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Legio Recruiment

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  • Legio Recruiment

    Yes, the time has come again. This thread is for public response about the legion and my opinions on recruits--combined with some factual information.

    Please visit the web site to get a more indepth look at recruits and recruitment.

    To become a recruit you should know a bladed weapon (gladius, spear, knives), healing or archery. One should know thier skill enough to understand its workings and its purpose. (about rank 20 in basic for weapons, but this is not a requirement) If you are able to afford a decent set of armor, please find one.

    You should be of reputable character. Be ready to be ordered around. Be prepared to learn. Respect authority. Dedication and discipline are requirements. Above all, get ready to listen.

    The training will be several months. Hopefully, it will last about 4-6 months. Every other weekend, training musters will be held. You are to attend these. More on attendance will be posted on the web site after the attendance policy goes through a final revision.

    This is not a rag-tag bunch of a militia that goes on hunting outings. We are the defenders of Iridine. Protectors of the Republic and her Senate. Trained, disciplined, representatives of the Senate. This is a serious job. If you cannot realize and accept this, do not show up at the recruitment. Without the Legio there would be no Iridine.

    Do not think it will become a cushy routine after graduation. I planned for it to be anything but that.

    "Sluggards shall be whipped."
    "At all times you must think of the honor of the Legio and do nothing to besmirch it's reputation."
    "And you must, if necessary, lay down your life for the Legio and for Iridine."

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    *considers joining the Legio*

    Sounds good...I'll be there, I hope the Legio hasn't gotten wind of my none reputable charactership.


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      I just wanted to know when, because I'm still waiting for my account to be creditted.

      Thanks in advance for your reply.
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        We should recruit during the last two weeks of July.


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          Wow, so shortly after the last graduation, another class of recruits... I hope a descent number of them graduate as we only have, what, 20 active PC legionaires? Good Luck to all who sign up but, do know that all your hard work will pay off...

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          Remind me not to Slack off around Enkar...
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            hmmm.... I have a character that wouldn't mind being a government employed whipper, if anonymity could be maintained..... does the Legio need their own personal "discipline" division?
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              Re: Legio Recruiment

              Originally posted by Enkar
              Yes, the time has come again. This thread is for public response about the legion and my opinions on recruits--combined with some factual information.

              Please visit the web site to get a more indepth look at recruits and recruitment.
              I think the main idea about this post was for everyone to voice their opinions about the Legio and the upcoming recruitment. Information like what the Legio need or when the Legio recruits can be found on the webpage along with much other necessary info.

              During my years in TEC I have often met an attitude of the Legio is up 'there' and the rest of us is down 'here'. The Officers and soldiers work very hard to try to change that around, so if you have constructive feedback how the recruitment or the Legio in general can be improved, since it is the army of the people, reply. If you wish to come to the recruitment, don't post, just show up. If you have questions, check the website, check it again and then if you can't find the answer post it.

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                Up there and down here

                about the legion and populace being kinda seperate, I think that great events to bring them closer and get more support from the people would be to have parades. A file of soldiers marching down the road to the forum, people howling and cheering and throwing flowers etc. Then they march down to the well and some senator gives a speech, "Oh here so and so did this and that, our courageous warriors did this and that, praise them! long live iridine! etc."

                I also think that there should be some sort of conscription 8)
                after all, in Rome, I read that the very poor people (thats us headcounts) went into the legio and made it into a career. Also the senate had these poor soldiers stay in there for a long time, so you don't get fighters walking around the city, possibly causing a lot of Iridine, we have a lot of non-legio fighters, and that could be bad =p.

                Something that would attract recruits would be a decent salary (if there isn't already one), a place to stay (the barracks, if there isn't already one), food, etc. Just provide everything for them. Put those tax denarii to work! 8)
                Optio Takius Proteus of Legio I Invex, Cohort I Rearing Stallion, Eagle First Century, Lion Squad (retired).


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                  Good points but basically most of it is already in use. Place to stay, food and equipment is taken care of. Salary, I know the soldiers of Rome did get payed but I think the GMs idea about this is that now with what we can call a PC-run Senate we should deal with those matters IC.

