are about 5hrs in front or the game or more. It would be good to have events our time cause im sure we will paticipate in em i can guarentee it. Anyways i run outta things to say so see ya all later
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                            Even if i live in the USA now, since i'm an exchange student i'm going back in france in one month, and i'm not sure i'm gonna be able to play anymore
                            But if i can play often i sure will and pay for it i guess, but that true that most of the events must be really late for european and it's sure is annoying ....
                            If a GM could to something for the people of the ancient continent i'm sure they'll appreciate...
                            Hello to you copen i hope your french is doing great
                            One Love!!!


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                              Yep I make it all one big long run on that way when people read them if they say to themselves well i will just stop at the ext sentence and be done with it they have to continue on
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