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  • roast
    I'll eventually end my character too to try something new. I think change is good and applaud folks willing to end their old stories and build new ones.

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  • Ilkilyn
    I'll keep the IC reasoning and events of course private, though yes OOCly, I was just unable to enjoy playing the character anymore. I found myself logging in with literally nothing to do aside from trying to rob someone. And honestly.... I felt like I was almost griefing when I did. Ilkilyn's story and enjoyment had simply come to and end, and I'm glad things ended the way they did, which fit the character. Major major thanks to those that helped with it, seriously. I made it clear Ilkilyn was a chopping block character, and that I wanted to start a new (I will be resubbing soon and starting a new char ), and the playerbase went out of their way to ensure I was able to do so completely ICly, with of course support and clearance from the GM's.

    On a side note, I think that there has been a realization that there was a problem with inherently non-violent characters not having an option to end with a veteran package reward, as the only way to get once was to get someone hating your character so much they wanted them dead, or a justice pk. I think that's why they implemented the chopping block command, as I'm sure some of the others that recently died were in the same boat, where a serious main was no longer fun, but they didn't want to start completely over.

    I've said this a few times in the recent past, but I want to reiterate how much I appreciate the effort the GM's have put in recently in regards to really listening to the playerbase, and doing their best to fairly implement new mechanics (armor revamp), commands (@chopping-block), locations (Ravanite Tunnels), etc into TEC that increase the enjoyment of ALL players.

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  • urek23
    That's probably the way it was supposed to be. Thieves disappear.

    Only 5 characters know exactly what happened, 1 is dead. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the playerbase to know that he's dead.

    Like Chynara and Dahkneth. Only a handful of people knew what happened but once their character ranks were posted on the forums, it seemed to be common knowledge IG. Pretty sad.

    PS: G/L with the next character, I heard that's what you wanted.

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  • krisslanza
    I have to wonder whats offing them lately. I saw the accidental think of the warrant but I never really heard anything in thoughts to suggest why it was even given out...

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  • Kalonis
    That's three of the more competent pickpockets down. Make sure you bring a sagum with you to the afterlife. No pouch or blade will be safe! bwahahahahaha

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  • jkidd
    Originally posted by Attica View Post
    I would hope that's not what it means, but rather people want to try new skills, and start a new story. I hope everyone that's been axed, or requested it, here recently sticks around because they all are great roleplayers!
    Agreed. Also, sob!! Nooooooo, not Ilkilyn!!

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  • Attica
    I would hope that's not what it means, but rather people want to try new skills, and start a new story. I hope everyone that's been axed, or requested it, here recently sticks around because they all are great roleplayers!

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  • isgrimnur
    WOW...4 main (I assuming) characters dead this week...TEC must be broken if everyone willing to kill off mains like this..

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  • Hordini
    Sorry to see him go.

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  • Siek
    Ilkilyn! We love you! We want you to live!

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  • Ilkilyn
    =[Character Sheet for Ilkilyn]================================================

    Character Background

    Name: Ilkilyn Eros Homeland : Iridine
    Marital Status: Single
    Citizenship Status: Iridine Social Standing: Head Count
    Popularity: 0

    Age: 18

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 5' 6" Weight: 93 lbs. Handed: Left
    Eyes: midnight black Hair: bald Complexion: brown

    Health Points: 0/104 Fatigue: 0% State: dead

    Load: 7 lbs.
    Encumbrance: You are bearing no load to speak of.

    Position: laying

    Agility: average Appearance: slightly above average
    Charisma: below average Dexterity: very good
    Empathy: slightly below average Endurance: average
    Judgement: good Memory: slightly above average
    Perception: good Reasoning: good
    Speed: above average Strength: below average
    Willpower: average

    =[Skills and Actions:]================================================== ======

    General Skill Points: 18.87
    You are using 5 skill slot(s), out of a total of 5.

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Street Smarts 90 grand master 110 10.24

    Stash 1 novice 85
    City Hiding 28 familiar 93
    Steps Cant 30 learned 125
    City Sneaking 90 grand master 137
    Mimic Signpost 1 novice 58
    Find Stash 1 novice 58
    Watcher's Sense 1 novice 58
    Quick Reveal 11 practiced 87

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Pickpocketing 50 outstanding 90 368.04

    Quick Grab 9 novice 94
    Coin Sharpening 3 novice 76
    Palm 2 novice 73
    Cut and Lift 12 practiced 79
    Handoff 9 novice 72
    Slice Strap 30 learned 115
    Receive Handoff 3 novice 54
    Sword Lift 50 outstanding 99
    Knife Lift 35 learned 97

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Setups 45 capable 85 7.0

    Draw Attention 1 novice 66
    Ear for Coin 1 novice 66
    Ground Approach 1 novice 45
    Thief's Look 10 practiced 93
    Fade Away 30 learned 112
    Street Approach 15 practiced 82
    Lip Reading 41 capable 102
    City Stalking 20 familiar 92
    Assess Target 7 novice 63
    Drunken Approach 30 learned 112
    Gentleman's Touch 19 practiced 69

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Combat Maneuvers 35 learned 75 0.0

    Fall Back 3 novice 4
    Footwork 35 learned 0
    Jump 1 novice 40
    Leg Dodge 1 novice 40
    Swaying Dodge 1 novice 40
    Basic Dodge 1 novice 59
    Duck 1 novice 59
    Sidestep 1 novice 59

    Skills/Actions Rank Rank Bonus Skill Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Brawling 25 familiar 60 17.04

    Kick 11 practiced 0
    Punch 1 novice 0
    Knee 11 practiced 0
    Elbow 11 practiced 0
    Slap 11 practiced 0
    Choke 1 novice 0
    Foot Stomp 11 practiced 0
    Head Butt 11 practiced 0
    Face Block 5 novice 45
    Swat Block 5 novice 45
    Uppercut 11 practiced 0

    Languages Rank Rank Bonus Language Points
    ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------- ------------
    Languages 26 familiar 62 SPs: 0.0

    Spoken Iridinian 50 outstanding 136 0
    Steps Lingo 50 outstanding 136 0

    Time left until the next training cycle: 5 days
    For action syntax and use, type: skills ?

    ================================================== ============================
    You have just been awarded 25 role points.(For being a bad-ass, even until the
    very end!)
    You're cold.

    Thanks to everyone that helped make Ilkilyn a fun character to play, and to those that helped to end him in the proper manner for his character. The amount of support and roleplay effort from the players and GMs during his final weeks meant a lot

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  • masterz
    Waiting for J to throw in his two cents if he sees this post... haha

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  • lykatos
    Originally posted by Phwoar View Post
    ..against someone other than me?
    Lol you don't count, we share the same curse

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  • Phwoar
    Originally posted by lykatos View Post
    One day I'll win a pvp match!
    ..against someone other than me?

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  • Tweninger
    Bobby, your defense is terrible. Up those CM's to 200 yo.

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