                  Conscriptions.. well I guess then we will be touching that infected debate seen in other threads about where the fun meets the realism in a game. The Legio meets that alot, 'stop yelling at me, this is game bla bla' It is a thin line.

                  With more professions of a non-combat art we might actually end up with less 'warriors' and more individuals with real professions and Im pretty sure that is Scotts intention. Then soldiers can be soldiers, each recruitment of the Legio it always pops up a few that just wanted to join since there wasn't anything else to do.. The Legio is working hard on lowering those numbers.

                  Parades and Uniforms was actually two seconds away from taking place a year ago but due to lack of interest it was canceled but the time and game has changed and it is not impossible we see that some day.. with all those Gladiator games why not have a Legio show.. I don't know.

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                  abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.


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                    Roman soldiers were only payed after Marius's reforms, I'm pretty sure you know that Enger, don't know how many others do though. Prior to that all male, property owning, citizens were required to serve in the legions. It was considered their duty to defend the land they owned. They were to provide their own armor, and weapontry, though allowances for food were often given out. The legion itself was also divided into property classes, with the lower classes making up the velites (little armed skrimishers), and the highest class making up the cavalry(since horses were so expensive).


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                      Annatar, I don't see a problem with paying the soldiers. We are not under that maniple way of organization. Addtionally, there is an abundance of foreigners in the army--it is certainly not their duty to defend Iridine. The citizens aren't even required to serve. Even though the property owning classes (patricians) have their echelon in the ranks, we are a combination of old and new armies.

                      So, I see no problem with payment.

                      Even though this isn't a strong arguement (and I am not using this because you are one), constables have a small salary. They protect the Rebuplic as well, even if it is in a different manner. If they have been granted payment for keeping civil order, I don't believe it a far-stretch to reason that legionaires would be entitled to something.

                      True, on retirement we are supposed to get land. From an IC perspective, how am I to support myself, being a full time soldier, until I have that land grant?

                      Loot? That may be what is intended to take place. I have gotten zero from loot in the last several months. If you aren't on the lines, there isn't much to go around.

                      It doesn't matter if I am paid or not. I am not looking for pay. I can see, though, how we would be entitled to it.


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                        The problem is I suppose that the Legio rank structure and game itself is hard to put on the exact time-frame when it comes to when it is based on according to Rome. There is no year, but this is a long and endless debate that I have had with Annatar many times

                        [taken from a website I don't remember]


                        Soldier's Pay

                        One of the most difficult aspects of army service to understand is that of the soldiers' pay. A soldier's pay began with the viaticum which recruits received upon joining. Some records still exists for recruits joining the auxiliary forces, who received 3 aurei (75 denarii). There is no definite evidence for the legions, but it is largely assumed that the viaticum for joining the legion was the same amount. At least until the time of emperor Septimius Severus, it is believed that the viaticum remained at the level of 75 denarii.

                        As for the regular pay of the Roman soldier, it is unknown if any amounts might have been compulsorily deducted for rations, equipment and various purposes. The situation changed from time to time and with gradual inflation the pay progressively increased. Basic facts are few and far between. Caesar doubled the daily pay of legionaries from 5 to 10 asses, meaning 225 denarii a year. When Augustus left in his will 300 sestertii (75 denarii) to all legionaries this was a third of the annual amount and most probably indicates that the troops were paid three times a year and Augustus merely added an extra pay-day.

                        The basic rate remained unchanged until Domitian, who increased it from nine to twelve gold pieces a year (i.e. to 300 denarii) In spite of the steady inflation during the second century, there is no further rise until the time of Severus. Occasionally there were bounties or donations. Caligula after his abortive invasion of Britain gave all legionaries four gold pieces (100 denarii). Claudius started an unfortunate precedent in giving a donation to the praetorian guards on his accession, and it can be assumed that equivalent amounts would have been given to the legionaries.

