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  • A possible return

    Hello, It's been sometime since I posted here in the forums, but I've been thinking about something since the new feature of bringing back deleted characters.
    I was thinking about I might come back around myself, and see if I could find a niche for Seliuna again. Is there anyone around that still remembers my character, or would be interested in seeing new or renewed rp arks? Feed back is appreciated, so feel free to share.

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    I don't know your character but the more people that want to RP the merrier. Pop on in.
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      For sure a ton of old players returning now. Com back and check out all the work the gm's have been doing


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        I'm working on the RP's It shouldn't take to long maybe a few weeks. I'm looking forwards to see whats happening these days. What sort of niche's exist these days with all the players? Have I missed anything impressive?


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          I still know your characters and, yes, you should come back!

          There is a lot of opportunity for RP in the game right now.
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            Doesn't matter if we know the char or not... COME BACK!
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              If all goes well, I should see you all in about 3-5 days. Tell me what I've been missing lately anything good? I did see a mention of Japes returning, I'm happy for that.



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                I am not familiar with this character, but I am excited for the return! More RP is bestest.