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    Hey TECers,

    I am considering playing again after a hiatus of several years. It looks like there have been some exciting updates to the game, although I'm sure I've not read all of them. Anything you guys think I should be aware of?

    I won't be able to start playing for awhile, as I'm currently working 60-hour weeks, finishing up some college courses, caring for my daughter and my father, who recently had a stroke, which make things just a bit insane around my home most days. I'll be down to human hours sometime in June and have felt the TEC pull for awhile. I know I should probably "Just say no," but I'd really like to make another character and see where his/her story ends up. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what sort of character/story I want to start with at this point anyway.

    Anyway, I just wanted to see what sorts of things you all thought I should be aware of.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Hi! Welcome back to TEC, potentially.

    There have been an enormous amount of mechanic changes and subscription changes! There is a thread in Staff News that talks about a lot of them in far better detail than I could provide.

    However, I would say that the MOST exciting and best change is that, currently, SGs/GMs are active on a daily basis. There is a HUGE amount of interaction, both scheduled and unannounced, both short and long running story telling, and both dangerous and benevolent. On top of that, there are a lot of player-driven opportunities that invite interaction, character building, and jovial fun.

    It's wonderful, so I hope experiment with characters soon and see it for yourself. GMs are extremely active in watching and nurturing RP, so ... dive in, get crazy and you may be surprised with what comes of it!


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      I just came back after about a 6 year absents. It's been good. Liking it, and a ton of new stuff to do. Not even really sure where to start. (still playing like it's 99)
      Welcome back. And hope to see you in, soon.
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