                        Later emperors simply felt obliged to follow this example to secure the loyalty of the troops. The inevitable result was that it was expected, until Vespasian, having satisfied at least part of his victorious army with booty, quietly dropped the idea. Although the custom of paying the praetorians on accession did return later. Apart from the bounties and donations the legionaries could look forward to substantial grants on their discharge either in cash or land (praemia). Augustus fixed the amount in AD 5 at 3000 denarii and by the time of Caracalla it had risen to 5000 denarii. The real difficulty in assessing the soldiers' pay is that of stoppages (soldier's food and animal fodder) and deductions. This practice dates back to the origins of the army. Early records show that the soldiers had to purchase their corn and clothes and some of their arms, presumably replacements, at a set price which the quaestor deducted from their pay. Although attempts were made to alleviate this burden, it remained a source of grievance in the early empire. A small amount was paid into a pool, watched over by the chief signifer which paid for soldiers' burial expenses.

                        There is no evidence on the pay of centurions, but it seems likely that it was at least five times the soldiers' rate and may have been even more. one of the main privileges of the centurion's position was the practice of levying fees for exemption from certain noncombatant duties. Otho tried to correct this abuse of power at least within the paetorians by making a grant from the treasury of an equivalent amount which would have had the effect of raising centurions' pay. Later this became an established rule under some emperors, or emperors like Hadrian, enforced stricter discipline in order to suppress such illegitimate practices.

                        A primus ordo (a centurion of the first cohort) would earn about twice as much as a normal centurion.

                        A primus pilus (first centurion) would earn an estimated four times the amount of a normal centurion. He would receive enough on discharge to acquire equestrian status, a property qualification of 400'000 sestertii.

                        The pay of the auxilia poses difficult questions through absence of reliable evidence. There appears to have been basic differentials between units.

                        The cavalry of the alae were better paid than the men in the cohortes and in the cohortes equitatae mounted men got more than the foot soldiers.

                        A humble foot soldier in the auxilia is estimated by modern historians to have received about 100 denarii a year.

                        Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say,
                        abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.


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                          Enger your data is taken from a sources after Marius. Soldiers were not payed prior to Marius's time.

                          Enkar I don't have a problem with the legio being payed, but remember the constables are for the most part on duty whenever we log in. I have to run half way across the city the minute someone screams thief, or needs a constable. Which happens quite often. The legio doesn't have to do this, from an OOC perspective the legio doesn't do much, it exists to fight the Cinerans, who pop up from time to time in GM controlled raids. Next to the Constables, the legio doesn't do nearly as much. For all the time I put in as a constable, I am given 200 denars a month, which as any constable can tell you, is not worth it.


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                            Im not sure that is a debate you want to start. I understand what you say from an OOC point of view and the Legionary situation is complex and the duties is probably as many as you make them yourself. If you want to run in circles around the fort patrolling you can, the roleplaying perspectives of being a soldier are probably endless compare to a constable.

                            I suppose your statement points out the real problem, if one shall say so, in the Legio. What shall we do? How shall we do it? As I understand when TEC started there wasn't even an interest of having a Legio due to the reasons I meet (or have met) so many times, 'Im a warrior I go and fight the Cinerans anyhow, why shall train drills and march funny just so I can fight Cinners when I do it anyway?'

                            There are no solutions to the problem, in the same way as there are no solutions to how to make all constables perfect. It is all based on the real person behind the character. You can hate me for this statement now, but you can't expect a 13 year old boy to succesfully roleplay a Legion officer and know how a military unit should be trained and what decisions to make in a stressful environment, you can't and you never will do that. So until that day you for example take 20 RPG-interested Navy captains put 1000h of TEC game mechanics in their hand and go on a 2 month Campaign in game we will be forced to do the best we can. That is why the training to be a Legionary is so long.

                            I don't say Im a good roleplayer, I don't say Im a good Legion officer and I specifically say I don't have made no errors during my years in TEC but what I can say is that it is that 'challenge' to form that workable unit that has kept me in TEC, the satisfaction to see how recruits form from mostly disorganized to a well working team.

                            Right now, yes Im on a break from TEC mostly due to the fact that on wednesday Im leaving for vacation and will not return until mid August and I thought it was a good time to let others step forward. But Im pretty sure you have not seen the last of me <chuckles>.


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                            Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say,
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                              Not really important...but...

                              it's 'paid' not 'payed'

                              and it's driving me nuts, specially since I'm enjoying reading this thread :PP
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