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    hummmmmm I dont remember pimius' ranks exactly and my post of all his ranks was deleted.

    so I'd guess 1700+ including basics. probably 150 non combat ranks..

    if any one has my post saved for some strange reason... POST IT!!!


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      on a retired toon... 1624 combat... 244 non com


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        over 3000 total ranks



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          Ashin at death-
          775 in archery
          650 cm's
          225 brawling
          150 spread across 3 non coms

          2000 almost on the dot before the unlearning
          2250 now


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            Lets see...

            My staver...
            1340 combat ranks
            257 non com ranks

            My kniver...
            1477 combat ranks
            561 non combat ranks

            My tailor/hunter...
            23 combat ranks
            1112 non combat ranks

            My brawler...
            1389 combat ranks
            2 non com ranks

            So... after 8 years of playing, I have 4 characters with a combined total of...
            4299 combat ranks
            1932 non combat ranks

            If only I'd put all that time into one character. *snickers*
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              1529 combat ranks


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                20k ranks between 15 skillsets *eyeshifts*


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                  Originally posted by Zenerai View Post
                  20k ranks between 15 skillsets *eyeshifts*
                  You found a bug to abuse and didn't tell me?


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                    Alsask has 94 ranks, all Healing
                    Valentius has 107 ranks, all combat
                    Alt #1 has 79 ranks, in 3 non-combat skillsets
                    Alt #2 has 94 ranks, in 2 non-combat skillsets

                    And my other two slots were rolled less than an hour ago, so... Yeah. My two alts have only a couple of months of playing time each, but Alsask's over five years old. He has the best training regimen ever.

                    This can be quoted to the lol thread.
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                      Originally posted by Max Powers View Post
                      You found a bug to abuse and didn't tell me?
                      No, you should ask Helwood about that one.


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                        Wow, I kinda suprised myself here.

                        Zee's got like 400 combat ranks - about 30 non-com
                        Rhavyn has about 250 non-com ranks

                        Then there are 3 others, but I delete and re-create those on a regular basis.

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                          Evarian - 1159 Combat Ranks, 3 non-com.


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                            Originally posted by OxidiusPlayer View Post
                            Evarian - 1159 Combat Ranks, 3 non-com.
                            And no tongue...
                            TRproclaim power!

                            Originally posted by Armataan
                            Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
                            Originally posted by Bucaria
                            The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


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                              Originally posted by mikeand View Post
                              And no tongue...
                              lmfao i love u


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                                This screenshot taken about 4-6 month before I quit/deleted. So about 4 more skills were taken to 100, if I remember correctly. Locking, Jamming, Clay Mold, and Forging, I believe. I was working on Lock Lore (had it at 70 something) when I left/deleted.

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