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The Gold No Longer Glitters, Babe.

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    You will be missed take care and have fun.
    Themis attempts to strike with her fine pine quarterstave but strikes a nearby wall instead!
    You exclaim to Themis, "Wall banger!"

    Lang may yer lum reek!
    We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns!


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      But oh sometimes I think about you
      And the way you used to ride out
      In your rhinestones and your sequins
      With the sunlight on your hair
      And oh the crowd will always love you
      But as for me I've come to know
      Everything that glitters is not gold
      TRproclaim power!

      Originally posted by Armataan
      Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
      Originally posted by Bucaria
      The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


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        You'll be missed and have been missed. And good bye? Fah! It'll drag you back in someday. Disheartening to find out about Themis this way, hope there is a helluva story to find out about it.

        Best of luck with the RL things, had some really great times, best of times really, playing with you.


        Edit PS: Best of; Clearly the treasure map takes the cake, I still get mind blasted when I think about it, runner up; the sea cove, so I can pat myself on the back, though the more I think on it, Themis usually got the best of him.