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  • Hey

    Most unimaginative thread title FTW.

    So I came back for a bit and it's fun, but quiet. I'm enjoying all the RP I can get though.

    Curious if anyone who I know is still out there.

    I used to take care of the old player pictures site (not gonna link to it in case people have asked me to take pics down). I am sure I've gotten emails to the address for changes. I'll see if I can find the password to retrieve them if there's interest in me bringing it back. Everyone looks so young on it. I bet new pictures would be fun to see.

    I think that's it. Just saying hi.

    Kayrah/Aurael's player
    Baracchi tears a hunk off a food ration.
    Baracchi takes a few bites of a food ration.
    You whisper to Baracchi, "[did you just rp tearing a hunk off the food ration!??]"
    Baracchi whispers to you, "[my bp should be arriving any minute ]"
    Storyguide Calades responds, "Unlikely."

    Elwood says:
    just a lil somethin to get u hot
    Time online: 16 hrs.

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    Yay. Welcome back.
    "I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover's quarrel with the world," Robert Frost


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      You still have my axe.

      Also, welcome back. Hope the family is well.
      A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome says to a ram in Cineran, "Oh yes, hit me now, you bad bad bad sheep."
      A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome is stunned.
      A ram bumps roughly into a woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome with its head!.

      “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs


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        I love you! Ruin welcome back!


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          I remember taking 30 minutes just to hit the send button on that blurry ass picture that's on the site. Good to see you around again.